Types of Accounts in OSRS

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Types of Accounts in OSRS

Oldschool Runescape is a vast game with 23 skills to train. Unlike many other MMOs, Runescape does not offer Races or Class systems. Instead, everyone is a human character with access to all the skills and abilities they choose. OSRS allows for some interesting character creations and uniquely built accounts.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what accounts can be created in Oldschool Runescape.

What is the Main Account in OSRS?

Most people, at least for their first account, build the Main Account. These are accounts considered as ‘normal’ or average. You can expect people with these accounts to be unlocking anything they can, completing as many quests as possible, and training all skills accessible. Main accounts are the most common. As standard accounts, you can trade with others, use the Grand Exchange, and complete content such as PvM bosses together.

What are Pure Accounts?

With a primary purpose of PKing, Combat Pures are specific builds designed to be powerful in the Wilderness. The most common Combat Pures are those with 1 Defence. Low Defence allows you to build up offensive skills to a high level, keeping your total combat level lower. Although being ‘squishy,’ these accounts hit hard. 

A Combat Pure will hit much harder than the Main Account of wit’s same combat level if their Defence is lower. Another common Combat Pure is that of ‘Zerker Pures,’ building themselves to 45 Defence. Higher Defence allows them to wear specific gear that aids with hitting high in PvP combat while having some defense for PKing and access to further PvM content and quests which a 1 Defence Pure could not access. Some of the most prominent clans in Runescape are built entirely of Pure Accounts.

What is an OSRS Skiller Account?

Skiller accounts are usually kept at Combat Level 3. The aim is to keep all combat-related skills at level 1 and their Hitpoints at the starting level of 10. Then, building all their other skills as high as possible. Creating these types of accounts can be very enjoyable, although tedious as without training combat at all, the account is severely limited. There are many quests, areas, and tools unachievable without raising combat levels. Some level 3 skillers even manage to train their Slayer skill through methods that provide significantly less XP than conventional training methods.

What is an OSRS Ironman?

Just like any other account, yet you are restricted in that you must do everything by yourself. An Ironman stands alone! Ironmen cannot trade with other players or use the Grand Exchange. If you need resources or a particular item for a quest, you’re going to have to get that yourself. Also, in combat, Ironmen must do 100% of the damage to receive the drop. That means your friends can’t help you to kill bosses either. Ironman has it’s own section on the Hiscores so that you can compare yourself to others in the same game mode. 

Some people take Ironman a step further by building a further restricted account. Some people build Ironman Pures, Ironman Skillers, or even area restricted Ironmen where they self impose area restrictions on themselves. It’s hard, but it makes for excellent youtube content! Ironman Accounts have a grey helmet icon by their name in the chatbox to distinguish themselves.

What is a Hardcore Ironman?

Just like an Ironman, the restrictions apply. You cannot trade with others, you cannot use the Grand Exchange, and you must do 100% of the damage to receive drops. The additional restriction to make it Hardcore is if you die, that’s it. Your Hardcore life is over. One life makes a lot of content incredibly tricky, leaving no room for error in quests, training, and PvM. Some deaths stay “safe,” such as the Fight Caves, and deaths in minigames such as Castle Wars or Pest Control. Hardcore Ironman has its own section on the Hiscores. 

When you die, your name has a line through it. You get to stay where you reached. Although your Hardcore status will be lost, you can continue your account as a regular Ironman after your first death. Again, many people like to take the extra restrictions of Combat Pures or Skiller Accounts as a Hardcore Ironman too. A Skiller is especially difficult as you spend your entire time in the world as 1 Defence and 10 Hitpoints. Making it very dangerous in some areas as a single hit could result in losing your status. A Hardcore Ironman has a red helmet icon by their name in the chatbox.

What is an Ultimate Ironman in OSRS?

Like a regular Ironman account, an Ultimate Ironman cannot trade with others and denied access to the Grand Exchange. But Ultimate Ironmen are unable to use the bank! The bank is an integral part of most players’ gameplay. The ability to store 800 stacks of items in one place, access it when you need it, and keep it safe when you don’t is taken for granted. An Ultimate Ironman has 28 Inventory slots and their equipped items. 

Other than a few extra storage solutions such as the Player Owned House features, that’s it. Therefore, it is difficult to do many skills in which you’d usually store resources while training to use other skills later and mean that almost everything you own and acquired is at risk of death in dangerous places. You can die as many times as you like as an Ultimate Ironman, won’t have a place to safely store your items. Ultimate Ironman is, without a doubt, the most tedious account type to play, especially when players assign extra restrictions to themselves in this game mode, too, such as being a Combat Pure or Skiller Account. Ultimate Ironman is displayed with a light grey or silver icon in the chatbox.

There you have it, an introduction to the account types available in Oldschool Runescape. If you’re just now starting with Runescape, it would be advisable for your first account to be the Main Account. This allows you to get a feel for the game, learn the ropes. Before you try to build a restricted account type such as Ironman or Skiller, it’s better to have the game knowledge to do it efficiently. The freedom of the Main Account also lets other people help you through trading and PvMing together.

Whatever you want to do in OSRS, you can be sure you’ll be able to build an account to suit you!

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