Neatspy Review: The Best Spy App for Android

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We might start suspecting a partner or lover of unfaithful behavior at any time during our relationships. They might start spending a little too much time on their phones or start spending too much time away from home. We might even need to monitor our children for their own safety in this harsh world.

There was a time where we would be close to helpless in such situations but not anymore. With advancements in technology and the internet new and better ideas are at hand. We have a solution in the form of Spy apps for Android and even iPhone devices.

There are many great apps in the world for such purposes but we choose Neatspy. Neatspy is the best spy app for Android because of many different reasons. We hope to describe those reasons to you and also guide you on how to utilize the services of Neatspy..

What is Neatspy?

Neatspy is one of the world’s oldest and most famous spy services. It has received very favorable reviews from the likes of PC World and iGeeksBlog. It is available in most countries in the world and has a strong reputation worldwide.

Neatspy is a spyware app that is completely legal and it will work without the need to alter or tamper with a target device. So, the app works without the hassle of root or jailbreak. It works on both Android and iPhones.


Neatspy Review: The Best Spy App for Android

Neatspy is the perfect Spy app due to many reasons. It has a large number of spying features a user can use to monitor or track someone. You can track someone’s location; you can view their messages on social media and texts. Neatspy contains all the most coveted spying features out there today.

Some of The Best Spying Features of Neatspy Are

  • Monitor Social Media
  • View call history and caller frequency
  • See Text messages
  • Apply keylogger
  • Access to browser history
  • Stealth mode
  • And more

Neatspy will need online connectivity of the device to ensure that the results of spying are provided. Without online connectivity, you won’t revive updates.

One of the biggest plus points of Neatspy is its discreet nature. The Stealth mode feature allows users to spy on someone without the fear of getting caught. The app hides all of its activities. The app also does not drain or strain the batter of the target device. All of this makes Neatspy the best spy app for Android devices.

How to Set up Neatspy

Before we can jump right into the various kinds of spying by Neatspy, we will need to configure it. The process is very easy and will not be time-consuming. Not more than 5 minutes will be needed for the process to be completed.

Step 1

The first step revolves around registration. Visit Neatspy’s website on any device and register an account. Fill out any forms given. After the forms are dealt with, you will need to pay the amount according to the kind of package you want to have.


Neatspy Review: The Best Spy App for Android

Step 2

Since the app works on both Androids and even iPhone devices, we listed the Step for both

  • For Android Devices: After the creation of your account, you will need to download a small file onto your target Android device. Don’t worry as this file is very small at only 2 MB, it is also not noticeable or detectable. No service can realistically do this step completely remotely


Neatspy Review: The Best Spy App for Android

  • For Apple iOS Devices: The process for Apple devices is far easier. All you need to have is the cloud storage credentials, which you will use to connect your Neatspy account to the cloud account. The website itself will guide in this regard. This is done remotely. Successfully completing the three steps above will mean that the process is done with. You can begin your work after a few minutes in which Neatspy sets itself up. It won’t take more than 10 minutes to do so in most cases.


Neatspy Review: The Best Spy App for Android


Step 3

Now you can view all activity of a person by simply logging into your Neatspy account. You can log in to your Neatspy account from any browser on any device. You will receive real-time updates regardless of where the phone you track travels to. All the spy power is exercised remotely by Neatspy.

The app is just as easy to remove from a device once its job has been completed. You can remove it anytime you want by simply deleting the downloaded file from the target phone in the case of Android devices. In the case of Apple devices, this step is done remotely from your Neatspy account.

Now you will have access to all the information necessary for you to find out any dirty secrets of a person. No one will be able to get away with doing you wrong. The power to catch a cheater red-handed or rid yourself of the illusion of a faithful partner is at your disposal.

Neatspy Review: The Best Spy App for Android

Neatspy is a fantastic app, probably one of the best spy apps if not the very best. An app with an extremely large number of features combined with easy use and a simple installation process. Add reliability of results and the App does wonders for anyone.


Neatspy is easily one of the best spy apps for Android in the world today. It is easy to see why, as this app promises to deliver great results. A large number of features plus its secretive nature makes for it is a very powerful weapon in the hands of even the most non-technical user.

We hope through our review of Neatspy you will be able to counter any issues of a personal nature your life throws at you. You will be able to know all the secrets someone keeps form you and you will know all that they know.

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