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9 Accessories You Can Find For Your VR Headset

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9 Accessories You Can Find For Your VR Headset

For some people, having a VR headset is enough to enjoy a wonderful VR experience. However, if you want to level up your VR game and improve your overall experience, getting various accessories may do the job for you.

At present, there are many accessories available in the market that can complete your VR experience. With the following accessories, virtual reality can be as immersive as you like it to be.

VR Headset Cover

One of the common complaints about VR headsets is their lack of comfort. Spending several minutes with a device strapped to your head can make your face feel sore. Fortunately, there are VR covers you can purchase in the market. These sleeves come with foam padding for any VR headset.

Aside from headset covers, you may want to add an extra protective layer to your VR headset by considering skins like Oculus Quest 2 skins. These are designed for VR headsets to make them more appealing.

VR Headset Stand

9 Accessories You Can Find For Your VR Headset

If you want to keep everything tidy, neat, and in the right place, another accessory you should get is a VR headset stand. It’s an excellent choice for VR headset owners who want to be organized.

Moreover, most stands come with a detachable design, which can be re-assembled quickly and easily stored away at any time.

VR Game Controllers

VR controllers translate your physical actions into game performance. Like traditional video games, many virtual reality games use several kinds of hand-based controllers such as gamepad and joystick for firing, pointing, and sending commands.

Some advanced games also utilize a motion controller or detector to sense your real-life activities like throwing and walking, which you can then recreate within the game.

VR Gaming Gloves

A VR gaming glove with sensors is an excellent accessory to have for your VR headset as it provides you a more detailed experience in the newest VR games. While VR motion detectors may sense whole-body, broad movements, VR gloves detect every minute of finger and hand movements, enabling developers to make a new generation of VR games that ask players to pick up some small items, carry, grasp objects, and more.

Haptic Suits

Haptic suits, which are also known as haptic vests, are mainly used for gaming and VR experiences. Like other accessories, these suits are wearable that provides haptic feedback to the body.

Haptic feedback is the use of vibrations to convey another information layer to the user. In VR, haptic feedback is used in the controllers to simulate things like kicks. Once you use accessories like haptic suits, the amount of immersion that VR headsets provide can boost drastically.

Generally, full haptic suits can send haptic feedback from head to toe, which increases the realism of the games, making action games more intense and horror games much scarier. In fact, using haptic suits is the closest you can get to a real, deep-dive VR experience.

VR Treadmills

For most VR developers, handling movements is tough. More often than not, most gamers would move using a keyboard and a mouse, joystick, or a gamepad. While such work is fine as they are, they don’t usually provide gamers full immersion into a VR game. Luckily, with the availability of VR treadmills, you don’t have to worry about it.

If you have a big space, a VR treadmill is nice as it enables you to walk smoothly in any direction. It also allows you to run around while you’re playing VR apps and games that support it. Overall, a VR treadmill adds a new immersion layer to your VR experience. However, it can be expensive and huge.

Disposable VR Face Covers

With the outbreak of the COVID-19, hygiene is crucial, especially if you’re not the only one who’s using your VR headset. So, if you share your VR headset with somebody, it’s a great idea to protect yourself and your friends or family from picking up the germs from the sweat secreted. The most sensible and cheapest way to do so is by using quality disposable face covers.

A disposable VR face cover is a hygienic cover, which is suitable for any VR user and VR headset. However, it’s also important to note that not all disposable face covers for VR are the same since some are specifically designed for certain models. If you don’t want to waste your time and money buying the wrong one, make sure to shop around.

Silicone Protective Covers

If you love your VR headsets, you might want to take care of them by using a protective silicone cover. Even if you think your VR headset is robust and durable, once you drop it several times, it may result in wear and tear or damages you might not afford to repair. To avoid this, make sure to look for the best silicone protective covers now and keep your VR headset damage-free.

Oculus Sensor

Installing Oculus Sensor in your VR setup can let you have a dedicated VR room where you can walk around, while the sensors pick up each of your movements. It’s recommended that you set up at least two of these sensors near your room’s front area and another one at the back to track everything, regardless of where you turn. Also, you might want to consider a fourth sensor so you can set up one for each corner for better and more accurate tracking.

Oculus Sensors come with an extension cable that can be plugged into a USB port of your computer, so you can connect them easily without the need for you to install any dedicated hardware. It’s a fast process so you’ll surely enjoy a room-scale VR setup in a few minutes.

Having one Oculus Sensor is an essential accessory for your VR headset. But if you want a more immersive virtual reality experience, it’s best to go for a three or more sensors setup.


The accessories for VR headsets are a great way to make the most of your VR experience. Whether you’re a VR gaming addict or you love watching VR content, the above accessories can take things to a whole new level. Just make sure to go with quality over the price to get the best value for your investment.

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