6 Best ExpressionEngine Addons For Websites

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If you want to create your own E-commerce website, wherein you can sell your products at competitive rates to potential and existing users, the one Content Management System or CMS that can satisfy your requirements is ExpressionEngine or EE. Believe me or not but EE websites have proved to be the best when it comes to running an online business and making a considerable amount of profit. That is because ExpressionEngine comes with some of the most astonishing and useful features and tools which improve the performance of your e-commerce website in the most amazing way possible.

If at all there is something that you cannot accomplish with ExpressionEngine then there are enough of powerful add-ons to add additional functionality to it. In this post I will talk about 6-must have add-ons for EE, which can scale up the performance or efficiency of your e-commerce website radically.

Below Are 6 Powerful Add-Ons For Any Ee Website


This is one of the most wonderful add-ons for ExpressionEngine when it comes to streamlining or organizing the content on your website. This amazing EE add-on gives you the flexibility to look beyond fixed static fields in order to deal with the content effectively. That means with its assistance, you don’t have to restrict your content to limited static fields, as it allows you to add multiple rows as far as the same type of content is concerned.

The best part is that you can achieve all that without the use of compound templates and duplicate fields.

The add-on which is priced at only £30 per site, allows you to conveniently develop a custom field that deals with large titles, images, link URL, link text, and caption.

NSM Config Bootstrap

If you are looking ahead for an EE add-on that helps in configuring multiple environments and assist you with establishing and updating global variables then nothing can prove to be more helpful than NSM Config Bootstrap. When I talk about the configuration of multiple environments it includes server paths as well as databases.

NSM Config Bootstrap is a user-friendly add-on that can be installed easily provided the fact that you have sufficient knowledge of PHP and server setups.

However, if you do not have any idea on how to set up domains then the best option for you is to continue with the ExpressionEngine configuration behavior that is based on the default control panel.


Do you find any difficulty in managing the forms in your website? If so, is the case, you should probably use a dynamic ExpressionEngine add-on for it called Freeform. This particular add-on allows you to manage a wide number of forms such as newsletter subscription form and contact form etc., and it also supports you in dealing with Ajax requests.

In addition, with the successful submission of a form, Freeform allows you to send notifications to users as well as admin.

SEO Lite

In order to attract more traffic to your e-commerce website, you have to make it SEO-friendly. In other words, if you want your online business to run effectively, people across the world should be able to find your website on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo, which eventually gives you an opportunity to find potential customers.

Now if they like the products and deals on your website they quickly become the real buyers of your products. But remember, in order to experience all that you have to have an SEO-friendly e-commerce website. And you can easily make it possible with the use of SEO Lite- a very useful EE add-on, that helps in integrating an SEO tab to publish the page. It comes with a modifiable template which can be easily fixed in the header of an e-commerce website.


High-end relationships between entries have always been very difficult, but an advanced EE add-on called Playa has finally made it possible. That means earlier EE users were unable to add multiple relationships per custom field but that has become possible after the introduction of Playa.


It is a great add-on if you are looking for modifying the size of JPG GIF/PNG images. It allows you to modify the image according to EE tag requirements and store it in a folder for future use. This must have add-on for EE is truly user-friendly.

If you are also planning to develop an ExpressionEngine website for running an online business you must find a reliable EE Development Company, which has years of experience in the executing such projects.

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