Stellar Repair for MySQL

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Product review: Stellar Repair for MySQL

MySQL is one of the most widely known relational database management systems (RDBMS) for storing software and enterprise-related structured data. Organizations ensure that these business-critical data remain available to the company or the app without interruption. Although MySQL is reliable, computers often fail to work appropriately due to hardware failure or bugs. All of these can cause the database to get corrupt. But you can leverage the Stellar Repair for MySQL & get instant to revive for any sort of MySQL database issue. This is a review article on the “Stellar Repair for MySQL” product.

MySQL Database Problems at Hand

Databases store critical data that spontaneously interact with the company’s software or are used by customers now and then. But often, database tables become the prey of different malfunctions and possibilities like bugs in MySQL, MySQL server reboot due to crashes, hardware failures, database connection failure, etc. All these can lead to database table corruption or malfunction. Again, sometimes, the data in the table becomes inaccessible, or the table values, views, and keys mismatch or create anomalies. That is where Stellar Repair for MySQL can come to the rescue. If you are using MySQL databases in Windows or Linux-based systems, this tool is simple and user-friendly to repair and recover corrupt databases.

A Comprehensive Review of Stellar Repair for MySQL 

Stellar Repair for MySQL is a powerful MySQL repair tool that can easily extract data by repairing the database from corrupt MySQL databases. It is compatible with all prominent versions of MySQL, including v8.x, v5.x, v4.x, and v3.x. It has a strong algorithm that can logically repair every bit of information from the table without any data loss. This tool can even repair and restore heavily damaged databases. Stellar Repair for MySQL will show multiple options for all the corrupt databases from different locations. Again, users can also browse and locate the corrupt database. This app has a 5-star rating for its excellent service.

This tool includes several valuable features, such as the capability to mend tables, functions, indexes, stored procedures, triggers, and views. It can also fix MyISAM or InnoDB databases or storage engines and recover lost data. The tool also enables users to save the recovered data in a new or an existing database. Once you repair the MySQL database, Stellar Repair for MySQL will enable a preview of the database in the form of a tree structure. This feature allows users to view the components of the selected database & save the desired segments. It is also a perfect fit for MariaDB files repair.

Key Features of Stellar Repair for MySQL

Here is a list of features that Stellar Repair for MySQL caters to the organization.

  • It can repair databases installed in Windows and Linux systems.
  • It supports various file types such as SQL script, HTML, CSV, and XLS format for repairing & saving the data.
  • It comes with a new and enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • It can repair primary key(s), other database keys, relations, and table data.
  • It can also repair MyISAM and InnoDB database file types.
  • It also supports MariaDB up to 10.4.
  • It is compatible with all prominent versions of MySQL, including v8.x, v5.x, v4.x, and v3.x.
  • The software has multiple options for saving the restored database, including SQL dump files.
  • Because of its user-friendly interface, it becomes simple and fast for anyone (even the novice) to repair the corrupt database.
  • The software comes with a powerful yet efficient scanning engine that can rapidly scan & fix large databases.
  • It has the option to show the preview of the properties of tables.
  • Before purchasing the full version, it offers a trial version (free), allowing you to inspect and preview the fixed database entities.

Steps on How Stellar Repair for MySQL Works

To see how Stellar Repair for MySQL works, you must download and install it first. Here are the following steps to fix and restore your corrupt database using Stellar Repair for MySQL software.

First, download and install Stellar Repair for MySQL from https://www.stellarinfo.com/mysql-repair.php . It will take a few seconds to install the software.

Product review: Stellar Repair for MySQL

The primary screen of the software comes with a Select Data Folder popped up, from where you can choose the database.

Product review: Stellar Repair for MySQL

From that pop-up window, click the Browse button and navigate to the folder where you have your corrupt database stored.

Product review: Stellar Repair for MySQL

After selecting the corrupt database file from the specific folder, click the OK button. You will see the absolute path appearing on that Data Folder window.

Product review: Stellar Repair for MySQL

Then, you will see a list of data sources with a checkbox in front of you. Tick those checkboxes against the database file names you want to fix and click the Repair button.

Product review: Stellar Repair for MySQL

It will take some time to repair. Once the database repair gets completed, you will see a “Repair Complete” box popping up.

Product review: Stellar Repair for MySQL

The software will reveal a quick glimpse of the fixed database source files and their associated table information in a tree-like hierarchy on the left windowpane of this software window.

Click those table names from the left pane to see a glimpse of the repaired data.

Product review: Stellar Repair for MySQL

After verifying the information, you can click the Save button and save the repaired data file.

Product review: Stellar Repair for MySQL

While saving the repaired database, it will give you five different file format options (MySQL, SQL Script, HTML, CSV, XLS) to save your data file. You can save the fixed database in your desired format.

Product review: Stellar Repair for MySQL


This app has some state-of-the-art qualities that you will not find in any other database repairing tool. Whether a large company or a startup, every organization prefers to repair corrupt or damaged databases using this software. If you are looking for a database repairing tool, try the free trial of Stellar Repair for MySQL from here before purchasing the full version.

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