What Is Magento & How It Become Popular Worldwide

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What Is Magento & How It Become Popular Worldwide

Magento is an open-source e-commerce based content management system (CMS). In today’s booming e-commerce sector, Magento has risen to be the most imperative CMS worldwide. Today, this technology holds around 26% of the market share, which is huge as compared to other existing CMSs. This CMS is specifically designed to streamline the way for the businesses to launch different types of online stores. For convenience, it comes with a set of brilliant features that empower the developers to set-up the feature-rich online stores.

Different Products By Magento

There are 2 trending products by Magento, including Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition. Both CMSs have been designed to cater brilliant solutions for better online store creation. That’s why, Magento possesses an extensive market share. Let’s explore these products.

Magento Community Edition

Magento Community Edition is an open-source software for developing e-commerce stores. It can be downloaded at free of cost. At present, thousands of the websites are running on this CMS. There are numerous features of Magento Community Edition that make it the most used Magento product for building the online store.

Site Management Control

There is an integrated content management system that enables the online store owners to develop & manage the informative page. Moreover, the administrators can also customize the web page style according to their business. Besides this, the community edition empowers the users to assign different roles of the users so that the multiple users can manage the website and keep the website going seamlessly.

Payment & Shipping:

Compatible with Amazon,,, Google checkout, and other gateways, Magento Community Edition automates the transaction system at the utmost ease. Besides this, it supports SSL security system that ensures protection against breaching of data & Cyber attacks and secure all kinds of transactions. Moreover, there is a feature for evaluating real-time shipping rate through FedEx, UPS and USPS. This platform has been enabled to ease the management of multiple shippings for single order.

Effective Reporting System

In Magento Community Edition, there is a smart reporting system that provides the imperative data regarding Product review, top products sold, low stock items, coupon usage reports, tax report, report for most reviewed products, search term, and many more things. All these things ease the way for the business owners to make an effective decision for better revenue generation. There is a dashboard that enables the way for the users to access the different reports instantly.

Seamless Catalog Management

This platform comes with a superbly designed catalog management system that eases the task of managing the inventory for the administrator. Along with this, it enable the users to handle multimedia content that can be image and video. Here, the owner of the online store can deploy store-centric attributes for easily managing the products. Even, it also eases the process of calculating the tax rate according to different locations, type of product and other factors. In this platform there is a feature for alert message from RSS feed that states status of inventory.

Product Browsing Feature

The online store administrator can integrate different types of product browsing functionalities including Add to Wishlist, different options to select product, Stock Availability, different images for product, product review and other options.

Customer Account Management

This CMS has been developed to integrate account management system to streamline order tracking, order review, newsletter subscription management, review product, status of order, reorder and other things. This features also eases the way to manage different addresses of shipping and billing.

Search Engine Friendly

Magento Community edition has been equipped with the amazing features that streamline the way to make the online store SEO-friendly so that the online visitors can easily find the store. There is a meta information management system that eases the way for the administrator to define the data, so that the search engine bots can easily crawl and index the web page.

Magento Enterprise Edition

Magento Enterprise Edition is a premium framework for setting up the superb online store. As compared to the Community Edition, this CMS is more flexible and offers a huge array of powerful and new features in addition to the features of Magento Community Edition. Moreover, it is not free of cost. Let’s have a glimpse below to find more about this framework:

Advanced SEO-Friendly Attributes

The architecture of the Enterprise Edition has been designed to be completely search engine friendly so that the customers can easily find the stores in the search engine result. This framework has been programmed to provide SEO-friendly URL, manage meta-tag and integrate Google Sitemap.

Category Page Optimized

It has an optimized category page to promote the sale of the product and generate the revenue. There is a drag & drop interface to position the product at the outlet seamlessly. There is an automated functionality that makes the sorting of the web pages comprising the bestseller products (featuring high margin).

Smart Product Filter

This CMS supports brilliant product filter technique to streamline the way to filter the desirable product for offering a better experience. It also boosts the conversion rate and generate better revenue.

Supports Up-Sell, Cross-Sell & Recommends

Magento Enterprise Edition helps the owner promote product in a specific segment with the help of advanced rule-based product relation. This enables the administrator to provide more buying options at the checkout page and boost the up-sell & cross-sell.

Personalized Promotion

Through this CMS, the administrator can personalize the content and promotion for specific customer demographic in order to offer the best experience to the customers. And, this, in-turn, optimizes the sales.

Scalable & Amazing Performance

It provides the scalable solutions to enable the administrators to expand the business without facing any issue. Its architecture is superbly designed to boost the performance of the online store. At the same time, it keeps the websites secure with PA-DSS compliance & superb encryption solution.

Cloud Based Hosting

This CMS empowers the owner to use cloud based hosting that is advantageous in terms of scalability.

Eases Responsive Website & Native App Development

By using Magento enterprise edition, the users can build the responsive online store in a minimum time. There is a Magento mobile SDK for iOS & Android that assists the users to build a native application for the e-commerce stores.

Advanced Management Support

Here, the admin panel is superbly designed to streamline the management. For example, the users can manage all the orders, invoice, packing slip, etc. Moreover, it also helps the users to manage the inventory.

Besides all these features, Magento Enterprise Edition enables the online store owners to customize the structure of the e-commerce website according to business standard. Thus, it suits every business standard.

Easy To Learn Magento

Magento is extremely easy to learn. Anyone can start using it without prior programming knowledge. Knowing simple internet is enough to start Magento store.

Though knowing programming in PHP may help you do advanced things, it is absolutely not required for most Magento users to learn about it.

Easy To Find Help On Magento

Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform therefore finding a quick help in internet is not difficult. Many blogs exclusively share Magento tips and tutorials.

You can also visit discussion forums and message board websites to ask a question. However most of the time you will find an answer by simple doing a search on internet.

Easy To Hire Magento Freelancers

Magento has largest community of freelance developers. These developers are fast at development and problem solving. You can find good help at really low price.

Almost all popular freelance websites have Magento freelancers that are ready to work for you immediately.


Magento is a top-of-the-line CMS that has been designed to ease the set up of an online store in an cost-effective manner. The reasons behind its gaining popularity is the brilliant features offered by Magento products. Both the Magento products are the best, when it comes to choosing for your online store! Share your thoughts related to this blog with us via comment section given below.

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