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5 Powerful Workflow Tools & Tips for Web Designers

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List of Powerful Workflow Tools and Tips for Web Designers

Using the right workflow tool can change the way you design prototypes. With the help of these powerful prototyping platforms you can add productivity to your creativity.

Every professional web designer has their own particular stash of tricks to make work simpler. This article is a gathering of some useful tools and tips for web designers to accelerate work processes and enhance web design.

Powerful Workflow Tools

Static mockups are turning out to be less valuable and the lines between developers and designers are becoming blurred. As we work more synergistically with each other the tools we use are needing to change.


Pixate is an application that has been made for making instinctive, intelligent prototypes for Android and iOS. What separates Pixate from other tools is its interaction panel and drag-drop animation.


It has been named the ‘Photoshop executioner’. The application is unbelievably well designed. It’s been made to be a committed web and visual depiction tool. There are a couple elements like movable nondestructive layers – which basically implies you can conform pictures or vectors without harming them.


This tool makes it simpler for a frontend web developer to code web applications or websites from Photoshop or Sketch plans. It is fabricated by the same group that brought us CSS Hat and PNG Hat, so it is not astounding they have made the exporting process one step advance here. What makes Avocode truly exceptional is that you can utilize its Photoshop plugin to synchronize your PSD into Avocode with only a single click.


This is another tool for making responsive UIs for web applications and websites. It has a feeling that it’s been assembled to do only one job truly well to make high-loyalty prototypes. On download you are given a genuinely essential gadget library, which you can use to rapidly make prototypes and start web design. Antetype gives a library of gadgets and OS outlines including iOS, Android and Windows to begin with. There is likewise a dynamic group segment on the webpage, where you can download UI units from other Antetype clients.


It is a prototyping tool. Using the application feels like a blend of configuration and code. While you can’t really make design in the application, you can embed them and use what Form calls “patches” to include signals and associations. The Mac application requires you to additionally use the iOS application so you can see your model progressively and collaborate with it.

Powerful Tips For Web Designers

Following tips will help you to improve your workflow

#Tips 1: Applying Changes All Around

Wildcard CSS rules are recommended by the web designers all time. You have to use a global indicator (*) – which empowers you to apply any progressions all-inclusive to the entire page. This can truly help you save your time, particularly in the introductory phases of configuration.

#Tips 2: Using CodeKit With Browser Reloading

CodeKit will help you to see any progressions made to the program without reloading the website page. It is particularly suggested for Mac users. It makes the ease of rolling out browser changes worth the little cost brought about to get it.

#Tips 3: Using FitVids To Embed Videos

Even with the easiest video embedding that comes with HTML5, web designers still face problems – empowering responsive resizing for videos and guaranteeing degradation on Flash where the HTML5 video embedding is not upheld. FitVids is a jQuery plugin which takes care of both issues.

#Tips 4: Using Grid Frameworks

Another effective tips is to use grid framework where the quantity of segments is totally separable by 4, 3 and 2. This gives the 12-segment matrix which is exceptionally famous in light of the fact that it is very flexible.

#Tips 5: Use 8 Bit PNG Format

Where you are attempting to fare to PNG from Photoshop, this old-school trick may help: in the event that you need not bother with it to be straightforward, send out as 8-bit PNG, which at times influences nature of the picture, however drastically cuts down file size.

Bottom Line:

Above powerful workflow tools and tips will help you to improve your work experience.

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