Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Mobile apps are getting developed for all kinds of purposes. For instance, there is a calendar management app for helping with scheduling and making the most of your time. APIs are being built to assist developers in becoming more productive while lessening their development time.

The mobile app development space is growing. New trends are cropping up that have changed the way we perceive mobile apps. These trends indicate the improvements which are happening to the space and a preview of future improvements we should expect. Following are the trends that we are anticipating in the mobile app development space.

Cloud Computing

Leveraging the cloud is powering apps and scaling their capabilities to levels never conceived before. With the cloud to interface with, apps can now access much more data than users were accustomed to. The applications can easily back up information and display more powerful features to their users, which is a useful management tool.

Cloud computing also makes mobile applications more secure. More apps are expected to use Cloud Computing to make them more powerful and have more features.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has increased in popularity in recent days, especially for the application areas where connected devices and sensors have to be controlled from a central location. The use of mobile apps to control and monitor the internet of things is expected to gain popularity in the year.

As more and more people install the internet of things systems in their homes and workplaces, mobile apps will need to keep everything in sync. More developers are expected to develop solutions for this new IoT, and more apps are expected.

User Data Privacy

Stricter regulations for the safeguarding of user data is making user data privacy growing in popularity. Apps are required to reveal everything to their users about services they will be providing them and the kind of data they will require from them. Privacy policies and terms of use will be stricter regarding what they do with the information they take from the users.

In light of increased data leaks from significant apps, apps will have to go through stricter app store reviews. The apps will therefore be more honest about how they operate and the information they collect from devices.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality presents information on a plane that people do not expect. It uses everyday objects and the power of artificial intelligence to bring useful utilities into the user’s world. More and more augmented reality apps are expected, with artificial intelligence growing stronger and cameras embedded into the mobile devices getting better.

5G Networks

Networks are getting better and faster, with applications and capabilities growing with each new generation. 5G networks are expected to improve the quality of apps that developers make and their features. Better network capabilities mean more powerful and advanced apps that are going to take the year by surprise.

The apps designed for the year are expected to make full use of the new networking capabilities such as more secure communication, larger bandwidth, and instantaneous communication.

Instant Apps

Users will be able to try apps without having to install them with the Instant Apps feature. This new improvement will let app users try out new apps without installation. They then decide if they can install the full application. The instant apps will also improve the uptake of new apps. Device owners will try out many apps without having to install them.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is being included in an increasing number of apps that provide easier accessibility for application features. Apps that have got search features inside them are adopting voice recognition to ease the process. Voice recognition is also used as a security feature for accessing restricted app resources and unlocking some apps.

An increasing number of apps uses voice recognition to open up new features for the users to enjoy. These include personalization and better commands to the apps, such as playing the next song or pausing a music app track.

Machine Learning

Learning from the app usage data patterns is now possible thanks to machine learning. Artificial intelligence is being turned into something that can be included in mobile apps. It is meant to provide personalization for the users and better recommendations for the device’s apps. Machine learning is also being used for apps that rely on web-based API to fetch and retrieve relevant data.


Wearables are a technology that can be worn on the body to pick up measurements. They act as sensors that are used to measure body heat, humidity, and pulse rate. These devices are mostly used for health and athletic purposes. They require a device that collects the data, displays it to the user, and allows for better control of the wearable.

Mobile apps that complement wearable devices are being developed at an increased rate, with more and more people becoming conscious about their health. These apps are expected to take over the market as they become embedded into everyday life.

Mobile Commerce

Making payments is becoming more and more cashless, and mobile commerce is the one feature that is getting added to the mobile apps. Mobile payment apps and the mobile commerce feature is being included in shopping apps at a growing pace. These apps are more secure and even more comfortable to use while shopping on modern websites and web apps.


Mobile app development is growing at a rapid pace, with the rate expected to increase in 2021. New trends are picking up as more technologies get integrated into modern apps. The cloud and the internet of things have also impacted the kind of applications developed for mobile devices.

The trends highlighted in this post are but some of the ones we expect to dominate the year. As more and more new technology advances keep getting made, these trends will stand out in the year. They will also see the invention of new amazing apps to help users accomplish aspects of daily life.

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