OSRS: 5 Ways to make money on the Grand Exchange

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OSRS: 5 Ways to make money on the Grand Exchange

There are many ways of making money in Runescape. Some have little requirements, while others require high leveled skills or the ability to PVM the strongest bosses. The Grand Exchange, however, you could even make money in your sleep!

What is the Grand Exchange?

The Grand Exchange (GE) allows players to buy and sell tradeable items on the market without direct interaction. Long gone are the days of needing to advertise your trades for hours on end in Varrock Bank or Falador Park. The Grand Exchange also offers guidelines on item prices based on trade volume history, taking out a lot of the guesswork and research regarding your item’s value.

Getting Started

Before you jump straight into the methods, there are a few things to keep in mind when attempting to make a profit on the Grand Exchange.

The first of these is capital. Before you can sell, you must buy it. For any of the following methods, you will need some OSRS Gold to get started. Some of these methods require a small amount to get started with, others you will need substantially more. Generally, the more gold you have available, the more adaptable you’ll be for taking advantage of opportunities. More gold also allows you to use multiple of these methods at once.

Secondly, nothing on the Grand Exchange is guaranteed. It is a live market, regularly being used by thousands of active players trading their items. Some items and their prices are more stable than others, and therefore more likely to be predictable. But even those change over time.

Thirdly, with the market forever changing. What worked yesterday may not work today. You must take the time to check the prices before making purchases. You may want to dive in and continue where you left off, but always ensure to check prices before you click that buy button!

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, all of these methods require some element of patience. You must have the ability to wait for offers to go through, to wait for trades to take place. Many of these methods take advantage of players using the Grand Exchange for instant purchases and sales. When they do that, they’re overpaying and underselling.

That’s where these methods come in. You want to buy low and sell high, requiring you to be more patient than the average player.

1 – Low-Risk Flipping

With a small amount of OSRS Gold, you’ll be able to start low-risk flipping quite quickly. Flipping is buying an item for a low price, and selling back for a higher price. To flip with a lower risk, pick items that have a higher trade volume. These are items such as Arrows, Bars, Logs, Ores, and Runes. The large trade volume of these items ensures that your items will be easier to sell, resulting in a lower profit margin.

2 – Higher Risk Flipping

Requiring a larger amount of OSRS Gold to get started, flipping items worth more can result in much higher margins than low-risk flipping. More significant margins provide the potential for bigger profits. Higher cost items usually have lower buy limits and lower trade volumes. The guideline prices for more expensive items such as high-level Armours and Weapons are generally less accurate than those with a high trade volume. Margins for higher cost items are continuously changing, so be sure not to buy too many at once!

3 – Traditional Investment

Where flipping is fast-paced constant buying and selling action, investment is a long-game tactic. The investment concept is to find one particular item at an all-time lower price than usual, stocking up on it, then selling your collection as the price rises. Now leaving offers in for multiple days comes into play, allowing you to buy your items and sell them off while you’re doing other things in the game or when not in the game at all. Investment has its risks. Prices are not guaranteed to rise. Take some time to check out the Oldschool Grand Exchange website’s graphs before plunging all your money into one item.

4 – Speculative Investment

This type of investment is more of a risk. Just like a traditional investment, the concept is to buy bulk quantities of particular items. Rather than basing your predictions on history and graphs, however, this time, you’ll be looking into the future based on upcoming updates. For example, if a new boss is due to release and the primary combat method is Range, players will need equipment for ranging next month. They will also require supplies such as food or Ranging Potions. Knowing far enough ahead of time, you can stock up on these and sell them as the prices peak, and the hype is high. Remember, other people will be doing this too, there is no guarantee, but when you hit the nail on the head, the rewards are fruitful.

5 – New Items

Oldschool Runescape is a frequently updated game with continuous new content and items brought into it. A Merchant always looks forward to updating the day. New items mean unknown prices, the guide price means little, supply is usually low, and the demand typically high. Recommended for more experienced merchants, buying new items and flipping them for profit can be hugely advantageous. The prices on new items are at their most volatile. You could lose money just as quickly as you could make it: high risk, but great potential for high reward.

Good Luck!

There you have it, five ways to utilize the Grand Exchange.

Flipping and Investing can be a lot of fun as well as being lucrative. Remember, sometimes you may lose a little on a trade, or an item may not sell as well as you’d hoped, but that’s all part of the experience. The more you use these methods, the greater your ability will become in market awareness, and the easier you will find it to spot those worthwhile investments.


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