Drupal’s Commercial Potential: Why This CMS Is Worth Your Attention

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Ready-made Open-Source platforms save budget for those who use them to manage their business. Drupal can manage both content and sales at the same time. There are at least 10 reasons why, based on this CMS, you can develop not only a landing page or a full-fledged website but also an excellent online store.

Key Reasons to Use Drupal for Your Online Project

Drupal is considered to be a platform in which it is enough to check the necessary checkboxes and get the first sales. However, to create a beautiful, modern, competitive, leak-proof, and constantly updated online store is difficult without professional support, which you can get thanks to professional Drupal services from a team of developers.

What advantages may this CMS offer to its users? First of all, it offers:


1) Taxonomy

The Taxonomy module organizes the work of filtering and sorting products in the product catalog. Without this, an online store is not possible. For a while, the Taxonomy module had to be downloaded and installed separately, but due to its great demand, it was included in the Drupal core. Structuring information will not only help users quickly navigate the created site but also have a positive effect on promotion. Search engines are more willing to index and show sites with high-quality structured content.

2) Hundreds of Modules and Themes

After installation, you can choose a suitable template. There are several thousand templates, so you will definitely find the best option for yourself with a modern design and responsive layout. When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the structure of the layout: how many blocks are on the page, whether they are properly located, and whether they can be swapped without editing the code.

3) Prices

CMS Drupal is a completely free software solution for managing site data. You don’t need to pay for modules and templates either, as well as assemblies for a store, corporate website, or blog. The cost of your Drupal site includes only two expenditures: domain name registration and hosting rent. The price depends on many factors: domain zone, site size, etc.

4) Payment Module for CMS Drupal

The Drupal Commerce module allows you to create a multifunctional online store based on this CMS, so it is often used to organize e-commerce. The module must be additionally downloaded and installed from the official Drupal website. The out-of-the-box solution already provides a wide range of functionality, sufficient to create an online store and fully implement trading activities. Individual needs can be covered with extensions.

5) Multilingualism

Drupal sites’ customers purchase and sell goods all over the world, so any eCommerce/eCommerce project should be able to interact with a client in any language. Drupal offers about a hundred languages, including those that read text from right to left.

What Drupal features are in demand for your project? Share your answers with us.

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