Robots in Entertainment Industry

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Robots in Entertainment Industry

Robots have been already applied in most fields. However, they continue to develop and enter new industries. One of the industries that require a different level of robotics development in the entertainment industry.

Now, robots are applied there increasingly. They are used to entertain people and take care of them in entertainment parks, they make wonderful companions at home, and they even participate in movies, like real actors. All these things would be impossible if not the application of linear actuators.

One of the leading manufacturers of electric linear actuators is . Their actuators are exceptionally accurate, safe, functional. They are used to provide the robots with the functionality that amazes us so much.

Robots in Film Industry

Robots are widely applied in the film industry. They are used for both filming the movies as well as playing. Robots can perform repetitive movements such as shooting movie scenes as many times as needed without getting tired or frustrated. They can manipulate high-precision cameras perfectly due to the ability to rotate their wrists to 360 degrees.

Robots can adjust the cameras to make their angle either fixed or moving. A robot can make it more accurately and faster than a human.

The same applies when they are playing. They can repeat a scene as many times as requested.
Entertainment Parks Are Widely Adopting Robots

Collaborative robots are widely applied in entertainment parks. We shall admit though that not every park can afford using this technology. But the most popular ones do and do not regret it.

Disney World was the first to use robots to entertain visitors. For now, robots still cannot do a lot, but they make the park more interesting. With time though, it is expected that robots can take over some administrative functions and socialize with visitors more efficiently.

Robots Can Accompany You in Amusement Rides

Do you love amusement rides? If yes, you should try this experience with a robot. It is an exciting new experience! Yep, there are robots that can do it. In addition, robots contribute to the safety level. With them, no compromises are possible.

Robots in Entertainment Industry

Concerts and Performances

All types of concerts and performances have always been one of the main entertainment kinds for people. Now, the situation has not changed a lot regarding the popularity. However, some details have advanced significantly.

Robots now are active participants in major events. Do you still believe that robots are used only to adjust sound and lights? How mistaken you are! Now, there are robotic artists that participate in performances. They can dance, sing, play, and they are even trained for every new performance! For sure, you also have heard of Deadmau5`s Cube and Daft Punk’s Pyramid, the most popular singer-robots.

Promotion Events

Robots are frequently used during trade shows, conferences, events devoted to the launching of new products. Robots show new car models, actin displays, participate in ceremonies, and similar. Nobody would be surprised not to see robots in TV commercials. They not only perform their jobs tirelessly, but they leave a long-lasting impression. After such presenters, the audience will remember the product for a lifetime.

Robotic Companions

Even though robotic companions are not so closely related to the entertainment industry like robotic singers, we deal with robotic companions more and are more attached to them. Hence, they deserve our attention.

We do not speak here about fully functional humanoid robots. They do exist but they are still too expensive for an average household. However, voice assistants have become a part of many households. They will talk to you, play your favorite music, even find movies that you want to watch, and do online shopping for you.

Robots in Entertainment Industry


Robotic toys have already become new reliable friends to many kids and adults. They are affordable, smart, and can be ordered from almost any e-commerce platform. You can select a nice toy designed as an animal or a bird or you might give the preference to a humanoid robot, even in a small size. The first option will cost you less, while a small humanoid robot is still not affordable to most people.

Robotic toys can make sounds, walk. They recognize you with the help of a camera, and inbuilt sensors allow them to avoid obstacles. The most advanced robots can be programmed to talk to you, to get up after falling, and to perform many more actions that make them so much like people.
Final Thoughts

The entertainment industry can be considered one of the most demanding. People choose what they like, and there is nothing that can force them to go to a concert or to watch a movie. Robots applied in the entertainment industry are an indication of the level to which robotics has grown.

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