Link Building vs. Paid Link Building: What to Choose

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Link Building vs. Paid Link Building: What to Choose
Link building is one of the key strategies for external optimization of the promoted website. Incoming links directly affect the promotion of the resource in the search engine output. The successful ratio of internal and external optimization is 30% to 70% of the result.

What is Link Building

Link building is the process of “mining” links from other resources on the Internet to the promoted site. Search bots scan links on the Internet and, based on this data, sites are ranked in the search output. Users navigate through the links on the pages of the sites, going not only to the internal pages but also to external resources.

Links can do a lot, among the major benefits are:

  • Impact promotion;
  • Working to attract potential customers;
  • Improving recognizability.

Link building can be organic and paid.

Features of Organic Link Building

Organic link building is an independent placement of links to open resources without moderation. Its complexity lies in the fact that the links have to be set manually (you can place them automatically too, but then they will be spam). It is very time-consuming, although, saves the budget.

Also, organic link building can include links that are put by other organizations and individual users without agreement with you. But to control it, you must first strongly promote the brand and make it recognizable in the eyes of the user.

Thus, it makes sense to refer to organic link building at the initial stages, but then begin to buy relevant backlinks.

Features of Paid Link Building

Paid link building is done through the purchase of links on the links exchangers, in articles on sites (it is necessary to negotiate with the administration of the site about the price), the purchase of press releases, the purchase of “space” on the site under the link on the donor’s site (banners with a link inside, pictures with a link, location on the pages of the site in the footer or pages “our partners”).

Link building is included in the list of marketing tools to promote the product on the Internet. The budget for link building is the salaries of specialists and money that are spent on work.

Link building services can be ordered from:

  • A professional SEO-agency. The client only requests the result and pays for the services.
  • In-house SEO. A product or outsourcing company has its own staff of SEO-specialists, which fully cover the need for Internet promotion of the company.
  • In-house marketer, copywriter. Link billing function is transferred on the shoulders of marketers and copywriters in the company, thus saving the budget for hiring separate personnel for link billing.
  • Freelancers. Cooperation with freelancers is convenient for those who have a temporary project or a startup, where link building is required, and there is no large budget for the office and staff.

If you are launching a long-lasting project, with the goal to become a recognizable brand, it is best to buy text links from an SEO-agency. It is better to consult the professionals because there are link building techniques that can lead to sanctions from Google. Sanctions are imposed when links to the site are unnatural. It is tracked by filters – part of the Google search algorithm. Only experts can promote the site competently so that the search engine would not find link building suspicious.

The very fact that you buy backlinks for SEO does not mean anything to Google. The system makes sure that the links are natural. It means that the text of the anchor (as well as the link itself) corresponds to the subject of the resource on which it is placed, has an accompanying text, which is organic content on the donor’s page, and also carries really useful and valuable information for site users.

Here are the signs of spam links:

  • irrelevance of the link and anchor content on the donor page;
  • too many references in one text;
  • the text – either absent at all or does not carry any semantic load and value to site users.

How to Buy Backlinks for My Website

If you have access to a good donor or opinion leader in the desired niche that will place your link in the “live” section, you can and should buy permanent backlinks to several pages of your site.

Pages to Which You Should Link:

  • Main. First of all, a variety of brand requests and links;
  • Sections – these may be the online store catalog, forum, catalog categories, individual pages of services – especially the most important of them;
  • Cards of the most top margin goods or the end pages of services;
  • Articles that have already worked well and have excellent potential as “eternal content”, which can be updated periodically;
  • Own online services;
  • Top pages. For example, those that occupy about 20-30 positions on key requests;
  • You can stimulate an increase if your page matches the type of pages already in the TOP 5-10.

Search Tactics Where to Buy Cheap Quality Backlinks and Useful Tips:

  • Analysis of competitors. Take a look at which resources link to sites in your niche. It should be done comprehensively: study how well they promote them, write materials that will be better than the competitors.
  • Search by images. Find which sites already use the visual from your resource and write to them about backlinks.
  • Conduct an interview. Influencers who participate in it will spread information about new content and bring people to you.
  • Try to get to the thematic selection.
  • Return the deleted links. Look which of the old backlinks are no longer working and write to webmasters about fixing them.

Comparative Table

Organic Link Building Paid-Link Building
Pros Cons Pros Cons

Free of charge

Can develop independently of you, if the brand is already well known

It takes a lot of time

It is necessary to study information about SEO by yourself or to allocate a budget for an SEO specialist

Many freeways involve a high risk of spam

Professionals are involved in this process

If you choose the right SEO agency, there is no risk of being sanctioned by Google

The quick and qualitative result

Require budget

As you can see, although it’s impossible to say for sure that it’s better to buy bulk backlinks, the advantage goes in the direction of paid link building.

Also, whichever way you choose to engage in link building, it is important that what you promote is also useful and competitive. It means that you need to make good content. What is considered good content:

  • Detailed guides and manuals are written by experts;
  • Professionally designed infographics;
  • Useful tools for your audience;
  • Professionally made videos.

Once the content is made, you need to find where to promote it. For organic link building, it’s a search for sites that will agree to cooperate with you for barter. For paid – webmasters and influencers (if you do it yourself) or SEO-agencies.

And finally, one more piece of advice: buy real backlinks. Always check this point carefully. It’s better to buy a few good ones than many bad ones. Don`t look only at a price. It is okay if you want to buy backlinks cheap, but the quality still matters.

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