Top CMS Web App Security Testing Tools

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A list of Essential CMS Security Testing Tools

Technology is growing at a rapid pace, which is providing us a number of reasons to follow the new developments that are making their advent as the time is progressing. With the evolution of apps, users are more keen to utilize their devices in the best way possible to reap the benefits. Among all these developments and utilization behavior, the thing that keep on threatening the web developers is the security of websites as well as web applications.

There are many popular content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Security vulnerabilities can be present in any tool. Therefore this article should help you find useful tool for any popular content management systems security testing.

The security of the websites can be best promised with proven CMS based security testing tools. Today, it is the most important for the web developers to implement the right security architecture to ensure the security of the web pages. Compromising on the security of the websites can be a direct loss to the business. At present, a number of tools are available in the market that could offer robust security to the websites. Let’s explore some of the renowned content management based web application security testing tools!

1. Vega

Written in Java, Vega is one popular vulnerability scanning and testing tool. This testing tool works with Linux, OS X as well as windows platforms. Vega is graphic user interface enabled and also has an automated scanner as well as an intercepting proxy. Web application vulnerabilities such as header injection, SQL injection, cross site scripting, etc. can easily be detected with this testing tool. The functionalities can be extended through a JavaScript API.

2. Wapiti

Wapiti is a feature-rich web app security testing tool. With the black-box scan approach, this testing tool identifies the vulnerable elements in the websites. The tool basically works as a fuzzer wherein it inputs all types of values (random & invalid data) in the field to show the report. Wapiti finds out issues that are related to Database injection, Weak configuration, Potentially dangerous files, and many more. The testing tool supports both the GET and the POSTHTTP attach method.

3. SQLMap

SQLMap is used to detect SQL injection vulnerability in the website database. The testing tool supports 6 kinds of injections namely time-based blind, error-based, boolean-based blind, stacked queries, UNION query, and out of band and thus, can be used on a wide range of databases. The testing tool can directly be connected to the database without using an SQL injection. Because of the reason, it has extraordinary database fingerprinting and enumeration features.

4. Google Nogotofail

Google Nogotofail is renowned as a testing tool that is used for network traffic security. The tool analyzes the applications for known TLS/SSL vulnerabilities as well as for mis-configuration. This testing tool checks the SSL/TLS encrypted connections to scan the possibility of vulnerability to man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attack. Google Nogotofail can be set as a proxy server, VPN server, as well as a router.

5. NetSparkar

This excellently developed security testing tool is an ideal option to use against web threats and other similar flaws in the websites as well as in the web applications. With the optimized feature of the tool, it gets an easy task to spot various flaws that are related to Cross Site Scripting, SQL injection and other similar issues. The easy to use interface of the tool offers excellent opportunity to the web developers to fix the web issues without wasting their time, with the help of brilliant scanning methodology that is utilized when the tool works.

6. Scrawlr

The combination of SQL injection and crawler in short is called Scrawlr. This security testing tool has been developed by HP Web Security Research Group and Microsoft Security Response Center. The security tool is programmed to crawl all the web pages so that issues related to SQL injection can be scanned. Thus, it enables web developers to configure the proxy. Scrawlr runs faster and uses an intelligent technology to fix the issues. The most notifying thing with this security tool is that it is easy to download, install and use.

7. ZED Attack Proxy (ZAP)

ZED Attack Proxy (ZAP) has been developed by AWASP. The security testing tool is available for Unix/Linux, Windows, as well as Macintosh platforms. The security tool is the easiest to use and can be utilized as a scanner. Besides this, it can also be used to intercept a proxy to the webpages that have already gone through manual testing. The key features of this testing tool include Fuzzer, web socket support as well as a REST based API.

Ensuring the security of the websites is the most essential task that the web developers need to fulfill after the development of the web pages. However, the ratio of the demand of services is much more than the pace of delivering the projects. Therefore, in such a scenario, these security tools can optimally be utilized to ensure security of websites as well as web applications.

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