How YoKart Stands Among The Top eCommerce Platforms?

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How Yokart Stands Among The Top eCommerce Platforms?

Googling the best eCommerce platforms will bring you across several lists packed with solutions, Shopify, Magento, Yokart, etc. The results were same when I searched for the leading choices of scripts and software to setup an e-commerce store.

But, the richness of the lists I read has failed to educate why I should invest in a certain platform. Here the question is, “which e-commerce solution suits my business and budget appropriately” and the answer is, “the one that offers value for my money and time”.

There are two ways to judge where an e-commerce platform stands among the best lot, first know what differentiates it from the rest, and second, know the weaknesses of all available options. Since I’m already fairly acquainted with the features and suitability of Magento, Shopify, and other eCommerce platforms, I wanted to know what leads YoKart to almost every list of most reliable sources available to launch an e-commerce store. And, it was evident that in order to know where it stands, I will have to review YoKart features carefully. Hence I completed a detailed analysis of YoKart that demarcates its actual status based on a vast set of features.

Following is a capsule account of my review, which will help you raise some decisive thoughts on YoKart’s role in the current e-commerce scenario:

Tuned For Online Selling

YoKart Tuned For Online Selling

The success of a checkout process is linked directly with convenience level of a buyer. E-commerce marketplace with user-friendly navigation contributes towards improving the conversion rate but that’s not all to convince the visitor into buying. Useful features like email notification that can be sent to the buyer reminding them to complete the transactions are just one example in the direction of improving convenience. YoKart provides a good set of such features with a minimum number of steps involved. Few of them are following:

  • Breadcrumbs navigation- Enables a visitor to know his position relative to the entire marketplace
  • Useful product search feature- Enables one to search for products in a smart way

Trust Building Ability To Vendors And Marketplace Owner

Businesses have transitioned from brick and mortar stores to online shops, but the values that they are expected to uphold remain the same. One such thing is trustworthiness of a business. If buyers can be made assured of the product quality on an e-commerce marketplace then 4.6% more visitors are likely to buy. Platform like YoKart, is more likely to increase the trustworthiness of an e-commerce marketplace with the presence of following features:

  • The ratings and reviews feature that enables a buyer to leave a review about the product and helps other visitors make educated decisions
  • One advantage of user reviews is that they add more content to the product page with relevant keywords, increasing the chances of landing it on the first page of search results. 

Retaining Old Customers

What is the point of running a business that is giving more value to new customers but not taking care of old customers? Retention of buyers requires one to get creative with offers such as festival discounts and holiday season sales. This is where YoKart will help you to execute essential aspects of marketing strategy flawlessly. Giving out discount coupons with its discount management feature is absolutely painless. It took less than a minute of mine while using their demo to set values and get started. The Discount Coupon Setup setting provides ample amount of options to manage discounts; few are following:

  • The start date and the end date of coupon code, which automatically renders a coupon code useless after the deadline is reached.
  • It provides two options, through which a marketplace owner can select discounts based on a percentage or fixed value. 

Management Of Products

A lot goes behind the scenes of an online marketplace before the visitor actually buys a listed item. An e-commerce marketplace can host many products with some sellers listing 1000+ products. A seller’s worse nightmare is when he has to upload a list of 1000+ products manually. If appropriate/enough features are not given to the seller it is most likely for an e-commerce marketplace to lose vendors/merchants/sellers. YoKart meets entrepreneurs’ expectation by offer the below-given features for product management:

  • Automatic alert when stock level decreases below a specific number
  • Meta title, description, and keyword for all product pages
  • Discount option and special price option for a specific number of days, and more

Follows Industry Standards

From coding horror to poor choice of the technology stack, extending an e-commerce marketplace can be a burden if wrong stack software collection is chosen or if an e-commerce marketplace is developed by experts. Running a scalable e-commerce marketplace requires a professionally built platform, which can be trusted.

Trust is not an issue with YoKart as the following things make it perfectly secure for an e-commerce business:

  • Built using the Lamp stack, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  • Getting help of programmers is easier and affordable with open source technologies.
  • YoKart is based on model view controller (MVC) architecture
  • Hardened with three layer security to provide enterprise level security

YoKart offers tons of other features that can help you run your marketplace profitably. The bigger picture is that with its varied feature set and continuously upgrading system, YoKart comes across as a perfect fit for both big and small/medium budget businesses. I was pleased to see that they’ve put everything on their site and don’t have a confusing pricing structure like many of e-commerce platforms. You can check the pricing of YoKart here.

It’s always better to try before you buy. For your convenience, here is the link to the demos for Yo!Kart

If you have any query that went unanswered in this article, you can share it by dropping a comment below. I will be glad to answer that.

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