The Benefits of Angular

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 The Benefits of Angular

Angular was introduced in 2009 by Google as an open-source JavaScript framework and has gained enormous popularity since then. Stack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey found that 30.7% of respondents use the framework. It also ranked number three among “most wanted” web frameworks.

If you’re employing Angular development services to tackle your next project, you’ll want to know why it’s used and what your developers can do with it to create the front-end of your website or app — in other words, the part users can see and manipulate.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of Angular and why developers might want to use it.

Consistency of Code

Angular is based on independent components, or basic user interface (UI) pieces of code. This structure offers a number of benefits: custom software development companies can perform simple unit testing, reuse components, access templates, and ultimately make your website or app easier to use. The structure also contributes to smoother code maintenance.

Consistency is essential when you’re outsourcing your project to Angular development services because coding errors could cause you to lose time and money. The component-based structure makes it less likely that these errors will occur. Moreover, it provides a better experience for the user, decreasing the load time for pages and ultimately making the product run more quickly.


Through Angular, code is organized into modules. This can be useful if your custom software development services are dividing your project up among multiple team members or if they’re collaborating with your in-house developers. Given the number of tasks divided associated with a large-scale project, such as building enterprise software or applications, it can be helpful to keep the code organized into modules while different developers work on separate aspects of the project. This also contributes to overall productivity.

Cross-Platform Functionality

While originally used primarily to build mobile apps, Angular can also be applied to progressive web apps and desktops apps across Mac, Windows, and Linux using the same methodology. While Angular development services can’t reuse the same code across these platforms, they can use the same skills and framework, so it won’t be too challenging to reapply the mindset when building a mobile vs. desktop app.

Improved Testing

Given the separate modules, testing is made more efficient with Angular. That’s because developers can easily manipulate the different parts without affecting the rest of the architecture. Additionally, with Karma for unit testing, you’ll find out if you’ve made any errors as soon as you save your work.

Of course, a quality assurance (QA) team should perform more thorough testing after your Angular development services have built your product, but the developers will run unit testing along the way, too.

Use with TypeScript

TypeScript is a language that compiles to JavaScript but offers some features that JS doesn’t have. For example, as you type the code, it will identify common errors and help you address them immediately. Ultimately, this means that your developers will be producing higher-quality, more error-free code. It also offers support for types, including primitives and interfaces, and enables developers to debug directly from the browser.

TypeScript isn’t perfect, of course, and many developers may prefer to use JavaScript over learning a new language. In the case of smaller-scale projects, JavaScript should work just as well — although TypeScript is generally considered the default for Angular projects.

Community Support

It’s no surprise that Angular is a very popular language, given the fact that it’s been around for 10 years. In fact, it had a large following since its initial release. This means that it is backed by an enormous community of Angular development services and engineers, who can offer discussions, troubleshooting, solutions to common and more unique and complex issues, and support. There are also plenty of third-party tools that add to and enhance the Angular experience.

What does that mean for you? If your developers encounter issues as they work on your project, they will have access to a quick resolution by asking the larger community of the many Angular users around the world.

If you’re looking to employ custom software development companies to build your next great project, it’s important to understand how they’ll be turning your idea into a reality. You also need to know what tools they’ll be using for this purpose.

You know the benefits of custom software development — for one, you can request any number of features and functions. Angular can help your team achieve these goals.

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