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How To Build A Professional Website For Your Business?

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How To Build A Professional Website For Your Business?

In today’s modern and digital era, anyone can make a website even without knowledge about design, web development, or coding. With the right resources and tools, you can build a website for your business or for yourself. The following is a guide that can help you establish a website for your business without spending money for website builders, agencies, or freelancers.

What You Need To Create A Website

  • Website Hosting – it is the service that will host your website
  • Domain Name – it is your custom web address, www.YourSite.com
  • WordPress – it is among the most commonly used free website platform

If you want a functional website, you must have a secure domain name and a Webhosting account. These are important, so your website will be accessed by others. Without these, you can’t make a website.

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If you already have domain and hosting, you can make a WordPress website. WordPress is among the most used website building platform. Now, let’s proceed with the steps of building a professional website for your business.

Step 1 Choosing a Domain Name

The first step in building a website is choosing a domain name. It is the name and address of your website. Visitors will use this address if they try to search your site on their browsers.

The following tips can help you with your domain name.

  • If you want to establish a website for your business, you need a domain name that can suit to the name of your company. For example, it can be YourCompanyName.com.
  • If you want to create a personal website, you can make YourName.com.
  • You can use generic domain name extensions like .net, .com or .org. These can be used if you want international visitors. You can also use local domain name extensions like .fr, .de, or .ru. for your country-targeted visitors.

Step 2 Choose Web Hosting and Register Domain

Aside from the domain name, you must also have website hosting. It is a service which hosts and store the files (content) of your website in a secure server that is running. People can’t access your site if it doesn’t have a web host. Reliable web hosting for beginners has a price range from $3 to $10 monthly.

In choosing a web hosting company, make sure they can offer you:

  • Free domain name with SSL for security
  • Custom email accounts
  • One-click-install for WordPress
  • Unmetered or unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer support

Step 3 Setting Up Your WordPress Website with Web Host

If you already have a domain name and web hosting, the next step is to select and install a website building platform or CMS. You can use WordPress because it is simple to use and has thousands of free add-ons and designs that allow you to make a unique and professional website for your business.

Step 4 Website Design and Structure Customization

If you want to attract more customers for your business, you must have a professional website design. You must customize and design the structure of your website. You can also add branding elements.

Select a Theme

WordPress themes can provide your website with an excellent theme. The best about it is that themes are also interchangeable. With this, you can change themes easily. There are thousands of free and paid themes in WordPress that you can choose from for your business. 

Install your Chosen Theme

You can now proceed to the WordPress admin interface. You can input your username and password to install the theme you want. You can see a success message for the installation.

Import a Design

There are over 20 free designs that can cover different niches like restaurants, business, music, fitness, wedding, food, photography, ecommerce, and more.

Add a Logo

You can add a logo that can represent your business.

Change the Fonts and Color Scheme

You can customize your site by changing the fonts and color scheme.

Step 5 Add Pages/ Content to your Website

Pages are essential for your website. You can easily make your web pages in WordPress. The following are some pages that you must include for your business website.

  • HomePage – it was the first page that will be seen by your visitors on your site
  • Contact Page – This page allows your visitors to contact you
  • About Page – it tells about your website
  • Services Page – it displays the services of your business
  • Blog Page – this page is the listing of your blog posts which is related to your niche
  • Shop Page – it is essential for a business who plans to build an ecommerce store

Step 6 Setting Up a Navigation Menu

The next step is setting up your navigation menu. The menu will be used by your visitors from page to page on your website. You can do this by going to “Appearance – Menus,” and then you can choose “create a new menu.”

Step 7 Add an Ecommerce Store

The last step is to build your ecommerce store. With this, you can provide your target customers access to information about your business.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can successfully launch your professional website for your business. You must also take note to continue improving your business website.


Building a professional website is important to boost the profits of your business. It also provides your customers with easy access to your products or services. Creating your business website is easy. You just need to follow the steps mentioned in this article. You don’t need to spend more of your time and money to make a website for your brand.

With your website, you can have a chance to interact with your customers. So, you can understand more about their needs and improve your services. There is a tough competition in the business world, so you must develop alternative solutions to make your business more successful. Are you ready to level up your business? Well, building a professional and engaging website for your business is a good decision. What are you waiting for? Establish your own business website today!

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