Apple’s “Internet of Things” A Technological Boon for Upcoming Market

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So now, since IoT has been implemented gradually, the technology has shown pretty much good scopes. The astounding concept of internet connected objects able to collect and exchange data, IoT came up with new scope to look at the things differently. As expected, it has shown a considerably remarkable growth. One of the sectors where IoT could be found useful is the business. That’s true.

One of the sectors where IoT could be found useful is the business. That’s true. As per BI intelligence which has been continuously observing the movements of IoT from all sorts including consumers, businesses and government states that by 2020, there would be about 34 billion connections to the internet. The maximum audience among this category would be the businesses and enterprises.

Internet Of Things Future

Below is an interesting YoutTube video that demonstrates the future of IOT in our life.

Investments and Return of Investments

The market study shows that over the next five years, the largest investment made would be on the application development which would be approximately $3 trillion. The second largest investment for IoT is likely to be made on device hardware which is expected to be over $2 trillion. Following this suite the other investments made to acquire the services of IoT would be upon system integration, data storage, security and connectivity.

Other than that, the studies also show that the compound investment made between 2015 and 2020 could reach to $6 million whereas the return of investment from 2015 to 2025 would be expectedly $12 million. So it could be analyzed that this concept is likely to have large user base in its future.

Covering Various Business Sectors

So we all know how advantageous would be the concept of IoT to be used in everyday life. In addition, this technology could be used for various other sectors. Check out some of the niches where IoT could play an integral factor when it comes to high enhanced sales.


With increasing competition and market challenges various companies have now opted for the concept of IoT which could enhance their growth. Meanwhile only 10% of industries are making use of IoT and have also witnessed increase in efficiency. The implemented software results in faster market time, enhanced asset management, risk management and optimization.

Food Services 

No doubt everyone is well aware about the methods through which the food is grown. However, employing the methods of IoT results in enriched growth, consumption, process and distribution of the food and that too without affecting the nutrition value. An example in this case is vertical farms where every element could be monitored and controlled.


When compared, hospitality comes out to be one of the most provocative sectors which has seen ultimate growth over the recent years. Apparently, hospitality businesses have become global today and with the application of IoT, one could expect enhanced customer experience through this technology which covers food and beverages, guest convenience, executive services and likewise.


Needless to mention, IoT has embarked a great impact upon mobile and telecommunication. With the platforms like iOS application development, things could now be very well connected remotely. It also includes sending and reception of signal upon request whether it comes to electricity meters, parking lots, homes, equipment and likewise. Therefore, there would be the probability of more interconnectivity and movement of things without involving humans.


From in-store, online to mobile, retail marketing has reached everywhere incrementing user interaction and customer base. Further, using the pioneering technology of IoT has increased the likelihood of high sales along with various other opportunities that cover various retail aspects like POS, digital signage, vending, kiosk, payment technology and many more.

Apart from all these, it could be predicted that IoT is going to be a highly functional source for the future market. Other than that, it would also improve client and business relationship minimizing the consumption of time and human intervention.

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