7 Tips for Looking for the Right Developer

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7 Tips for Looking for the Right Developer

To build any site or core software product, you need the right person for the job. It can be hard to build a team or even find someone you’re comfortable working with. Partner with a technical expert if you yourself aren’t one, reject providers offering instant quotes, and carry out a background check.

A Technical Expert can Help

Bigger companies often delegate the task of hiring developers to their chief technical officers. If your organization doesn’t have one and the person responsible for hiring isn’t a software expert, selecting an expert in this field to hire someone is the best option. If your company needs core technical work, find a technical co-founder to partner with. You need an expert who has developed enough technology to understand the job and who’s also mature enough to make a decent choice. If you need a project that needs some fresh skills and creativity, you can take a look at, where you can hire student freelancers at a great price.

Don’t Fall for Instant Quotes

Software development isn’t the only area in which instant quotes should be skirted. Regardless of the work, hiring someone who’s willing to give you a price without getting the details of the job can go in one of three ways:

One – the project cost will keep increasing as you provide details. You will already have made an investment, which will be hard to walk away from.

Two – you might get them to complete the job at the originally agreed price, but then the quality will go down. The developer won’t be motivated to work. You can also reckon with delays.

Three – the third option is getting a good price and having the work done to your requirements. This is the best. You only need to be willing to take the risk of a different outcome.

Start Small and Simple

Start with a small task to see if the developer can handle the job and whether you two communicate well together. You’ll learn about their values and expedience this way. Start with a functional yet simple product and improve on it progressively until your company outgrows or stabilizes it. We all want a fast, clean, and sophisticated product from the get-go, but it’s not always possible.

You could start with a freelancer for a rudimentary prototype of a product and eventually look for a long-term, full-time collaborator.

Hire Someone From Abroad?

Project development costs tend to be lower overseas, so hiring an offshore provider might sound appealing. In this case, you can expect to spend much more time and make more efforts to plan and manage the project. Language should not be a problem; you obviously need someone who’s proficient in English.

In addition, the person might not understand what your local market is like. You can’t jump to conclusions. Make sure everything is as detailed as possible, leaving nothing open to interpretation.

Stay Connected With the Sector

It always pays off to be connected to a community of developers regardless of whether you’re only an employer or a developer yourself. Hiring someone is easier when you know what projects or tools people are working on. You’ll also be informed if a quality developer wants a new job. Going to meetups and being part of a community will definitely help you find the developer you need.


Currently, agile is hot in software development. It’s the best option for many projects because it breaks development down into segments of work. These segments, known as “sprints”, involve developing limited functionality and reviewing it. Then, you move on to the next sprint. If your project is large and complex, agile methodology is optimal.

The more traditional methodology is the waterfall. It is better for smaller projects, where requirements are fully clear from the start. It is easier to manage this project type and determine a price and deadline. You can establish milestones from the outset and see if the developer is meeting them.

When interviewing applicants, ask which methodology they intend to apply and decide if that will work for you.

Do Your Research

Ask the developer about his credentials and qualifications and do a background check to verify them. Search social media for reviews and references. By all means, look at their LinkedIn profile for further information. Do research on your domain and learn the jargon of the industry. You need far more than working knowledge of the sector if you want to hire the best developer. You need to ask the right questions as well.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to monitor your developer or your development team. Your job doesn’t finish with hiring the right developers. Check-in with them often to make sure they are making progress. This will increase their accountability and possibly help improve the final product.

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