10+ Android Apps to Automate Tasks

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Android Apps to Automate Tasks

Undoubtedly Android empowers users to innovate. The versatility of Android continues to appeal novice and experienced users. With the power of Open Source on their side, many developers have created groundbreaking apps that challenge limits and enable Android device to perform monotonous, yet essential tasks which make life easier. Android is a platform that can appeal to novice users and experienced power users alike, as well as always attempt to foster a strong development environment. Here is a list of apps that help users to automate tasks and define triggers for various events so you won’t have to keep a tab on different buttons on your Android smartphone.

Now that your android phone has become your lifeline and that you cannot afford to do without it, you will certainly need some apps that will help you automate some tasks on it. Fortunately, many apps have recently become available that will automate repetitive but boring or basic tasks.

Android automation apps can change the settings on their own and can make your Android phone smarter. Let us examine such apps that will help you automate tasks on your Android Device to make your life smoother.


SkipLock, a leading password convenience app ofers reliability and a great user experience. Coded to perfection, SkipLock uses every standard feature on every Android device to makes it a pleasure to use. Now simply skip the lock screen when you’re are connected to a designated Wifi or Bluetooth device. You can also keep the phone unlocked while you’re connected to a Bluetooth smartwatch, headset or car.

Some people like the lock screen, but it can become annoying sometimes. Therefore, Skiplock might be the best solution for you if you feel the lockscreen is annoying at times. This app can automatically disable your lock screen while it is sunning on a particular WiFi network. Thus, you can skip the lock-screen for example if you are running on your home WiFi Network. In the app, simply add the WiFi network that you want to disable.

  • Pattern and face unlock supported on rooted devices
  • Completely redesigned Android 4+ user interface
  • No background service = less memory usage and more reliable
  • No status bar icon
  • Automatically turn on/off wifi
  • Automatically turn on/off Bluetooth
  • Automatically turn on/off sync
  • And a lot more…!

Call Recorder – ACR

Another Call Recorder is a free call recorder application with a wide variety of features such as search, auto email, password protection of recording, as well as recording formats. It offers various recording modes by number, contact, non-contact or just selected contacts. YOU can also flag recording as important to avoid erroneously deleting recordings.

Changelog Droid

Tired of checking the updated application on the Play Store to see what the developer has changed? Not anymore. Changelog Droid will check the background and notify you when updates are available. It gets even better; you can use Changelog Droid to launch or uninstall apps, open the system’s info page or go directly to the Play Store to update your apps.

App Cache Cleaner

Are you tired of low memory warnings on your phone or always? Here is the perfect solution. App Cache Cleaner, a quick tool for clearing application cached files. Just tap to clean all files for getting more space. No need to ROOT
the phone anymore. Now you can free a lot of storage memory on your phone resulting in optimum performance of your Android device.

Many installed apps notoriously take up a lot of space in the internal memory of your device. Your phone’s internal memory caches the app data so that it can run the app faster. However, caching slows down the phone in the long run in the future. This brilliant app from 1 Tap (Infolife LLC) helps clean your app and run your phone faster and more efficiently.


  • 1-tap to clear all cached files
  • auto clear when you open this app
  • auto clear all cache at a specified interval
  • auto exit when you cleaned all cached files
  • clear cache for a specified application
  • list applications by either cache size or app name
  • Clean residual files
  • And a lot more…!

Velis Auto Brightness

Get the best possible brightness experience with Velis Auto Brightness. With this app you have complete control to determine the environment you’re in and control how much brightness will be applied for any given light. This is an apt replacement for auto-brightness functionality provided in settings.

You may probably be aware that the auto brightness on your android device is not always accurate. Also, it can happen that sometimes, you could feel that your device is too bright or too dim. Also, brightness can cause a huge effect on your battery life. In this situation you could try out the Velis Auto brightness, which could adjust your device’s brightness settings automatically.
The app does this task based on the light sensitivity to the surrounding environments. You also get to control your brightness settings at every ambient level.

Thus, the ultimate aim of Velis Auto brightness is to provide the best possible experience. This is done by using the sensor of your device to determine the environment that you are in. The app gives you complete control of how much brightness needs to be set for any given light (environmental) condition. This is a perfect replacement for system provided auto-brightness functionality that is found on your Android device.


  • Initial configuration wizard for an easy start
  • Supports custom sensors on phones such as Sony Xperia
  • Tasker / Locale support for many sensor readings and app settings
  • Convenient in-app store for premium content (some tasker and widget functionality) and developer
  • Custom app language
  • Additional brightness when charging
  • Only uses sensors when screen is on conserving battery
  • And a lot more…!


AutomateIt allows you to automate your Android device to run certain tasks. It comes with triggers from time, location or any particular activity. It is extremely easy to use and comes with rules market where you can download and use rules setup by other fellow users.

With Automate It., you can very easily automate tasks. This can be done by setting certain triggers and then assigning a particular action to those trigger. By triggers, it could mean any change in the state of your device such as battery level, incoming or outgoing call, attaching or removing a headset, etc. The actions that can be assigned to these triggers could be anything that you can do on the device. This app includes numerous options that you can tweak, so that you can set up anything that you can do from within the app.

  • Low battery warning
  • Quiet at night
  • Normal sound mode at morning
  • Max volume when headset unplugged
  • Lower volume when headset plugged
  • Unmute by SMS
  • And a lot more…!

MacroDroid – Device Automation

With a simple UI and process flow, MacroDroid is a task automation tool. Simply click on Add Macro to create a custom Macro. It allows you to select a trigger from a list, configure an action or add more constraints as required.


Now trigger an action on your device at a designated location with Llama. It uses your cell tower to detect your smartphone’s location; it is not GPS-dependent. Trigger your bluetooth headset to connect with your phone when you are out for your morning run, or trigger your reminder to pick up groceries if you are near your favorite grocery store.

Llama is a free app that is convenient as well as GPS independent. It triggers an action on your device when you are at a specific location. Since this app does not depend upon GPS, it relies on your cell tower to detect the location of your phone. For example, you can trigger the connection of your blue tooth headset to your phone when you are out jogging, or it can even trigger a reminder that you are near your favorite store and you need to pick up some provisions.

  • 4G
  • APN
  • Accounts Sync
  • Airplane Mode
  • Bluetooth
  • Car mode
  • GPS
  • Haptic Feedback
  • And a lot more…


Condi is a mini tasker that makes your device perform common tasks based on time, location, or triggers. The best part is that you can get your friends to help by sharing tasks via simple links and there is no social network or account registration required. The app can turn on a navigation app while driving, or while you are in a class or meeting. You can start playing music when you plug the headphones in. There are various other conditions and numerous ways that you program your device.

  • Set the volume (mute, vibrate etc.)
  • Launch or terminate other apps
  • Control the music player
  • Set up a notification
  • Send or forward SMS messages
  • Control Wi-Fi, Background Sync, Mobile Data, Airplane, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC
  • Adjust screen brightness
  • Screen orientation lock
  • And a lot more…!


Atooma is for those who are familiar with “IFTTT”. This is really easy to use, since if the conditional events via if and do are met, it will trigger and action rules. This interface is color-coordinated, so that it is easier to setup rules as well as trigger. You can also download rules or learn from what other Atooma users have setup for their device. Hence if you want to perform tasks such as wanting your inbox SMS or email to be read automatically while driving, or prevent your phone from ringing when your batter y is about to die, then Atooma is the app for you! Several conditions are available, so you can go automate your android phone with Atooma right away!


  • Google Calendar Events
  • Weather: tomorrow’s forecast, temperature
  • Box: file added/deleted, directory added/deleted, storage space level
  • Tag NFC: only for NFC enabled devices
  • Standby: ON/OFF
  • Instagram: New Photo/New Like
  • Shake: horizontal or vertical movement
  • Ambient Light sensor: light/dark
  • Headphone: plugged/unplugged
  • WIFI: ON/OFF/Connected/Disconnected
  • Dropbox: file added/deleted, directory added/deleted, storage space level
  • Drive: file added/deleted, directory added/deleted, storage space level, file modified
  • Activity Manager: any app installed/uninstalled
  • SMS Received (Optional Filters: Sender, Text)
  • And many more…!

Automated Device

Automated Device is yet another fantastic app that helps automate some of the things that your Android device can perform. You can automate several tasks including sending of an SMS when you reach a particular point on your route to your friend or acquaintance. There is a slight learning curve for this app, as this app is rule based.


  • Wifi state
  • Speaker state
  • Bluetooth state
  • Flight mode state
  • Data connections enabled / disabled
  • AC power / Battery
  • Location. To be inside or outside of some place (defined by point and radius)
  • Screen state
  • To match or unmatch other rule
  • Some program is running or not
  • And a lot more…!

Profile – Paid

This app lets you maneuver your phone’s volume and settings all in one place, as well as schedule profile changes. Profile also provides option to display a notification with your current profile for quick access to change any of your settings. You can select to Auto-Reply to your contacts, or to anyone, and you get to set your Auto-Reply message too.

TOTs (Turn Of Text) – Paid

This app believes in and promotes safe driving to the fullest. It encourages users to set speed limits. Once user exceeds speed limit texts get blocked. It also lets users manually block text alerts for a certain time period. This app has two versions, one for parents and Lite version for the child. Parents can install Lite version on child’s device and block texting for safe driving. TOTs also sends automatic replies when texts are blocked.

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