25+ Best BPM Platforms

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List of BPM tools and software

BPM or business process management has always been an essential part of operation management, and its main focus is on constant improvement in corporate performance in an increasingly competitive market.

BPM achieves its goal by optimizing as well as managing the company’s business process. Though its powerful tool not everyone is able to implement BPM solution effectively. Its important to have good understanding of business processes before you start using these tools effectively. 
Some of the best platforms are listed below:

Free BPM Options

Below are the free BPM tools that you can use for your business.

Free BPM Options

This is one of the best BPM application integration as well as open source data integration solutions that are very useful for BPM process in any company. Powered by a pioneer in open source BDM market, Bonita Open Solution is the best option.

Activiti BPM Platform

A light-weight workflow as well as one of the best BPM software, this software is an open-source solution that is distributed with Apache license. Popular in various sections such as system admin, developers as well as business people, the core of this software is rock-solid as well as super-fast.


One of the powerful BDM-based application platforms, this is excellent as it offers every single feature that the user requires for building personalized business applications customized to fulfill business requirements.


An open-source business and workflow process automation platform, this is one of the higher-ranking software in any bpm software list. Written in Java, this is a very light-weight solution that can be used for case management and human work flows among the others.


This is one of the leading comprehensive open solutions BPM platforms that can be used for designing, deploying as well as managing various business processes ranging from simple to complex. This platform also offers various capabilities such as metrics monitoring.


This is one of most flexible BPM Suites that functions as a bridge between developers and business analysts. In addition to that, it is targeted towards non-technical employees.


This is a comprehensive solution that enables users to align various aspects of business such as partners, customer requirements, statutory compliances and dynamic market conditions with business processes. This is the best bpm tool that ensures increase in revenue and profit of any organization


This bpm tool offers a comprehensive solution for various service-oriented processes as well as various functions necessary for handling complex business processes. Based on OASIS standard BPEL, this tool offers various solutions such metrics as improvement in processes, among others.


This is the best BPM tool that enables users to eliminate paper forms, automate manual workflow processes and bridges the gap between people and systems. An open-source solution, it is also very popular with business owners and system administrators.
Red Hat JBoss JPM

ARIS Express

his is the perfect bpm tool for people who use the system occasionally as well as for beginners. The main reason behind the popularity of this tool is due to intuitive user interface and features such as models for application systems, organizational structures and so on.

Commercial Options

Below are some commercial and feature rich BPM tools that will help you run your business end to end.


SAP is one of the Leaders in BPM solutions, this is a flexible and fast business process integration as well as management solution. This BPM tool enables users to model, implement, monitor and integrate the process in an efficient way. SAP solutions are very comprehensive therefore it require a lot of learning. We recommend some good SAP books before you get started on these.

Pega 7

This is one of the best business process management tools that enable organizations to streamline the operation for reduction in cost as well as increase business agility. Recognized as one of the most unified and comprehensive BPM platform, this is very popular software.

Software AG’s WebMethods

This is one of the most unified BPM platforms that have been designed to improve speed, agility and consistency of business processes while reducing the operation cost. The software includes various features such as best practices and latest technology.


One of the leading BPM solutions in the market, this software tool enables the user to build, deploy as well as use business apps. With this tool, users can accelerate the growth of their business with automation as well as optimization.


This bpm tool offers various latest features such as efficient workflow engines, intuitive forms, scalable architecture as well as easy integration with external systems. It is the best bpm tool for its advanced business application and comprehensive work flows.


One of the most comprehensive BPM tools, it enables users to optimize business operations, reduce organizational risks and ensure business compliance. The Bpm tool also enables the management to take optimized business decisions.


This is one of the best web-based rapid application development platforms that allow users to accelerate the automation of business processes. The user requires only domain knowledge for the development of any business application in a very short time period.


This platform best help users to design, deploy and use new business process with various features within 10 minutes. This tool offers a cost-effective solution for running of any program in an effective way.


Managed by entrepreneurs, this is one of the simplest yet powerful BPM software platforms that deliver software support for continuous improvement in processes.


One of the leading companies in computing tools, it also offers one of most comprehensive BPM tools, developing various processes related to business automation as well as management and monitoring of performances.


Managed as a cloud service, this bpm tool enables users to create process-driven applications. These customized applications allow management to coordinate database, people as well as systems in order to eliminate wastage.


This is one of the best bpm tools for analyzing and planning business automation of various processes that range from simple to complex. In addition, this tool enables the management to identify new opportunities for growth of the company.

Visual Paradigm

Feature rich and simple to use, this is the best bpm tool that helps users develop and customize business applications with less cost. This tool enables users to understand the requirement of the company and translate it into reality. One of the best features of this tool is visual modeling that enables the user to preview the application.


The bpm tool enables users to co-ordinate organizational policies, IT infrastructure, people as well as various business processes. The user can manage and improve business processes with the help of this software.


If any user is looking for software that does not require installation and can be used from anywhere, this cloud service is the best choice. An advanced and light-weight BPM solution for modeling, analyzing and publication of business processes, this tool is handy as it comes with powerful graphical analysis and stakeholder-specific dashboards.

Butler Analytics

Creation and modification of any business process is one of the continuous processes in any organization, but with this BPM tool, it has become very easy as it offers ad-hoc and informal procedures. This tool also acts as a bridge between systems and processes in order to facilitate the procedure.


This company offers top three bpm tools that are in the best software lists. These platforms offer visual business process modeling, simulation as well as drawing; it integrates easily with other business applications too. This software also assists users to collaborate easily during a project.

Streamlining business procedures are among the highest priorities of any company in order to compete successfully in the market. Complex business procedures can be analyzed as well as implemented in a much shorter time period by deploying some of these excellent BPM tools described in the article.

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