Instagram Platform Helps Marketers To Be Personal In Business Promotion

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Instagram Platform Helps Marketers To Be Personal In Business Promotion

New research shows that uses of Instagram in social media can help the marketers by a great deal to promote their business and product much more easily and successfully. In fact, research shows that Instagram is perhaps the most effective medium for business marketers due to the fact that it delivers high-quality visual content.

Therefore, when hen you integrate Instagram in your social media marketing strategy you will be able to bring in your individuality and personality along with it.

  • This will raise the level of interest among your Instagram followers and it will encourage them to check in your account more regularly as compared to any other social media network users.

  • It will also promote the engagement level of your followers with your brand. Something they love.

All you have to do is ensure that the content is right, posted at the right time and most importantly your brand fits right into it.

Share Your Products

Instagram, above everything else, is the most effective visual medium where you can share your product images and even short videos. If you are into a business of selling physical products then this is perhaps the most useful and popular platform to show off current as well as the upcoming products.

  • The popularity of this platform is beyond compare having more than 800 million active users every month of which more than 300 million are of different businesses.
  • The most unique thing about this useful platform is the video feature that will enable you to share snippets of your current and upcoming products. You can share info regarding its usage or even the process of manufacture and the people behind the scenes.

Another important thing is that there seems to be no limit in being creative on Instagram platform. One thing that you should make sure of is to think outside the box and do not restrict your content to the same old and boring pictures. In order to be creative in your work and marketing, you can show pictures of:

  • Your office
  • Your employees
  • Any special events and even
  • The production process.

However, once again it is worth mentioning here that everything you post should be relevant and fit with your brand image perfectly. Make sure that you give your fans something that they will find interesting to look at and intrigue them to know more about it by visiting your official website. This will increase your organic traffic as well as your chances to make a sale.

Keep it Personal

The best way to ensure a high level of interest, engagement and conversion is to keep things extremely personal. Take cues from the expert marketers and visit different websites such as for cues.

  • Get an idea about how they have used pictures of the people behind the business to make the Instagram account personal and interesting.

  • Another useful way to keep things personal and highly interesting is to repost pictures from your fans about their excitement online.

This can be the selfies they share while using your products or any other that will reflect their involvement with the product and the brand.

Now, you may find that Instagram does not offer such a feature through which you can repost pictures of others as you can on other social media platforms such as Twitter or Tumblr. However, you can use third-party tools for that matter such as PhotoRepost.

Remember, sharing your own as well as the user-generated content on your Instagram feed will show the involvement in your fan base as well as how much you care for and value them as your consumers. This will amp up enthusiasm resulting in the link in resources.

Create a Personal Space

There are lots of ways in which you can be personal when you want to integrate Instagram with your social media marketing strategy. One such useful way to create a personal space is by using tags in addition to showcasing pictures from your fans.

  • There are lots of unique hashtags that you will find in different websites that can use on Instagram to create a more personal space for all of your fans as well as for your own.
  • If you want to be more creative and personal then just like some companies do you can also create hashtags for contests. This will allow your fans to get more involved and take more interest in tagging photos.

Make sure that you add unique and proper captions in your and others photos so that you do not leave them just like that to speak for themselves. This will enable you to say exactly what you want to convey the message of your brand as well as your product more easily and effectively to your fans and target audience.

In addition to that, be informed that Instagram has a commenting system built into every photo. Make sure that you get involved in this comment section of your photos so that you can get engage with your fans more freely and effectively and be more personal.

Share Your Photos

Last but not least, you should make it a point that you share all your photos with different other social media networks as well. This will expand your reach and you will find it much more useful to increase your user database easily. This will, in turn, raise the chances of conversion of the organic traffic to your site thereby raising the possibilities of making a sale.

It is all about how personal you can get with these users, new or existing. However, you do not have to use Instagram exclusively as it has its own social network. All you have to focus on is to maintain an active and consistent presence on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or any other social networks.

Lastly, consider using Instagram as your central hub for sharing photos. This will provide you with an option to share all your photos in different social networks. Hopefully, there is nothing more you want to use Instagram in your social media marketing campaigns.

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