How to Track My Wife’s Phone without Her Knowing

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How to Track My Wife's Phone without Her Knowing

How to Track My Wife’s Phone without Her Knowing 2020

Is your wife being unfaithful? You think so, but you aren’t sure. You’re thinking of tracking your wife’s phone without her knowing to gather irrefutable proof.

We aren’t here to judge. When the people closest to you betray you, all bets are off, and you deserve to know the truth.

We’ll show you how to track your wife’s phone without her knowing in 2020. Our software-based spy solution requires no technical skills. You can have it up and running in minutes. Best of all, it’s discreet.

You could also hire a private eye to tail her around, but that’s an expensive option and perhaps the last resort. The spy solution we have will do the trick 9 times out of 10.


Part 1: Is it Possible to Track My Wife’s Phone?

Yes, it’s possible to track your wife’s phone – without her knowing. The only long-term, accessible way to do so is using a spy app. These utilities are designed to track everything happening on a phone invisibly.

Keep in mind that in the US, it’s not legal to spy on your spouse’s phone without her permission. Of course, that doesn’t stop millions of people from doing it. For other countries, the rules vary.

Part 2: How to Track Your Wife’s Phone without Her Knowing

A specialized spy app can record your wife’s phone activities and share the details with you over the internet. The best spy apps are also impossible to detect, meaning your wife will never figure out you’re there.

Which spy app should you choose? While there are many excellent apps out there, we suggest Safespy. This is a well-known, user-vetted solution that’s affordable, effective, and straightforward to use.


2.1 Safespy – A Top-Tier Spy App

Safespy is a top-rated phone monitoring solution for iOS and Android. It’s been featured by major platforms online like the New York Times, TechCrunch, and Mashable, and it has been downloaded over a million times to date.

How to Track My Wife's Phone without Her Knowing

With Safespy, you can find if your wife is cheating on you from your web browser. It’s easy to set up, not to mention well -hidden. We’ll explain how Safespy works and how to get it set up below.


2.2 How Safespy Works

Safespy has a web-based interface. That means you can access tracking data from any web browser, via any device. You get periodic tracking updates delivered straight to the interface. You just need to install the app first.

How does the stealth mode work? It’s different depending on the target operating system.

If your wife’s phone is on Android, then you will need to download and install an app on her device. This takes only 5 minutes. Afterward, you can hide the app. You never have to touch her device again.

The Android version of Safespy runs invisibly in the background on your wife’s phone. It shares data with you over the internet. It has no visible process or app icon, nor does it drain the battery. The app is also small at <3MB. Because of all these reasons, it’s fully undetectable.

To learn how to track a phone with the Android OS, continue to read 2.3. To learn how to track iPhone or iPad and how it works in secret, read part 3.

2.3 How to Track Your Wife’s Android Phone

As mentioned above, you just need to download and install an app on her Android device, and then hide it. This is fast, safe, and easy. Here are the steps to follow:

Step1: Sign up for an official account on the Safespy website. You will need your email ID for the signup.

How to Track My Wife's Phone without Her Knowing
Step 2: Purchase a monthly subscription. With the Premium version, you can monitor a single Android device. If your wife owns multiple devices and you want to monitor them all, choose Family.

Step 3: You will receive setup instructions via email. Launch the Setup Wizard, choose Android as the target operating system, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Download and install the app on her device, following the on-screen prompts. It takes only 5 minutes. After the installation is up, you can hide the app.

How to Track My Wife's Phone without Her Knowing
Step 4: That’s it! You will now have access to the Safespy web-based dashboard, which gives you an overview of your wife’s phone activities.

 Part 3: How to Track Your Wife’ Phone Remotely

You can also track your wife’s iphone remotely. Safespy works fully as a web-based solution for iOS. You don’t need to download any software on her device. You just need her iCloud credentials. The app will extract her iCloud backup and share the data with you periodically.


3.1 Safespy is Invisible and Works without Your Wife’s iPhone

As you don’t have to download any software and Safespy works indirectly with her iCloud backup, it’s completely invisible. You don’t even have to touch her iPhone in most cases. You will receive tracking data via the web dashboard.


3.2 How to Track Your Wife’s iPhone with Safespy

Complete the setup process to begin tracking your wife’s iPhone with Safespy. You can use any phone or PC with a stable internet connection for the setup. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Sign up for a Safespy account on the official website. Make your email the username.

Step 2: Pick a monthly plan. You can track your wife’s iPhone with the Premium plan for a month. If she owns multiple iPhones, you will need the Family subscription.

Step 3: Launch the Setup Wizard from the email you received after the purchase. Then choose iOS as the target operating system.

Enter the target device’s iCloud details and wait for Safespy to sync with the iPhone or iPad. It takes less than 10 minutes in most cases.

How to Track My Wife's Phone without Her Knowing

Step 4: You’re done. You can now start tracking her iPhone or iPad via your web browser. You will automatically be logged into the dashboard. Here, you can see an overview of her tracking activity.

Part 4: Safespy – What Makes This the Best Wife Tracker?

Here are some reasons why this app offers a suitable way to track your wife:


4.1 It Comes with Powerful Features

a. It can track her location in real-time

With Safespy, you can track your wife’s location in real-time. The app will track her exact movements over days and weeks. You can get information like addresses, neighborhood information, and geographical coordinates. Finally, you can use Google 3D Street View for a close-up look.

If your wife is visiting strange locations frequently and not at work when she should be, then you can surmise she’s cheating.

b. It allows you to check her messages and social media apps

Is your wife messaging a new lover? You can check her messages and social media apps with Safespy to find out. The app shows you her full messages and time and date entries. You can also check her followers and media files.

How to Track My Wife's Phone without Her Knowing

Finally, Safespy even makes it possible to view her deleted messages.
c. You can check her call logs and contacts

Is your wife talking to someone unknown on her phone? You can take a look at her call logs with Safespy to find out. The app shows her favorite callers and their contact details. You can find out names, phone numbers, and other personal information.

d. The app will show you her browser history

Has your wife been chatting with someone online or maybe browsing dating sites? You’ll be able to view her browser activity with Safespy and get details like favorite sites, bookmarks, time and date entries, and site descriptions.

In all, Safespy offers 12+ unique phone monitoring features.


4.2 The App Comes with Excellent Benefits 

a. It requires no rooting or jailbreak

Unlike many other spy apps out there, Safespy doesn’t require root or jailbreak. You can install the app on stock operating systems without tinkering with your wife’s device and causing problems like malware, data loss, and loss of warranty.

b. It’s private, secure, and trustworthy

Safespy is one of the most private solutions out there. It doesn’t store your personal details and makes your data accessible only to you. It’s secure to use and is currently trusted by over a million people worldwide, including parents, employers, and people in relationships.

c. Safespy is hassle-free to use

You receive periodic activity updates on the web dashboard. You can access the dashboard at any time, from any place. You never have to physically interact with your wife’s phone. It all happens remotely. If necessary, you will be able to uninstall Safespy with a single click.


Using Safespy, you’ll be able to gather the proof you need in record time. Then you can finally confront her with proof and figure out a way to salvage your relationship or get some much-needed closure.

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