Top 5 Reasons To Take A Six Sigma Qualification

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Top 5 Reasons To Take A Six Sigma Qualification

There is no denying that the job market can be a difficult to navigate, particularly when it comes to there being such a competitive market. More people than ever before are stating that they find it increasingly harder to stand out amongst their competitors, particularly when it comes to graduates. Among some of the most widely recognized certifications in many parts of the world is Six Sigma.

Six Sigma was developed in the 1980s by Motorola before being made more popular by the likes of Toyota and Ford. Over time it became one of the most popular methodologies when it comes to making the company run smoothly and efficiently.

As one of the most well-known Six Sigma training provider, The Knowledge Academy helps thousands of individuals to reach their full potential and be put forward for higher level job positions. With that being said, let’s explore just what is it about becoming Six Sigma certified that opens so many doors around the world…

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Through gaining an understanding of Six Sigma you will not only be able to reduce the number of problems and inefficiencies that arise on a daily basis but also have the added skills necessary when it comes to reducing the number of complaints from customers.

This can, in turn, improve customer satisfaction and boost their loyalty to your business. For example, once you remove the number of product defects by isolating a particular manufacturing fault, you will then be able to reduce the number of customers making product returns.

Improve The Business Process

Something that becomes a significant advantage for people who obtain a Six Sigma qualification is the fact that they will have a greater understanding of business processes and this will be better able to measure, control and analyze areas that need to be improved. 

It is this skill that is so sought after and people with the know-how of how to improve business processes are those that are chosen for some of the most prestigious job roles around the world.

Creates A Workforce That Allows An Organization To Stand Out From Competitors

Perhaps one of the most intriguing reasons as to why so many employers are keen to hire those who have Six Sigma skills on the CV is because they are looking to create a strong organization that is better able to differentiate themselves from competitors. 

Any business will be able to benefit from the implementation of Six Sigma teachings as it allows businesses to improve in a wide range of areas, from saving money to saving time and having a more quality output.

Maximises Resources

Six Sigma credentials highlight to a hiring manager the fact that an applicant is able to organize the businesses resources in such a way that their use becomes that much more efficient. 

This, in turn, means costs can be reduced, both in terms of materials and operations. Not only is this something that is of a huge benefit in itself but it also means that the money saved can be better spent elsewhere.

Knowledge That Can Be Applied To A Number Of Industries

The fantastic thing about gaining an understanding of Six Sigma is the fact that it can be applied across a range of other industries and not just in manufacturing alone. For example industries such as HR, marketing, banking, and healthcare (alongside many others) will be able to benefit from an understanding of Six Sigma.

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