7 Gaming Apps That Will Improve Your Coding Skills

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The number of companies that rely on computer coding multiplies every year. According to Glassdoor, eight of the top 25 jobs this year are linked with technology. No wonder, the software development is claimed as a hot field to work in right now. But if you can code, there is no problem for you to find a job as there are numerous avenues offering opportunities. A software engineer can easily find a job at Apple and even within the automotive industry as each industry explores for progressive avenues. But along the way, it is also crucial for every individual to keep up with the evolving pace of technology.

The failure to adapt can eventually lead to serious setbacks. So, if you are willing to keep up with changing trends, tools, modernized solutions, and market needs, you must constantly acquire new skills. Learning new tricks will not only broaden your knowledge, but it also enables you to stay at the top of your game.

Programming is fun if you are confident and aware of what you are doing. However, getting to that point is a daunting experience. Several channels offer code learning and strive hard to turn it into a pleasant experience for all prospects. Online learning, interactive courses and learning through games are common ways to practice coding. Of these gaming has attracted the most attention from the coding enthusiasts as it offers an incredible way of practicing the skills that you learn.

The practice is fun, and people end up spending hours reinforcing their coding skills without even realizing that. It helps you learn faster and retain more information as you receive hands-on experience. You can further build upon this foundation of knowledge and improve your skills.

Here are seven gaming apps that will help you learn to code and also improvise your skills:


CodeMonkey uses CoffeeScript to help you learn to code. It is a real programming language that will enable you to learn codes and design your own coding game using HTML5. The best part is that it is a perfect fit for beginners as it does not require any prior coding knowledge. Essentially it is aimed at kids, but adults can also learn structuring codes through fun methods.


CodinGame offers a range of games that allow you to learn more than 25 programming languages. Some of these include Java, Kotlin, Python, Scala, Swift, Ruby, C++, and many others. It also features an online platform where you can play with friends, colleagues or you can also enter into international coding competitions.


Codewars allows you to enhance your coding skills through participation in challenges with other people. It is a classified way to practice coding and to resolve the algorithm challenges. You can choose from many programming languages such as C++, C#, Python, Ruby, Swift, Java, and JavaScript. For starters, you have to prove your programming abilities by attempting a test which will reveal your understanding of the language with which you want to proceed. And during the game, you score points for completing puzzles, and these values rely upon the efficiency levels of your solution. Additionally, you can also view solutions by others and learn new perspectives.

Ruby Warrior

If you want to understand the programming language Ruby, then Ruby Warriors is the game for you.there are different levels to choose from depending on skill levels of the player. This app is free so you can get an exact idea of what you are getting into without any initial investments. The lessons start with basics, and you must log in with your Facebook account to save your progress.


Robocode is a complex coding game where players code robot tanks to fight against one another. The task is to write artificial intelligence that will drive robots towards success. Then the battles play on screen in real time. This game also uses real languages like Java and C++.

VIM Adventures

Vim Adventures is a fun-filled game that incorporates a tutorial on how to use Vim. It is unusual but also a highly configurable text editor that programmers love to use. Although VIM cannot be categorized as a programming language but mastering it can allow you to become an efficient coder. You can use VIM keyboard shortcuts to explore through the Zelda-like adventure game.

CSS Diner

This app offers a great way to learn the programming language CSS. The game starts easy and progresses to harder levels as it moves up the ladder of 32 levels. Each level builds on the learning of the previous level. Such sequential learning helps to build a strong foundation and improvise your coding competence. There is a wide array of CSS integrated games in the stores, but this one rates high for its efficiency, steady build-up of language and finesse.

Grasping the basics of programming is fundamental. It might come through various avenues, given the advancements in the technology sector and gaming appears to be the easiest plus interesting way out. For further reviews on other gaming apps in the market, you should check out the AirG review apps where members discuss different topics of interest.

Such platforms will help you obtain a detailed evaluation of the gaming app as users express their first-hand experiences. To sum it up, there are vast numbers of gaming applications that are launched into the market each day. Among these, coding games have gained popularity for their exceptional methodology of teaching while playing.

So, if you are a programmer at initial stages who want to become a pro, you can install any of these games, give them a try and enjoy learning!

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