10 Tips to Save on Ink When Printing

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10 Tips to Save on Ink When Printing

Sometimes, even the simple task of printing can prove to be pretty expensive due to the cost of inks. However, if you can save it in some way, it will be easier for you to address this overwhelming issue of expensive outlays.

But how can you restrict the overall expenditure of ink if you usually indulge in high-volume printing? Well, don’t worry, as the below-mentioned tips are going to help you out in this aspect. So, without making any further ado, let’s delve right into it.

1. Buy a Printer with Automatic Duplexer

The automatic duplexer is a type of tool, which helps a printer in printing both sides of a paper. Hence, in a way, it makes the job a lot more economical by reducing the expenditure by almost 60%.

Almost all the reliable manufacturers and vendors of printers these days provide the printer with this feature. These types of products also come with a unique feature known as simplex printing mode. You can print out single pages by enabling it.

2. Opt for Doublepacks or Multipacks Cartridges

Many printer ink retailers, such as Yoyoink, nowadays, offer toners and ink cartridges in double packs and multipacks. Hence, if you do purchase them instead of choosing singular products, then you can save around 10%-30% on your budget.

Simultaneously, you will also be able to set a decent amount of ink supply, which would last for quite a few months. 

3. Choose an Online Marketplace

The notion of buying everything online has become quite prominent these days – and for the right reason as well!

Compared to the physical stores, the online marketplaces usually provide the inks and toners at a discounted price (around 10%-30%).

Moreover, you can get various other printer-related accessories here as well, which you probably will not find in your local stores.

4. Use Draft Mode

Most of the printers generally feature different modes for offering more flexibility while printing to the user. Among them, one of the most popular features is the Draft Mode.

After you set this particular program on your printer, it would react by reducing the overall print resolution to some extent. It, in turn, will lower the amount of ink usage as well.

5. Employ Ink-friendly Fonts

The fonts, which usually use thicker lines and curls, tend to require more ink than usual. So, if you are using the options like Trebuchet, Arial, or Tahoma, then the scarcity of ink would be considerably prominent in your case.

The following are some of the fonts that can help you in saving the printer’s ink:

  • Century Gothic (requires around 30% less than Arial)
  • Calibri
  • Ecofont
  • Garamond

Besides these, you may also try to lessen the overall size of the fonts to reduce ink usage.

6. Get Compatible Cartridges

Compatibility plays a pretty crucial role in the world of printing. Hence, it will be better for you to go for those cartridges or toners, which suits your printer aptly.

For example, if you are using a printer from Brother, then choosing a Brother printer ink toner drum does make a proper sense.

7. Avoid Color Printing

Whether you believe it or not, but color printing does require a substantial amount of ink. Thus, if you are on a mission of saving your ink cartridge, then opting for monochrome (black and white) printing sounds like a reliable option.

8. Switch Off Your Printer Appropriately

If you do disconnect the printer abruptly, then it will get reinstalled after you switch it on again. This, in turn, might prompt it to soak a small amount of ink and get rinsed with it.

It may seem to be somewhat inconsequential at first. Nevertheless, if you keep making the same mistakes over and over again, then it can cost you a decent amount of inks.

So, you’ll, first, have to switch off your printer and keep it that way for five minutes before disconnecting the power plug.

9. Keep a Close Eye on the Paper Type

In most cases, the cheaper papers tend to absorb a considerable quantity of ink while printing. Therefore, in this case, you can use those papers, which have a thickness of at least 80g/square meter.

10. Don’t Worry About Low-Cartridge Notifications

Sometimes, when your printer is running on a low amount of ink, it will give you a warning about it. Hence, if you do get this notification, then try to remove the cartridge instantly, as it still has a little bit of ink left in it.

Unless you observe a noticeable change in the overall printing quality, it would be better for you to leave the cartridge be.

So, these are a few tips that can aid you in saving the ink of your printer pretty profoundly. Nonetheless, if you are still noticing the ink-related issues even after following these pointers, then changing your printer might be beneficial for you.

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