10+ Excellent Open Source Web Based File Explorer Applications to Manage and Share Files

With the increase in the use of applications over the internet, a system to conveniently manage the data is inevitable. As a solution, web based file managers can be used to manage the files and folders with ease through a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. Additionally documents can also be shared with other users. Online Edit of the Text/Word/Excel files is also possible. Some web servers are stand-alone while a few require installation of software like IIS/Apache/MySQL/ASP/PHP/. Net.

Below is a lowdown on the top open source web-based file explorers:

  1. eXtplorer
  2. eXtplorer is used for browsing directories or files on the server. The basic functionalities like to edit, move, copy, delete, search, upload and download files are available. Creating and extracting archives, new files and directories can also be done. Additionally, eXtplorer can be used to login and work through FTP. WebDAV access is also possible. This product has a dual-license. The user can opt to use under either Mozilla Public License (MPL 1.1) or GNU. The minimum requirement to run eXptlorer is PHP 4.3 on the server and an update of Javascript on the browser.

    Key Feature: Access Files through FTP

  3. AjaXplorer
  4. AjaXplorer has a quick accessibility like a website. The program is supported by all major web browsers. AjaXplorer can easily adapt to small screen devices. iOS application enables a comfortable usage experience on iPhone and iPad (Android coming). A Web-server with PHP 5.1 or later is sufficient to run AjaXplorer.

    Key Feature: Preview and playing of multimedia files directly online is possible. Direct streaming of video formats from the server is possible. Online documents and images can be edited online when linked with external web services such as Zoho, pixlr.

  5. KFM
  6. A free to use open source file manager, KFM has an option of using it as a plugin for rich text editors such as CKeditor, Tiny MCE or FCKeditor. Apache or IIS web server support is required. Additional requirements are Linux operating system PHP 5.2+, MacOSX, Windows, Database (MySQL 4.1+/5.0+, PostGreSQL, or SQLite)

    Key Features: It has a search engine, text editor with syntax highlighting capability, tagging, MP3 playback and video playback with multi – lingual plugins.

  7. PAFM
  8. PAFM can enable a complete user control on the files. The source code editing can be done with CodePress. Code Press is an editor with as-you-type syntax highlighting.

    Key Features: as-you-type syntax highlighting.

  9. QuiXplorer
  10. The internet and Intranet file managing and sharing can be realized with QuiXplorer. It is also a multi-user file manager. Apart from the usual functionalities, the multiuser mode requires user authentication, administration control over users and individual settings for each user.

    Key feature: Multi-user mode with individual settings for each user

  11. BytesFall Explorer
  12. BytesFall Explorer is released under the license GNU GLU. It is written in PHP and Javascript. Apart from the usual functionalities such as copy, paste, view, download etc., it uses the work of some other projects like LiveTree, GeSHi, Shell Commander, FCKeditor, tar/Gzip/Bzip2/Zip archives to carry out different functions.

    Key feature: BytesFall Explorer has an interface similar to windows explorer, furthermore it has various functions through external projects.

  13. NavPHP
  14. PHP navigator with its unique XP style navigation is written in PHP and AJAX. The main features include multiuser support, Gzip & Deflate webpage, built in HTML and code editor as well as Extract Zip. This web based file manager is free.

    Key Features: File or Folder can be downloaded as Zip, Zip archive can be extracted to current folder, Key board shortcuts

  15. iDC File Manager
  16. The iDC file manager is a multiuser system which can be installed either on Linux or Windows web server. Every format of digital media such as documents, images, audio, video, publishing layout, presentations and PDF files can be saved, shared and managed. The application is driven by MySQL Database.

    Key Feature: Hotlink Function with Social Network Support, Monitor User Activity with Built-In Log Viewer. It’s Available in 8 Languages

  17. FileMan
  18. FileMan has a compatible browser to easily access files and directories. WYSIWYG editor enables creation and editing of html files. ASCII/binary transfer capability enables uploading one or multiple files. Functions such as searching for files based on file names, replacing files and much more can be easily carried out. The powerful archive management system is a feature of FileMan which allows creating, viewing and extracting .Tar files.

    Key Feature: Improved HTML Editor , access to a multitude of options and formatting tools, ‘AJAXified' User Interface

  19. Relay
  20. The Relay is released under GPL. It is AJAX enabled, also features improved UI and performance, which is ideal for large file sets. Files and directories uploaded into file stores from other means can also be easily handled.

    Key Feature: Drag-and-drop files and folders, dynamic loading file structure

  21. WebFile Explorer
  22. WebFile Explorer is built with a friendly user interface and online administration with user permission and quota limits. Server configuration knowledge is not required to manage users/permissions. The standard browser can be turned into a “Windows XP Explorer" like file manager when documents have to be shared among a number of people. Remote file storage or hosting services can also be realized. In order for the program to run properly , the system must be running Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, 2003, 2008 or XP Professional/Server. Additionally, ASP(Active Server Pages 3.0) and web server support of IIS is required

    Key Feature: A built-in Photo Viewer, A built-in WYSIWYG editor for HTML documents. Sends files as e-mail attachments.

  23. phpXplorer
  24. phpXplorer, as the name suggests is written in PHP. This is an open source file management system. The file types, property sheets, views and themes are built on its own by modular design. The permission manager restricts the user access to multiple users in a detailed manner.

    Key Feature: It has got dialogs for editing HTML, PHP, image, Apache, compressed and email files.

  25. DesktopBrowser
  26. This is a web application which uses SharpKit to maintain client-side code in C#. It is a simple open-source project, maintained at Google Code. Local and network drives can be easily browsed. Requirements: NET 4 Framework, IIS Express

    Key Feature: Image view - with a preview of the first photo from each folder, sorting by any column(s), Next/previous sibling folder navigation.

Although there are other web based file explorer applications, the above listed are the best, easy to use as well as reliable.


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