What Are Some Software Testing Tools that You Use And Why?

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What are some software testing tools that you use and why?
Software testing companies make use of a wide array of testing tools to ensure that the product is free from errors and bugs. Here is a list of the different software testing tools, available in the market. Take a look!


It is one of the most popular GUI testing tools, by which it is possible to execute different automated tests flawlessly through different devices and environments. This tool boasts of the super-smart object recognition feature which detects different changes in the user interface. It also helps in keeping the test ongoing. Other features of this software tool are inclusive of finding bugs at an early stage, reusable code modules, and integration with different tools.


Selenium happens to be an ideal testing framework that plays a vital role in performing web application testing across various platforms and browsers such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. As you make use of Selenium for using software testing, it comes with a bunch of browser-centered and powerful automation testing scripts that are scalable across the various environments. Besides this, it has high compatibility with different types of automation testing frameworks and programming languages.

Tricentis Tosca

It is recognized to be one of the leading software testing tools which are used for the automation of end to end testing for a various software application. This tool provides a single repository for various functional test artifacts which include user stories, requirements, virtualization assets, and test data. It offers capabilities such as service virtualization network, test data provisioning, risk coverage, and mobile applications.

HPE Unified Functional Testing

Also referred to as HP QuickTest Professional, HPE Unified Functional Testing contributes to being an automated functional GUI testing tool by which it is possible to automate the user actions on any client based computer app. Furthermore, it offers features such as error handling mechanism, object recognition, automated documentation, to name a few. In addition to this, it makes use of scripting language for the manipulation of objects as well as controlling the application, which is under test.


It is regarded as the most advanced Rest and Service Oriented Architecture, which is developed by SmartBear. It is used for functional testing of different web services which are inclusive of invoking web services, web service development. This open-source software testing tool is available at absolutely free of cost which enables the execution and creation of regression, functional, and loading testing. In addition to this, it is also useful in the creation of test cases, with the aid of drag and drop interface.

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver happens to be a well-renowned automation software testing tool that is used on a wide scale by software developers. It is used for the automation of browser-based application You, however, need to keep in mind that it does not provide support to desktop-based applications. This tool allows the end-user to write the automation scripts in a plethora of programming languages such as C#, Java, Ruby, Python, and PHP.


This popular software testing tool is used by software developers, project managers, etc. You can make the best use of this tool to detect any defects. In addition to this, it is useful in planning as well as creating reports. Besides this, it plays a vital role in the management of different agile software development projects. It also bestows support to agile methodology such as Kanban, Scrum.


Watir is another prominent name in the list of software testing tools which is developed by Ruby libraries for the automation of web application testing. Loaded with different Ruby Libraries, it also bestows support to applications that are scripted in different languages. It is possible to link the same with export XML files, databases, spreadsheets, read files, synchronizing code and reusable libraries. It is also considered to be an open-source and lightweight software testing tool.


TestMonitor is recognized to be end to end test management tool for business firms that come with an intuitive and simple approach. It comes with the advanced test case design which is capable of bestowing support to a bunch of cases. They are regarded as robust planning tools that feature milestone cloning and multi-tester runs. In addition to this, it comes with different features such as revolutionary simple User Interface, comprehensive result tracking, risk-based testing.


It is considered to be a tool for customizable, scalable, web-based test case management. You can set this tool in no time with the aid of cloud-based and SaaS solutions. It plays a vital role in managing the automated and manual test cases, runs, and plans.

It also offers a real-time insight into the testing procedure along with informative dashboards, activity reports, and metrics. Besides this, it provides a boost to the efficiency with the personal to-do lists, milestones, and email notifications. It is effective in the documentation of test cases along with expected results and screenshots.

Borland Silk Central

Borland Silk Central is a popular software testing tool which plays a vital role in unifying a plethora of test assets into a single tracking, planning, reporting as well as execution hub. They are useful in recreating the issues.

This tool provides an insight into the execution of the test along with the TestBook. It also plays a vital role in creating of subscription as well as generation of reports. Furthermore, it allows the testers for sharing the comments as well as raising the questions by posting the comments, as tested.

Parasoft Selenic

This software testing tool makes use of Artificial Intelligence for addressing issues along with Selenium. It functions with the existing Selenium tests directly and thus you will not be locked in the proprietary platform.

It is beneficial in the optimization of test execution along with Test Impact Analysis. In addition to this, it ensures cross-correlating test execution while the underlying code provides faster feedback from the CI/CD pipeline.

It stands out of the ordinary in the creation of Selenium test suites along with the Page Object Model. It is effective in developing the maintainable testing practice from the beginning. Besides this, it reduces the time which is helpful to repair, maintain, and fix the broken tests.

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