15+ Best Tools To Convert Webpage to PDF

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Convert Webpage to PDF

Want to save html as pdf? We have found some of the really useful online tools for you to convert html to pdf easily. Many internet users find useful content on web and are wondering how to convert html to pdf so they can use it offline or read it at leisure.  With the help of below html to pdf converter softwares you can easily download web pages you like.

A typical html to pdf converter takes the website URL as input and provides you downloadable PDF file that can be saved on your local computer or mobile phone.

Technological advancement has led to an easier computer processing. Until recently, handling files of different formats was not at all an easy task. These days, due to the evolvement of many operating systems, it has become utterly impossible to work upon a single type of file on different systems. PDF or Portable Document Format has emerged to be one of the best file formats computer programmers can ever come up with. It incorporates all the qualities what an ideal computer document should possess.

PDF being the simplest of all the file formats is the key to an easy computer document processing thus every computer system must have all the tools which prove significantly helpful in the operation of PDF documents.

Information is available in a number of formats and sometimes you need to ensure that it is converted to the right format for your requirements. This is a constant need when working with various documents on your computer and the failure to find the right tools can be a great hindrance. Two formats that are very common for most requirements are HTML and PDF. In this article, we are going to look at Top tools to convert html to pdf for Mac & windows users.

Why Convert Webpage To Pdf

Web pages are written in plain text and this is what is referred to as HTML. It is possible to save web pages and access them later even when you are offline. When it comes to requirements such as printing or mailing the document or even using it in a presentation then the HTML format is not so great. That’s when you need to resort to the Pdf format which works well for your other requirements.

Must Have Html To Pdf Converter Tools

PDF is a renowned file format which is known for its easy operational capabilities. Although it is very simple to use, there are some tools associated with its functioning that makes operating on this file format even easier. The following write-up comprises of a detailed analysis of all the PDF applications that are a must have for your system.

HTML To PDF Converter

Extracting document from a webpage can turn out to be real tricky especially when you are devoid of an appropriate tool. Very often you need to procure some information directly off the internet browser. An HTML to PDF converter comes in real handy here. It creates a PDF file of the webpage you require which is easily accessible and is suitable for future usage. This tool is also useful for language applications where html to pdf for .net becomes highly crucial at every step.

PDF Security

PDF security tool lends encryption competencies to your application. This tool helps you in managing security settings of PDF files. It lets you to set a password, include security permissions and encrypt important documents. The encryption length entirely relies on your requirement that can be either 120 or 40 bits.

PDF Images Extractor

Image extractor is one thing; every system should be installed with. Very often it happens that you require extracting an image from a PDF document. Unless you have a proper image extractor, mining out an image from the document is highly challenging. PDF image extractor is a simple solution to this problem. It provides you a freedom to dig out the image of your choice from any PDF document in a supremely easy manner.

PDF Merger Tool

The need of creating a single document that carries along fusion of multiple PDF files and images often pop-up and in some cases it is certainly unavoidable. A PDF merger tool comes to the rescue here. It provides the user an access to a readymade application that poses no hassles while creating a document comprising of a manifold of other files.

Expert PDF

It is a professional PDF creator and PDF write tool. You can instantly create a PDF out of any document you are working on and send in a secure format. With the help of this converter you can edit and modify your PDF files as easily as you can edit your Microsoft word documents. After converting HTML to PDF, you can go ahead with conversion of the pdf into word document with similar ease.

ISkysoft Editor For Mac

This is an easy HTML to Pdf converter for Mac which allows you to save the original layouts, formats, and links of the converted HTML file. You can also easily share, print, and store multiple HTML files by merging them using the same solution.


This is a free online solution which is capable of capturing any live URL which does not enjoy password protection. The conversion speed is almost instantaneous and you can select a specific portion of the HTML text that you need to convert in an easy copy and paste action. The good thing about this solution is that it works well with both static and dynamic websites.


This is also an online solution that enjoys what is perhaps the most widespread usage among al HTML to Pdf converters. You have the option of copying the webpage’s URL and pasting it in the converter to convert the whole page. It can integrate into websites after which you get a browser add-on which makes everything easy for you by availing a number of great features and options.


Also an online solution, Web2PDFConvert installs a PDF convert button that makes everything just a click away. It also has a unique feature which allows you to convert your HTML via mail by sending the recipient a webpage in a portable document format.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe acrobat is one of the most flexible tools that provide exceptional functionality when it comes to conversion of html to pdf file formats. Adobe acrobat was originally conceived to manage pdf files. It incorporates the best structure that is ideal for the pdf conversions


PDF2HTML online is known for its capability of extracting images into a separate directory, writing HTML 4 and keeping the hyperlinks that are already present in the pdf file. It is an online tool using which is a piece of cake. It involves an easy conversion procedure making it one of the best on the block.

Some PDF To HTML Converter

Batch PDF conversion is most efficiently accomplished via some pdf to html converter. This converter is capable of converting multiple files in one go. It is highly efficient in handling encrypted files making it easy to process a protected file that is always a difficult task.


If you require a tool that does more than just usual html to pdf conversion, IntraPDF is suited just best for you. It incorporates capabilities of converting your pdf files to images, texts and web pages as well. It involves the processing of multiple tasks a pdf document is associated with.

Convert PDF To HTML

All you require while using this tool is to upload your file and it will convert it into pdf. It involves the simplest of the process making it very easy to use and apply.


This tool is a source based application that needs to be compiled before installing it on the system. Files that are consistent with the formats and fonts are best suited for conversion using this tool

Click To Convert

It supports a variety of formats that makes it quite unique. It supports html in the headers as well as the footers. It is also capable of creating pdf files directly from pages.
All in all, above mentioned tools are the best in class html to pdf conversion applications that provide supreme utility and ease. You can choose any one of them and start with the conversion process right this moment.


PDF is the most sought after file format that has numerous applications. Its easy usage allows the operator to process computer files in a more efficient manner. Moreover, due to its popularity, PDF is a universally acclaimed file format, that makes it acceptable to most of the operating systems which is why it becomes absolutely necessary to install all the tools that make operation on a PDF document way easier.

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