Top 3 Tips to Grow Your Amazon Buy Box

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Say you have several products on sale at Amazon. How can you ensure that your products are bought by your target customers? The Buy Box is the most important feature on Amazon that sellers vie for. It is the box found on the details page of a certain product. 

It is the button that you have to click if you want to add the product to your cart for checkout later on. Not all products get the Buy Box. Sellers have to meet certain criteria set by Amazon for them to win the Buy Box for the product they are selling.

If you want to win the Buy Box for every product that you have on Amazon, you have to follow these tips.

Excel in all criteria

The Amazon Buy Box can be won by just about any seller provided they meet the criteria set by Amazon. But you should not only meet all the criteria; you should also excel in every one of them as well. Some of these are pricing, seller ratings, and satisfaction as well as product fulfillment. Providing excellent customer service will surely earn you amazing customer ratings, which will help you come close to winning the prized Buy Box. You should excel in all criteria for every product you sell on Amazon.

Sell products through FBA

Amazon always prefers sellers who sell through FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). FBA means that you will stock your products in Amazon’s warehouses, and they will be the one to pack and ship the products to your customers. Amazon is not only after the best price in awarding the Buy Box. They are also after exceptional customer service, so if you opt to sell through FBA, they will provide the customer service to your customers.

Price products in real time

This is where a repricing tool will greatly help you in growing your Buy Box. It will reprice your products in real time. Just a delay of an hour or two in repricing may mean harm to your sales. Although paying for a repricing tool may cost you now, it will benefit your business more in the long run. Your product prices should be lower than your competitors, but not low enough that you compromise your profits just so that customers will prefer your product over others. The price should be within a reasonable range.

If you are new to Amazon, you must study every aspect of selling in the marketplace to get an edge over competitors that have already secured a place on Amazon. As long as you have the right tools and knowledge in selling online, it won’t matter if you are new in the game. But if you are already an Amazon seller and you want to boost your sales by winning the Buy Box, you can still improve your performance and win more Buy Boxes for your products.

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