10 Best Online Shopping Websites In India

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List of Best Mobile eCommerce Websites In India

With increasing popularity of smartphones, it is expected that use of mobile internet will surpass the use of desktop internet in a short time-period. Online shopping in India is growing every year, with the increasing penetration of internet among potential Indian customers. The primary reason for such penetration is the availability of internet on most mobile devices.

It’s expected that India’s ecommerce market will grow to $15 billion by the end of 2016. Hence, most major online shopping sites in India are promoting their mobile shopping app, in order to get a bigger slice of the profits. Below are some of the best mobile Indian online shopping sites in India.
Though many western country based online shopper may think Amazon or Ebay is leader. India is completely different market and Amazon is facing fierce competition entering Indian market. Some experts say that Amazon is actually very late in the APAC market. 
The below list shows some of the best amazon alternatives in India. Most online shoppers in India are still not doing amazon shopping.


Amazon shopping in india has high competition

The vision of this online shopping website is to be the planet’s most customer-centric company and to build a place where people can purchase almost anything online anywhere on their mobile. The company offers a vast selection of products in low prices; they have reliable and fast delivery that encompasses a convenient and trusted mobile online shopping experience. One of the main features of the company is 100% Purchase Protection.

Best Amazon Alternatives In India


This upcoming shopping site is one of the fastest growing ecommerce sites in India. Besides its popular mobile recharge offering, it has lately started selling a wide gamut of products. Paytm offers unmatched discounts for purchases, and great cashback offers to its customers on the mobile app. You can find some good deals and coupons for Paytm on web.


Flipcart is one of the leading brands in India that Amazon is afraid of

One of India’s premier online e-commerce websites, this website offers an extensive product range, from books to white goods such as refrigerators and washing machines to online insurance products. The website also offers extensive discounts for customers who download and use the smartphone app to order various items.

This mobile app has been specially designed and has various features such as low data and memory consumption. Also as per the news on YourStory Flipkart has recently launched a Global sourcing platform for merchants. Isn’t it cool?


A vibrant and young company that offers premier quality branded products, this online shopping website is popular with young people as it fulfills the fashion requirements of men, kids as well as the women with their offerings of jewelry, apparel, footwear and other accessories.

Now, the mobile app of this online shopping website is becoming very popular with the above groups as the company offers good discounts for an enhanced shopping experience. Jabong is also famous for the campaigns and its curated landing pages which are easily accessible.


Very popular with the young crowds since its founding, this online shopping website has taken a giant leap towards growth by introducing its free mobile app. This company has taken some steps such as the introduction of personalized mobile shopping experience. Interestingly, Myntra is the only Indian shopping site which can be accessed through the mobile app, as the desktop version has been discontinued.

Not only this, Myntra also came up with India’s First lesbian advertisement which went viral in seconds. Have a look here.


With its core values such as innovation, change, openness, ownership and honesty, this is one of the most popular online shopping websites in India that has made shopping very easy with the introduction of the mobile app. Also, the customers can also get a lot of discounts by purchasing through the mobile app. They have also tied up with a popular mobile recharging site ‘Freecharge’.

The best thing is when I saw Snapdeal trolling Flipkart’s #Achakia campaign on twitter and this is also a reason why Snapdeal is a known player in the market.


This website is popular for the purchase and sale of an unlimited range of products that include almost anything under the sun. They also have a reputable customer protection set up, refunding or replacing the purchase if the customer’s dissatisfied. The site offers regular discount coupons to customers, both for the mobile app and the desktop version.

Recently eBay has launched India’s first virtual reality smartphone named Auxus Stunner. This phone is exclusively available on its platform for a limited period of time.


Shopping has just become easier for the people, who lead a busy lifestyle, with the introduction of a shopping app of this online shopping website. Whether you want to buy a small pen drive or any household product such as an ethnic Indian wear, all you have to do is to download the app and start shopping. Although the desktop version of this website offers many discounts, the bargains available on the mobile app cannot be matched by anyone.

There is this section called Tv on Naaptol’s website where you can see the latest deals and detailed specifications of the products you want to purchase.


A one-stop shopping destination to fulfill all your needs, it has become easier for discerning shoppers with the introduction of their mobile app. Rediff is in fact one of the oldest online shopping portals of India. Now, you can enjoy a more convenient, affordable and improved online shopping experience at your leisure.


This website is an ultimate destination for fashionable eye-wear and with the introduction of the mobile app; it’s poised for a giant leap in sales. Now, every smartphone user can check the latest fashion in eyewear such as sunglasses, lenses, a wide choice of eye glass frames and anti-glare lenses. They also offer free gifts to the mobile app customers, along with coupon codes.

Lenskart’s TVCs are something that you should not miss. If you are bored and reading this article, don’t forget to click here and enjoy the video.

As the number of users who use smartphone is increasing in India, with the introduction of mobile apps, the number of mobile shoppers is also growing exponentially. Various advantages such as accessibility of the websites from anywhere, the availability of discount coupons or the inherent time-saving property of a mobile app, is making mobile shopping a phenomena in India.

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