What Does The AAE Extension Mean

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What Does the AAE Extension Mean?
AAE is a special format developed by Apple to store changes or filters applied to.JPG images on devices running iOS, such as the iPhone or iPad. They are used in conjunction with the image of.JPG format itself.

For example, these files are created when processing photos in the Hipstamatic application. If you delete them, the changes made to the original image will be lost. If you delete the original image itself, it cannot be obtained from.AAE file.

Such files are used in iOS 8 and newer and OS X 10.10 and newer. If you transfer photos from your iOS device to Windows, only.JPG images can be transferred. 

AAE files have a text format so that they can be opened with a plain text editor. If you desperately want to know what are the other ways to open the .aae file, click on the link and find the right solution! But before you can open them, you need to find out which file type the AAE extensions belong to.

To transfer a photo together with superimposed filters to a computer, you can send it directly from the phone by mail or download it. This will send a one.JPG file with already applied effects without an.AAE one.

Issue About Importing

Other types of files can have the AAE extension as well. If you import images to your computer directly from an iOS device, they will be displayed in iPhoto, Finder, and Aperture without any changes. When you want to import your photos and view them, you can see files with the extension AAE on your phone. They contain edits that you have made.

How To Open Your AAE File

The simplest way (and the quickest one too) to open them is to click on it with your mouse. Then the Windows system itself will choose the necessary program for opening.

If it still does not open, it is possible that you don’t have suitable programs on your computer.

Find on your computer or download Microsoft Photo Gallery, Office, Picture Manager or VLC Media Player. They can also be helpful.

Analysis Tools

Are you not sure what type of AAE file you have? Do you want to get accurate information about the file, its creator and how can it be opened? Nowadays you can instantly get all the necessary information on the Internet. 

There are modern AAE file analysis tools that scan, analyze and report detailed information about them. They can quickly analyze the file and after a few seconds will provide detailed information in a clear and easily readable format.

Within a few seconds, you will find out, what type your AAE file has, what application it is associated with, who created it, its protection status, and other possibly useful stuff. There are different kinds of these tools, and you can choose the one you like if you search.

Here Is A Little Tip for You

If the associations of AAE files are incorrect, this can be a sign of other problems with your Windows. In this case, there will be other ‘symptoms’ like a slow startup of the system, PC hanging, and other problems with computer performance. So you should scan your Windows registry to see if there are incorrect associations and other problematic stuff.

Have you found your answer? Choose the solution you like and open your photos!

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