Top Remote Jobs Seeing Growth In 2018

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Top Remote Jobs Seeing Growth In 2018

Working remotely is rapidly increasing in popularity, with more people choosing to leave the office behind and take their jobs on the road with them. More than two thirds of people already enjoy a degree of regular remote working in their current role, so now is a good time to join them.

Breaking free of the 9 to 5 can be rewarding, both psychologically and financially, so if you’re thinking of taking this route, here are a few of the fastest growing opportunities available at the moment.

Web Designer

If you’ve got a background in web design, there’s no reason that you should stay shackled to a desk in a set location. You can easily work remotely within this industry or in any other digital sphere.

Operating as a freelance designer is a good option if you’ve got great organizational skills and want to be your own boss, but there are plenty of businesses that will take on permanent employees in this area without requiring them to work from a specific place.

Best of all, the demand for web designers is unlikely to waver, with above average growth predicted over the coming half-decade.


You don’t need to be able to wrangle code to be a copywriter; businesses of all types need incredible content written for websites, ad campaigns, press releases and everything in between, so as long as you are good with words, you should easily find work.

Companies like Casumo offer copywriter positions that are flexible, so you can work from an office or operate remotely; the choice is yours! For more information on the current opportunities, check it here.


Just as the rise of the internet has helped many other industries to go global, education has been swept up in the rapid explosion of connectivity. Working remotely as a tutor is, therefore, an increasingly common option, especially if you have a relevant academic qualification.

Growth in tutoring jobs is not just being fuelled by domestic pupils looking for extra help to get through exams and tackle tricky subjects. You can provide your services to ambitious students based overseas and command good rates of pay for the privilege, all while requiring nothing more than a web-connected laptop to get started.


Just as remote tutoring has sprinted to prominence recently, the ability to harness the internet to provide therapy sessions to people all around the world is gaining momentum at the moment.

Setting up as a freelance therapist and using your professional qualifications to talk to others who are in need of guidance can be a life-affirming career path to take. There are also a growing number of companies emerging to offer such services and get therapists in touch with patients, which could work for you if you want to cut down on admin.

Graphic Artist

This digital profession goes hand in hand with web design and copywriting in terms of the demand for skilled professionals and the ease with which you can establish yourself as a remote worker within this industry.

Taking on an in-house role with a view to working flexibly further down the line is perfectly possible, especially as more businesses now appreciate just how popular this kind of arrangement can be for prospective employees.

Going solo and managing your own commissions as a freelance graphic artist is another widely chosen path, but comes with its own complications. You need to be able to handle a list of clients, file your own tax returns, win new business and stay motivated while working remotely in order to succeed in this or any other role.

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