How Does COVID-19 Impact the Future Workplace?

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How Does COVID-19 Impact the Future Workplace?

COVID-19 has raised a lot of questions than answers. People are paranoid, lockdowns have become normal and businesses are struggling to keep up and running. There are many changes and getting accustomed to these unforeseen changes is the need of the hour.

The workplace dynamics, for example, have changed a lot. We don’t work the same way, we don’t interact the same way. We incur some costs, while we also save costs. Can one assess the impact that COVID-19 has had on the workplace?

COVID-19 was a crisis that most businesses didn’t foresee or had provisions for. It has made businesses look at their choices. Is it okay to not provide for a crisis? Is it okay to just go by the rule of perpetual succession and not insure for an emergency?

Below are some major changes that COVID-19 has brought to the workplace. These changes are likely to persist and be carried forward in the way workplaces function:


When sudden lockdowns occur, can all the roles in a workplace be asked to work remotely? There are some customer relationship roles that essentially function based on calls. How can they work remotely? Can office landlines be movable?

You have to check out more info about 0330 numbers to know the answers to these questions. These numbers provide the required flexibility to the staff. They can function remotely with call forwarding features.

WeNumber’s article can provide you further insight into the added benefits of the codes and numbers available on the platform. As communication is an important feature and variable of a workplace’s functioning, the digitization of communication will be the future.

Investing in Multi-faceted Business Phones

Business phones would not just be the business’s identity; they would have many additional features. Virtual lines and customer care numbers with call forwarding, conferencing, video chatting abilities will be the most preferable lines that businesses will choose.

When it comes to investing in the right kind of business phones, the organization will seek a holistic benefit. The possibility of migration, cost-saving, time-saving, and flexibility will be highly considered.

Virtual Conferences and Training

Team meetings and team outings create lasting professional bonds. As COVID-19 has necessitated people to be as remote as possible, virtual conferences have appeared as a very feasible alternative. Engaging in virtual team building activities helps in knowing the colleagues better.

With increased online training, interactions, and meetings, the future workplace does see using technology to the optimal.

Cost Saving

As COVID-19 has brought a sudden imbalance in income and expenses with expenses weighing more, organizations are restructuring their budgets. Sometimes, businesses engage in a lot of futile and unnecessary expenses and useless perks that add zero value.

Revisiting organizational policies, vendors, and looking out for newer ways to save costs is a workplace future. There are many ways in which cost saving can be implemented, and below-mentioned insights will definitely be looked upon to curb non-essential costs:

Revisiting the Budgets

Budgeting is an important part of a department’s work. Only very essential activities will be permitted and desirable when the department or organizational budgets are being finalized. Therefore, any futile expenditure will be eliminated or cheaper alternatives will be sought.

Impact on Human Resource

Too many cooks spoil the broth they say. Rightly so, in awake to reduce the costs, businesses are reanalyzing the roles in place. Any role that does not serve the purpose or lets the duplication of effort sustain, will be eliminated.

The job descriptions will be revised to make sure there is no overlap. Further, salaries will be structured in a way to ensure that people are getting paid according to their work.

Saving on Infrastructure

The fixed assets, phone lines, etc. are vital components essential to a business’s performance.
As much as possible, there will be a requirement to always look for cheaper and all-inclusive alternatives.

For instance, using laptops instead of desktops will be a viable option that saves costs and gives flexibility. Numbers will be obtained virtually through promising online portals like WeNumber to provide call forwarding, migration, and other flexible options.

Customer Service

Customer Service in the future work will also be impacted by COVID-19. Despite online automated bots overtaking the customer care experience, people still prefer to call confirmations. Emotions cannot be substituted with bots.

Therefore, to ensure that customer service is not impacted pejoratively, businesses will invest in calling numbers that allow the forwarding of calls. With call forwarding options, the customer services will not be hindered by remote working or lack of office infrastructure.

Office infrastructure will be made as movable as possible, allowing people with remote access to the facilities. This makes an imperative job like customer service function without hassles. Communication with customers should always be intact for a progressing business.

Marketing and Sales

COVID-19 has necessitated a pause in the physical interface that is an essential component in marketing. This has brought better and newer ways of making sales and marketing products. Digitization of marketing is a very popular phenomenon.

With minimum cost and maximum results, social media marketing is emerging as a popular alternative for enhancing marketing and sales. Thereby, the physical interface will be further reduced by having video conferencing and group calling options.

This can be done by equipping the marketing and sales personnel with the desired technology. WeNumber provides a bunch of calling alternatives with many additional features that make calling a truly digitized process.


COVID-19 has impacted a business’s functionality. Workplaces have learned and evolved from this crisis. This will lead to better-equipped workplaces and work processes that will make remote working a plausible alternative.

You can see WeNumber’s article on how workplaces can make a massive change just through their calling. Further, you can check out more info about 0330 numbers to understand how just through a code workplaces can save money, infrastructure, and time.

There will be an inevitable shift towards newer and better processes. Flexibility will be the key to allowing people to be in the workplace, without even being in the workplace. The more mobile the functionalities are, the better people can perform.

The pandemic will revolutionize the workplace. It has made businesses dither on what functions are really important and what is just fiduciary. All additional redundant functions will be eliminated and truly progressive ways of functionalities will sustain in the workplace.

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