10 Best English Vocabulary Improving Apps for Android[UPDATED 2021]

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Being proficient in Basic English writing and speaking skills is not enough in the modern world. You have to keep on building your vocabulary with time. A good and extensive English vocabulary range will certainly impress employers and put you ahead of the crowd in a social setting. 
New technology developments now ensure that you can easily improve your English vocabulary without having to enroll in a class. With an Android-powered Smartphone or tablet you can build your vocabulary on a daily basis. Below are the 10 best English vocabulary improving apps for Android.


The best and fastest way to learn English is not to do it alone. This is the idea behind the Android app Busuu. Busuu gives you access to an extensive community of English learners and speakers. Here you can practice and improve upon your vocabulary through visual and audio material. If you get stuck on a word or phrase, there are native English speakers to help you out. If you have a query regarding spelling, pronunciation, correct usage or any other aspect of English, Busuu is the best app solution.

Advanced English & Thesaurus

With over 1.4 million words, English learning and improvement has never been easier. The arrangement of nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives ensures that you have the easiest time possible while using the digital dictionary. You can scroll through the pages with a simple upwards swipe. To make text bigger and easier to see just go to settings and increase the font. There is also a search function to help you find that word you are looking for.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

There is nothing more helpful for an English learner than having a fully comprehensive dictionary at hand all the time. With the Merriam-Webster dictionary app, you have this and much more. The app contains thousands of words defined and their usage explained.

The best thing about this app is that you do not have to be connected to the internet to use it; you can access the extensive database offline. Another feature is the ability to listen to a word’s pronunciation meaning you never have to embarrass yourself again with wrong pronunciations in public. If you are connected to the internet, you can also make use of the “word of the day” tool to learn one new word daily.

uVocab – Vocabulary Trainer

With uVocab – Vocabulary Trainer you can learn new words and then test yourself. You can browse through the words alphabetically and tap on one to see a brief description. As for the tests, they do not have a limited number of questions. You can keep going until you get tired. You can also view your progress and even check the questions that you got wrong and re-study them.


Traditional English learning and improvement methods can be just a tad boring. If you are looking to spice up your lessons try Voxy. With new lessons on a daily basis, flash cards and news stories there is no end to the amount of fun learning available on Voxy. Apart from building your vocabulary, Voxy will help you to pronounce words correctly and improve your general spoken English.

Practice English Grammar

You cannot effectively use English without knowing, understanding and implementing grammar rules. These rules are the ones that govern the writing and speaking of the English language. “Practice English Grammar” has lessons on various English topics and after the lessons, you can quiz yourself. Whether it is verb usage or how to construct sentences, you will find it all here. Before you even start building your vocabulary, first learn the basic grammar rules with this app.

Learn English Vocabulary App

This app uses visual memory techniques to memorize words. The technique can be very effective for people who can relate the pictures to a word. 

Words With Picture App

This is another ad supported free app that contains 90K words with picture support. 

Idioms and Phrases App – (Not vocabulary but worth mention)

Learn english idioms and phrases
I really liked this app, even though it does not exactly relate to vocabulary it does help improve english. This app has a big list of idioms and phrases that may be often hard to learn with significant exposure to literature or social interaction.

Legacy Apps: Not Available Anymore

Some of the old good apps are already dead and not available on app store anymore. Those are listed below.

SAT Vocabulary

SAT Vocabulary provides learners with the opportunity to learn English using simple and clear techniques. You can tap through words and if you know one, just select marked. You can then set the app to show you unmarked words only. This ensures that you only learn new words. An advantage of using the app is that you can concentrate on your learning without getting distracted by any ads.

Miss Spell’s Class

You can learn all the new vocabulary you want and even understand the pronunciation and use in sentences but without knowing the spelling, your learning is not over. Correct spelling ensures that your written English is up to par. Miss Spell’s Class builds and improves your spelling knowledge with a number of tests and quizzes. Quizzes consist of 20 words which you will be told to show whether they are incorrect or correct in their spelling. If you make a mistake, the penalty is 10 seconds. After the quiz, you can review and study your mistakes. Basically, this app helps you to build on speed and spelling. Flashcards

Vocabulary building has never been more fun. This app lets you learn English through the use of flashcards thus ensuring that you do not forget the word or its meaning. Once you have created an account or logged in with Facebook, choose from one of the many flashcards available such as “Don’t be an oxymoron” or “Twelve absolutely ridiculous words”. After selecting a card you will be brought several cards with different words. Swipe to see the next card and tap it to see the meaning of the word. You can also listen to the pronunciation by tapping on the speaker button.

Vocab Word Game

The challenge here is to choose the correct meaning of the word. If you fail, the app briefly shows you the correct answer. As you tackle various challenges, new words are unlocked for you to learn. You can also play with others on the internet to test your English prowess.
The journey to having excellent English writing and speaking skills is not in any way easy or short but once you achieve your goal you will find that it was all worth it. with the above apps, you can make the journey a little bit easier and tons more interesting.

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