How to Improve Communication in Your Software Development Team?

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How to Improve Communication in Your Software Development Team?

Why Consider Building Your Communication Skills?

Now, we all know that to be a successful developer you must be effective and knowledgeable on the technology you choose to specialize in. This includes being flexible to learn newer and newer solutions to common problems – or further create innovative methods, based on your expertise. So it is understandable that as a developer you need to have tech advancement as your main priority.

But along with being a good developer you also need to be a well-rounded employee. This means that aside from being great at carrying out your software engineering responsibilities, you cannot afford to overlook other fundamental employee qualities. Such as being good at working in a team, being proactive, responsible, and flexible, be able to communicate on multiple levels, gain a mentor, and managerial skills.

All that being set there is a sill that is at the base of so many others. Interpersonal communication.

Communication and Software Developer

To develop and market a custom software development project is a massive undertaking that requires the work of a well-oiled machine. The project is divided between developers, quality analysts, and testers, business executives, marketing strategists. Not to mention administration and bringing in on-demand consultants.

As you can imagine, to be able to do your own job you need to understand the role others play in the production process as well as cooperate with them as needed. Even if you as a developer do prefer to work alone. Even if you perform better working alone. You need to be able to be proactive and adequate in your efforts to work as a team player. 

If you are wondering what the setbacks of neglecting this skill are:

  • Losing a job because you cannot communicate timely and effectively with teammates
  • Being considered unfit for a higher-ranked or managerial position that requires you to communicate with subordinates and partners.
  • Having to rework parts of your work due to miscommunication and misinterpreted information.

Being able to carry out successful business communication is considered one of the 10 most important skills to look for in the hiring process.

Internal Communication

In the context of an organization, you must be able to work with teammates, managers, supervisors partners, and extended colleagues, you collaborate with on-demand.

For software developers who are reliant on how quickly they solve a problem, efficiency is of the essence. So being able to discuss an issue and talk out possible resolution approaches is a must.

Asking questions is a good thing. Chances are that your mentor prefers that you take an hour off your colleague’s time to pick their brain on and come up with an approach you haven’t thought of. Especially if the alternative is that you are blocked and it would take you ten, twelve hours to think of something, that will then need to be optimized and further developed.

You need to maintain a professional collaborative attitude. And of course, be coherent with common office etiquette, along with the requirements and cultural values of your company. Participating in company activities allows you to get to know your colleagues better, to know who to turn to on different occasions.

All that being said, more often than not there are many benefits to joining mentorship programs, volunteering for clubs that advance your skills, and seeking out other ways to both showcase your knowledge and gain more along the way.

Additionally, you gain an overall better understanding of what the company is looking to build, in terms of business and internal infrastructure. This information can direct you to what skills are on demand for higher positions, how you can target your focus to become a better developer altogether.

How can you be more 

External Communication

The stereotype of the antisocial developer is something that non-developers seem to think is true. And while from experience I am well aware that this is simply not true, to a degree it is perfectly valid to assume that. Many developers are not good at toning down tech lingo when speaking to a non-developer. Leading a well-flowing conversation is more than difficult when the person in front of you does not understand half of what you say.

Working in an environment of programmers that work consistently to advance their technical skills may have more of an issue in a social setting where it is required to match the knowledge level. This is particularly important in the context of working with clients as a hired developer. If you are in an outsourcing company you will have to meet the expectations of the client. Misunderstandings can be damning to the product, causing extensive delays to fix misinterpreted work and also resolve further issues in the process.

Striving to Be a Well-Rounded Professional

The goal is not to be distracted by building up soft skills on the side of your development experience. It is rather intended to assist the process along all together. Dedicating just a little bit of time here and there to cultivating good communication practices will eventually bring you much bigger benefits.

What do you think is a good way to become better with professional communication? 

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