15+ Best E-commerce Hosting Service Providers

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List of best ecommerce hosting service providers

Having an e-commerce business is not only an interesting thing to do but if you get the basics of it and know how to manage it properly, you can earn a lot more than you initially thought you would. These Web stores can be run together with a day job and if you give it your all and become successful, you can even swap them with your day job. Now who would not like that?

The best thing about today’s world is that it provides you with many e-commerce hosting service providers. These choices vary in quality but all have their own benefits and advantages. Some of the similarities between these providers are that they have online shopping carts which permit you to get your store and business ready and running in very less time. This whole process does not cost you any money and is very easy to follow.

I will now present to you 10 Best e-commerce Hosting Service Providers. Keep in mind that although saving money is significant and you can get cheap providers, picking a good service provider is very important for online businesses.

Unlike general purpose hosting services these are specialized hosting providers for ecommerce business.


When evaluating a web hosting company for their customer service and smooth running, Bluehost is one of the best companies. They have a good reputation of calling their customers on regular basis and asking them if they are facing any problems. This keeps the customers happy and satisfied. All major problems are solved immediately.


Siteground is another very popular web hosting company for e-commerce. Their packages range from cheap ones to expensive ones. The company has its main offices in USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Their website has substantial information that is enough for you to setup your online shop very easily. They take you step by step through the whole process.


Another very good site that has extremely high reviews by many users is iPage. It is efficient for all types of e-commerce hosting. They have everything clearly explained on their site which makes work extremely easy for the users. Their specific solutions have increased their ratings further. You can use many different types of credit cards on their site.


One website which has excellent UK servers is Clook. The reviews of this site show that people can easily manage their accounts without facing any major disruptions. They have famous stores running on their site right now. Their security options are one of the best available in the area. Hence their payment options are also very strong.


Perhaps the site which is a home to many of the best companies of the world is Layershift. It gives users an opportunity to find specific solutions and gives them accurate advice for all types of e-commerce platforms. The Magento open source e-commerce proposal is a well-liked option for major online retail businesses and Layershift offers simple install, as well as managed hosting services and 24/7 maintenance for this e-shop builder. Among their e-commerce hosting security solutions, there is automated data backup every 6 hours available.


Rackspace If you are looking to start a large e-commerce setup, then Rackspace is the right option for you. They offer a range of very good managed services and they specalise in cloud hosting technology. 

The company also has Linux and Windows cloud servers for sites that go from having moderately low traffic and storage levels needing 1GB of RAM to concentrated necessities of 120GB for gigantic, high traffic websites. You can easily use this site for multiple businesses. It will not let you down and will keep its quality the best.


ekmPowershop is an e-commerce website builder which offers a simple method to generate an eshop and it also has free hosting. It lets you to use debit and credit card payments, in addition to using a lot of other admired online payment processing systems, such as PayPal and SagePay. ekmPowershop charges a flat monthly fee for utilizing the platform and e-commerce hosting, but there are no transaction fees. 
At the time of writing there are over 150 website templates for your estore and there are a lot of helpful features that formulate the system trouble-free for both the customer and the business owner, plus social media promotional tools, eBay integration, live chat functionality, customer address verification and multi-currency displays. With this supplier, you can host limitless products on your site, plus adding blogs, promotional stickers and customer loyalty schemes.


One of the more renowned entrenched and major web hosting companies, GoDaddy has a well-built universal attendance and a gigantic client base. They too offer domain names and a series of extra online marketing tools. You can analysis GoDaddy Hosting options for e-commerce and other types of site.


Shopify is one of the oldest sites out there for web hosting. Having an entire online store explanation it makes sure that all features of your e-commerce organization are well-matched and work jointly effortlessly. It is easy enough to set up and apply for beginner website users, meaning that the e-shop owner does not have to employ the services of specialist web developers. Even much of the web design is taken care of, so that all you might desire to produce a polished understanding for your guests is a graphic designer to assist you with a business logo.


Arvixe is a very modern and chic web hosting site. Customers get immediate help with nay technical issue and can call the support line whenever they want to. The technicians are very specialized in their work and solve any query immediately. All their system is very fast. Customers have also said that the prices are very affordable and if you are looking for a long term working relationship then Arvixe gives you the best offers.


eHost ensure the availability of a reliable business platform for varying needs of individuals and companies. The addition of useful tools and features make it an admirable hosting alternate for beginners as well as experts. It adds an attractive feature of building a site with the simple action of drag and drop.

Individuals, who have a limited budget for ecommerce web design, shall consider it for a simplified web builder platform and free lifetime domain ownership as they can always upgrade as the business succeeds.


The businessmen and bloggers, who are less familiar with the technical aspects of web hosting, designing and development issues, InMotion is going to help you a lot. The company is housed by professionals having sound technical knowledge of what they offer.

It is the only company that takes on to your personal project rather than just refining and tuning the hosting service. They rest assure to make your business website work perfectly find regardless of the traffic loads. The aim of their company is to set you free from technical issues.


Hostgator is among the fastest growing hosting service providers in around 200 countries and proudly serving more than 8 million users. It is leading the entire industry by making live millions of business and personal websites with numerous free web templates and power tools.

By making available various useful plugins and applications, individuals are quickly learning the basics of web developing and moving towards the enhancement of user experience and online presence. For an appealing design, it has partnered with Weebly to allow users to instantly build their online shopping platform. is highly appraised for the hosting plans with unlimited web space and bandwidth. It gives the users a freedom to install third party software without any hassle. Retailers and blog owners can develop their website free of cost with the setup wizard and the additional tools. The numerous templates give a plenty of options for customizing your website with a theme, color or design. 

Just host

Just host comes with a distinct feature of offering dedicated and VPS hosting powered by windows and Linux operating system. You can unleash an enormous list of options in basic, plus or business pro account for an attractive web exposure.

Every hosting plan is accompanied with advertising credit and an easy to use website builder. Avail the budget and get sponsored exposure without spending a penny.

Host Papa

Host papa has got as distinction in other hosting companies by bringing green hosting services to the limelight. The primary concern of the company is to proceed in technology along with eco-friendly policies. They offer unlimited storage and bandwidth in VPS and shared hosting plans.

The company has added lots of features for bloggers and retailers to have their website ready for an impressive impact on their targeted audience. The uptime is assured to be 99.9%, whereas a 30 days money back guarantee is offered to achieve customer satisfaction. 
Choosing the right service providers for your e-commerce work is very essential. If you take the first right step then all your future will be secured and you will have nothing to worry about. Leading your business to the right direction, these sites will guide you every step of the way and in no time you can start earning high levels of income. Hesitating in choosing a server is a normal reaction. But make sure that you do not wait too long and confuse yourself. Assure yourself and take the first step.

This article is contributed by Lena Cockrell and Asad Ali.

Lena Cockrell is a Professional freelance content writer she has been working as writer since 2012. Now a days she is working with best essay writing firm as writer.

Asad Ali is a prolific digital marketer with an extensive exposure of more than 7 years. He is working at FMEextensions Dubai, which is a leading ecommerce web design and development company.

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