10 Free iOS Video Editor Apps

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There is now a huge number of cameras supporting integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. Photographers can now edit their photographs on the go wherever they have an internet connection. What is impressive is that many free apps are available that are of very good standard. The range of video editing apps gets longer every day.

Fulfilling basic edit tasks such as adding music or making slideshows from your latest photos will be easy to find, but free apps are getting more sophisticated and give away powerful editing tools. There are different sets of features per app, so a little bit of research will be well worth the exercise to find the perfect free iOS app for your needs.

Here’sa list of 10 free iOS video editor apps that will profile most beginner to immediate editor needs and provide hours of useful editing practice to hone your skills.


Magisto is a highly rated video editing app with more than 70Million happy video editors. It was featured in the “Best Apps List for iOS8”. Magisto has a free version supporting many in-built themes and effects to help create beautiful videos and slideshows quickly and easily. Direct sharing to social media groups and other platforms is made easy so the app’s popularity is no surprise. Magisto makes for a very good entry app for those just learning how to make and improve their video editing skills.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is from Adobe and combines well with a Creative Cloud subscription. You can also sign in with an Adobe ID to avail extra featuresat no charge at all, you may also access more features via in-app purchases. Standard editing tools provide you with cropping, rotation, sharpening, clarity, exposure, contrast, shadow, highlights, tint, temperature, and vibrance. There is also a de-fogging control as well as redeye and blemish reduction tools. Additionally, there is also an automatic fixing tool and Adobe also offers a noise reduction feature.


Aviary is free for iOS and gives you more editing features than Photoshop Express. The app has been laid out thoughtfully into categories making video editingeasy to learn. The categories include Effects, Enhance, Frames, Orientation, Lighting, Crop, Stickers, Focus, Sharpness, Blemish, Blur, Vignette, Redeye, Whiten, Splash, Text, Draw, and Meme. Aviary automatically syncs with your iCloudlibrary. There are additional ‘supplies’ available to purchase for $1, hence you have a lot of self-learning available for your buck.

WeVideo makes video editing-on-the-go very easy for your iOS device, with a friendlyinterfaceand a good choice of themes. From special wedding motifs to travel, you can make use of the tools to your desired preference. Once your footage is taken, add an audio file and publish it directly to the WeVideo server. You get to keep it a private video or go public on the cloud server provided. There are furtherediting tools within the cloud with a universal accesibilty feature.


Vimeo is well-known as a video player, manager and video discoverytool, however, it also provides video enhancing capabilities before uploading. The free video editor is available on all iOS devices and you can save your videos back to your camera for uploading whenever you wish.

Perfect Video

Perfect Video lives up to its name and packs a punch for a free app because it can produce up to 1920×1080 HD movies for different formats. The slideshow tool creates effortless slideshows effectively from simple images. Social media profiles have been provided and the cutting and video merge feature has been made simple. The slideshow feature includes a fade-in and fade-out tool,and there is an add text feature to bring the videos to life.

Cute Cut

Cute Cut is a fun video creating and editing app. What you get is tools for movie making, drag&drop, draw, plus various media support. HD capabilities are included in addition to 30 drawing tools, 20 transitions, 3 brushes together with landscape mode plus more features. With this simple editor, you can add some fun and glamor to your videos.


Splice is an award winning video editor for iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone, it provides a free version without ads. The free editor makes video and HD photo splicing easy. You can create good looking movies for play back or online upload. The editor provides sound effects, background editing, borders, motion effects, transitions, trim video and audio, voiceover and many more features. Splice is arelatively complete movie making app.


Clipper is a fun and interesting video editor because for a simple concept, it can produce some amazingly effective videos. The editing process features loads of effects to get you editing on the fly without having to do any of the hard work. Simply select the starting point you want to begin your edited video with and control all the micro-segments as they are broken down. From then on you can arrange the clips, addmusic from the resident library or use your own choice of music and select your video style for the theme you are looking for. Options include fisheye, Eighties TV, the 1920’s plus eight others.


Replay has become a very popular free video editor app for the iPhone. It is easy to see why since it includes several features like spectacular transitions, 27 videos styles, and storage for 200 photos and videos on iCloud, photo library, Facebook or Instagram.You can edit, text, add music and trim videos easily. There is a novel Weekly Videos feature included as well, so get ready to watch your easy made movies with this app.

There are many great apps out there to choose from depending on your individual requirements for your homemade videos. With so many quality apps being released as free apps, there is something for everyone depending on your technical skills. 

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