10 Skills Magento Developers Must Have

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Skills Magento Developers Must Have

When it comes to developing an eCommerce website, Magento with its robust structure and out-of-the-box features has become the most preferred platform among the businesses across the globe. This scenario has therefore resulted in a high demand of professional Magento developers who knows inside-out of Magento.
Perhaps the biggest problem is that many businesses or individuals fail to search the proficient and skilled Magento professionals. Finding dedicated and skilled Magento developers is quite time consuming and tedious process. Therefore, when you plan to hire Magento developer, you’ve to focus on certain ideas and key factors in order to make your eCommerce venture successful and profitable for you.
Here’s the exclusive list of 10 skills that you should look for when hiring a Magento developer:

Creativity Is The Mother Of All Innovations!

Of course, technical aspects are important, but if the developer you’ve hired is not creative enough, you won’t be able to make that impact online. It is important to look for innovative approach in developer in order to help you make your online store stand out from the rest of the eCommerce sites.

Core Technical Competencies Are Vital

While looking for a Magento developer, it is important that you look for flawless technical competencies. A Magento developer you hire should possess strong technical skills in the development of custom modules, design integration, integrating payment gateway and so on.

Does He/she Know Direct Mobile Coding?

Today, more ‘n’ more people prefer to use their mobile devices to visit online stores and purchase products. Therefore, it is important that the developer you hire must possess skills in coding directly to mobile devices. If he/she doesn’t have such skills, it may affect your online store and may get left behind the competitors.

Quality Of Work

Of course, money matters are a lot when it comes to developing an eCommerce website. You will find plenty of developers offering their services at the lowest cost, but you should not compromise with the quality of work.

Great Problem Solving Skills

Developing an ecommerce website using Magento is not a kid’s play. There could be tons of coding and designing problems during the development and thus, it is important that a developer you hire should have a great problem solving skills. If he/she fails to make out the way from the problems, you won’t get an effective online store at the desired time.

Pre/Post Development Support

Setting up and running an online store is not the end of development. There are plenty of problems that can arise once your site is live and if your site is not working well, even for a few seconds, it could drag you down from the competitors. It needs to be monitored and updated consistently time-by-time. Therefore, it is important you check for the pre/post development support from the developer you hire.

Knowledge Of Latest Development Trends

Technology is changing every day and to develop cutting edge online stores using Magento, it is critical for the developers to keep updating themselves with latest development trends and technologies. Ensure that the developer you hire is well-aware about all the latest Magento development trends.

Whether He/she Is A Good Listener?

When it comes to coding a Magento site, one should be a good listener and pay attention to each and every requirement from the client. If a developer is a good listener, he/she would be able to understand the requirements more effectively and could deliver expected results without any bugs.

Seamless Communication Skills Are Essential.

Having great communication skills of a developer would make it easy for you to make him/her understand your eCommerce requirements easily. Make sure the developers you hire should have fluent communication skills, specifically in your native language.

Knowledge Of Search Engine Optimization Is Crucial Too!

SEO is an important aspect and developer you hire should be aware about all the essential functions and working SEO to optimize your site in a best possible way.
Apart from all these factors and skills, it is important to hire developers who are reliable and trustworthy. Ensure that you consider all the skills and aspects while hiring a Magento developer for your eCommerce web development. If you’ve any specific questions, please comment below.

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