25 Best Educational Android Apps for Kids

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Best Kids Learning Android Apps For Your Child

Looking for educational android apps for kids? Your kid can learn a lot from educational applications. We have short listed some of the top rated and best free educational apps for kids to have fun while learning. Learning with the help of an app is entertaining for kids and it maintains their interest level without them knowing about learning.

There are many useful android apps that you can download from Google app store . Some of these are android apps for toddlers, whereas other apps focus on a some of the advanced skills for bigger kids.

Smartphones aren’t just for launching angry birds at pigs. They’ve become useful tools for parents hoping to boost their children’s education at home. From animal-hosted learning programs to exploratory start charts, kids at any age and learning level can benefit from these interactive apps.

In this exhaustive list of kids learning apps we have tried to compile all category of apps that can help develop your child.

We have tried including a lot of free apps however a few paid apps are also included in this list.

Reading Apps

Kids Reading (Preschool)

This is a useful app for teaching your kid about sound of words. This app is interactive and helps them blend the letters into words.

Read Me Stories: Kid’s Books

This app provides a daily one free ebook for developing interest in reading. The books are with sound and text. This is ideal app for bedtime stories with a new story every day.

Puzzle Based : Cognitive Learning Apps

Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

This is a puzzle based fun learning app for kids. This app has interactive animations, and sounds that keeps kids engaged and have fun while learning.

Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite

This is a picture based puzzle app. This has many different categories of picture based puzzles to keep your kids interested in puzzle solving. The free version contains limited puzzles but you can buy the paid version of more puzzles.

Kids Trucks: Puzzles

This app is a great fun for kids who love trucks. It contains dozens of truck picture based puzzles. This also have different difficulty levels based on age of a kid and level.

Shapes Learning

Kids Shapes (Preschool)

This app can help preschool age kids to learn different shapes and sizes

Math Learning Apps

Kids Numbers & Math

With colorful graphics and a friendly interface, Kids Numbers & Math is the perfect introduction to basic arithmetic principles. Geared toward preschoolers, this app puts numbers in terms of apples, hot air balloons and flowers. As kids count the objects, they also see the numerals on the screen. When kindergarten rolls around, they won’t be baffled by numbers.

English Improvement Apps

ABC Kids Phonics: Animal Train

This free app can be useful for kids to learn alphabet letters and sounds that builds the foundation for reading and correct pronunciation.

Vocabulary Apps

Super Why! – Paid

On PBS, “Super Why” entertains kids while teaching them about spelling, reading and rhyming. The same lovable superhero is now on smartphones, and he’s teaching kids skills with interactive activities. Kids identify the correct word based on a picture, complete the third word in a rhyme and pick missing letters. If you don’t have PBS, can get you access to some of the best educational programming on TV.

Spelling Bee – Paid

Let your student sharpen her study skills with this bee-themed app. Users can start by brushing up their skills in the Study section. When they’re ready to try a spelling bee, the app will read the word to them. With 2,300 words and counting, this app is ideal for elementary school students.

Alphabets Learning Apps

ABC For Kids All Alphabet Free

This is a completely free alphabet learning app for toddlers. They can learn to recognize letters and their sound using this app.

Kids ABC Letters Lite

This is a limited free app that can help your kid recognize letters and understand their sounds. To learn all the alphabets you may need to buy the paid version of this app.

Dr. Seuss’ ABC – Paid

Who better to teach kids how to read than the most influential children’s author of all time? Dr. Seuss’ ABC is the perfect companion for young kids who are still learning the alphabet. Accompanied by classic Seuss characters, kids can tap on words to learn the letters, both capitalized and lowercase.

ABCs 123s Handwriting Fun

Put a new twist on classic handwriting exercises with 123 ABCs Handwriting Fun. Users fill in letter and number outlines with their fingers in any color they choose. Learning how to print isn’t always the most exciting tasks, but this app adds a little technological fun.


Geography Quiz Game 3D

This is a free geography learning quiz based game app with a lot of geography related quiz and rewards. The game startw with New York and moves around the world with every answer you provide for quiz.

Learn Geography – Lite

This app contains 6 different types of simple games to teach kids about countries and cities.

Drawing And Color Learning Apps

PicsArt For Kids

Coloring and drawing can be real fun for kids using this app.

Kid Coloring , Kid Paint

A simple coloring tool that kids can use to paint images using their finger. It has a nice gallery to choose a picture for painting.

Learning colors for toddlers

This simple app helps young children identity colors and match it to relevant objects. When red pops up, the app will also include an animated picture of a firetruck, for example. Parents can edit color cards to make them more relevant to their children.

Kids Doodle – Color & Draw

A really simple app for kids to learn drawing and painting on canvas or photo. Kids can create a movie of the the artwork they have created.

Other Learning Apps

JumpStart Preschool 2 Free

This is a nice free app for preparing your kid for preschool with knowledge of shapes, counting, letters, colors, matching skills.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox – Paid

If only kids had monkeys as teachers, they’d be excited to go to school everyday. Enter Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, a learning app for preschoolers. A lovable animated monkey guides kids through basic counting, spelling and matching games. Kids receive animated stickers when they complete a task.

Star Chart

It’s a planetarium in your pocket. Hold star up to the sky and the screen will identify stars, planets and constellations. Older students interested in science and astronomy will spend hours identifying objects in outer space. Not only is it a helpful learning tool, it’s also one of the best ways to show off your fancy smartphone.

Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos

This is useful free app that can help kids recognize animals & animal sounds.

Kids Memory

This is a board game based app for kids to improve their memorization skills. With few difficulty levels this app makes a interesting game learning for different age of kids.

Please share your opinion about any app in this list and let us know if you think any other app or category of learning needs to be included in this list.

Thanks to Lauren Rose who is a mother of 3 for this great article on children’s apps. Please share your opinion about any app in this list and let us know if you think any other app or category of learning needs to be included in this list. If you want more then great apps for your kids, you can also check out and they can get you access to some of the best educational programming on TV.


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