Fotophire : Photo Editing Software For Creative People

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Fotophire : Photo Editing Software For Creative People

Also known as image editing, photo editing is a process that encompasses altering or retouching images of any kind, whether they are traditional photo-chemical illustrations or digital photographs.

Traditionally known as photo retouching, the technique uses various tools such as the airbrush to modify photographs or editing illustration by using various traditional art mediums. However, with the increasing popularity of digital photos, there are many companies in the market that have launched different types of graphics software programs for photo editing such as normal photo editors,  
3D modelers, graphics editors and vector graphics editor for manipulation, enhancement, and transformation of the images. In this context, one of the best software programs available in the market is Wondershare Fotophire
Some features that make this image enhancement software stand out among competitors are as follows

Photo Editor

While playing with photos, one of the chief functions of any software program remains photo editing. When you want to use this function in this software, the task becomes very easy as this feature enables you to fix poor lighting of a photo, or enhance the quality by adding something extra.

By using the feature in Fotophire, with few clicks, you can adjust the saturation, crop bad parts and add creative effects such as vignettes, frames, and filters.

In addition, the software offers you more than 200 photo effects such as overlay and filters, Further, you can easily get access to 20+ blend effects and a user-friendly interface

Photo Cutter

Cutting photos or the enhanced version of image cropping remains one of the major functions of any photo editing program and this program is not an exception.

Whether you want a different background in the photo or just a transparent background, this remains the best photo cutter you can get on the market.

For this purpose, the software offers various features such as customized brush sizes, background templates, and edge blur feature. For novices, the software offers built-in tutorials that teach them the process of cutting photos and making them elegant.

Photo Eraser

If any object is spoiling your photo and you want to remove it without spoiling the photo in the process, or you want to clone any part of the photo, all you need to do is to use Wondershare Fotophire image enhancement.

This is due to the fact that the software’s algorithms analyze the environment and fill the area with matched textures to retain the beauty of the photo. With this photo eraser tool, not only you can remove date stamp or watermark, you can also erase people as well as unwanted objects in a jiffy.

All you need to do is to take four prescribed steps of image enhancement to get the expected outcome.

Photo Maximiser Tool

If you want to enlarge photo for your home or any other premise, with this software, you can enlarge it to 1000% while maintaining resolution and sharpness.

The software easily offers these facilities as it has 7 preset resizing methods. With photo maximizer feature, you can create low light photos, enlarge your photo for printing or create high-resolution close-ups.

This feature also offers various facilities such as 8 Zoom Settings, One-Click Denoise, Color Correction and Before and After Views. If you are a novice, this software also offers an inbuilt tutorial for guiding you regarding this matter.

Photo Focus

If your photos are blurry or you want to enhance the quality of the photos, you can use Photo Focus feature of this software to fix the photo, and get professional photos with image enhancement.

Some other facilities offered by this feature include Resharpen Tools, Creative Blur, 4 Focus Presets, Drag and Drop Interface as well as Before & After Views. For guiding through various steps, the software also offers you an inbuilt tutorial.

With Wondershare Fotophire, professional level photo editing and enhancement is a cakewalk. Now, you can transform an ordinary photo into an extraordinary image that befits professionals.

Whether you are a graphic designer, a professional photographer intending to sell photographs or a hobbyist who takes photography seriously, Fotophire has all the elements to retouch, fix and transform your images. All you need to do is to visit this site and download the software on your PC and start creating brilliant images.

Other Useful Tools From Wondershare 

Wondershare is a creative software product company. It has much useful software available. Some of the photo editing related popular software are listed below

  • Photo editor – A handy quick photo editing tool.
  • Photo maximizer – This software can enlarge your photos without loss of quality.  
  • Photo focus – Fix focus problems on your old photos with this software.  

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