What Is The Future Of Online Gaming Technology

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 What Is The Future Of Online Gaming Technology

Online gaming technology is an extremely dynamic field which continues to change even as we speak. There are a few things that make this industry an interesting space to watch:

  • A mix of big and small names – Microsoft and Sony to name just a few.
  • An incredible rate of innovations that disrupt the industry thoroughly and very frequently as well.
  • Global community of players who are very demanding!
  • An ecosystem that has technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality, hardware development and the Internet – all of which are growing and progressing pretty rapidly.

It does stand to logic therefore to assume that the future of online gaming technology is going to be phenomenal at many levels indeed.

More Mobility

There was a time when games were concentrated almost totally on desktops or even dedicated gaming consoles. The most popular games used to be puzzle games for kids.

While these devices are around even today, more gamers are moving to their mobile phones and handheld devices to interact with each other and their favorite games too. 
The future will, therefore, be more about mobility and game developers are probably going to start with the mobile-first approach while conceptualizing and creating their games.

Multiple Devices

Online Gaming Technology has reached multiple devices

Online gaming technology is also going to be available across multiple platforms and devices all at once. 

Players will, therefore, be able to play a single game on their desktop, move onto a gaming console and then access the game on their handheld device without losing any continuity. 
Equally importantly, players will also be able to play across multiple platforms and systems too.

The Virtual World

VR or virtual reality is a hugely interesting space too. It is making giant strides in getting people too; almost literally; transport into different worlds to interact with their games and other players too.

  • Added to this is the growth of virtual currency such as BitCoin which delivers advantages such as:
  • The ability to avoid currency conversion fees and charges.
  • Global transactions in an instant.
  • Making it easy to gamble online and indeed online casinos is one of the most popular genres of online gaming right now.


There is massive technology at play when it comes to hardware. This can encompass, among other things:

  • Handheld gaming consoles.
  • WiFi technology.
  • Gaming mice and keyboards.
  • VR helmets and glasses.

Take, for instance, Switch, a gaming console from the house of Nintendo. It is a tablet plus console and can be docked to HDTV and has detachable controllers too.


Graphics, processors, operating systems and more – all of them have big names behind them. This is important because it all helps improve the gaming experience across every platform. Advanced game tools, audio effects, rendering, music, physics engines and a whole bunch of complex software components will make the gaming space even more lifelike.


There will be more partnerships between media companies, game developers, publishers and so on. Take the case of Switch itself, it has brought together Sega, Warner Bros., EA and Konami to name just a few. This perhaps will result in the best offerings collected by the developer in order to make it possible for the gamer to enjoy his gaming experience even more.


If there is one component that has to be mentioned separately as far as the future is concerned, then it has to be graphics. Think back to even a couple of years back and recall how your characters on screen looked, moved and behaved and look at your gaming screen today.

This should tell you how graphics have evolved to give you amazing things to look at. This is made even better when you talk of immersive gaming and you find yourself walking through landscapes that are so real that you can swear your heart beats faster when you are looking at the possibility of enemies ambushing you. You know it is a game but the graphics are so real that you are totally submerged in the game.

Growth of Indie Games

Yes, there are huge names in the online gaming space. Equally importantly, there are gaming platforms that allow independent game creators and designers a pretty huge opportunity to come up with games that can take on the big boys!

This is also interesting because many gamers are getting into the game design space because they have the necessary ‘user end’ experience and can make a different to the way games are crafted.

Of course, this has also allowed the growth of careers such as professional gamers and game testers.

There is a lot of fantastic stuff in the pipeline and people are even talking about how future games could see your brains being uploaded onto a machine that can help you immerse yourself even more deeply into a gaming environment! Whatever be the shape of things to come, there is no denying the fact that it is well worth watching out for.

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