5 Tips To Become A Certified Ethical Hacker

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Top 5 Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Training Tips

With the upsurge in technological requirements, the threat to network security in IT is continually increasing. High level of digital literacy and proclivity towards programming is drawing more and more aspirants towards CEH. 

CEH preparations and investments are a little daunting but if looking through the broader scopes, it worth it. Along with money and practice, it needs patience, which is enough to step into the worthwhile technological field.

To clear CEH certification, you need to score at least 70% on the exam. You will be given 4 hrs, to finish 125 questions. The content covers topics, related to cybersecurity course. To meet the eligibility requirements, you need to attend an official training program from EC-Council or have 2 years IT security experience, accepted by EC-Council. 

Here are 5 effective training tips to get CEH certification:

Be Aware Of The Test Formalities

Before appearing for the exam, make sure that you are well aware of the course content. The areas, which contribute to most of the questions, are:

  • Background information and history of the exam
  • Regulations
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Typical exam duration
  • Exam format
  • Read related FAQ’s

Prepare According to CEH Framework

First, study thoroughly about the number of questions, topic weighting, and structure of the exam. Moreover, as you are not going to get enough information at EC-council website, you have to do more research work. You can make use of multiple technology solutions, provided by plenty of websites. If you are already working, then check if your company provides assistance to its staff in securing the CEH certification. There are many companies, which are doing this.

Do Practice As Much As You Can

If you are determined to nail the exam, then don’t forget ‘practice makes a man perfect’. You may learn to remember tools and tricks, but what about the labs? For this, you need to prepare by learning the practical applications. Koenig Solutions provides world-class learning in a real environment. They also provide you adequate study material so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the certification exam. CEH Certification Course is highly effective, elaborate and designed according to the main exam.

Make Use Of Your Time Well

No doubt that you have to pay a hefty amount for the Certified ethical hacking Certification exam. So, don’t delude your time. Prepare your study plan, start with the basics, allocate your time well, and discover the areas that need more attention.

Get acquainted with the basic concepts like software processes, switching, and routing. You can join some good training institute like Koenig Solutions where you can solve mock test and get good practical training. It will not take more than 180 days. Stay precise and choose the modules wisely, according to the marks’ weight. Lastly, you should pay a little more attention to these points:

  • Web Applications and Data Servers
  • Linux, Macintosh, and Mobile Systems
  • Threats and Defense Mechanisms
  • Secure Network Infrastructures
  • Attack Phases

Measure Your Progress With Practice Tests And Quizzes

Search for adequate practice papers to practice your exam. Through this paper, you will get to know that how much you have covered and what is left. Mark the covered content noticeably, to discover how the paper will be phrased and with what kind of questions. Some more tips to ponder:

  • Avoid dumps as they may be irrelevant and outdated. 
  • Practice through the online test series. 
  • Try to minimize the silly errors. 

You can get these practice papers from the official website. You can rely upon this, as these are designed by those, who have designed the main exam.

Try working hard and choose the best way to practice. This will be the best method of clearing the CEH Exam.

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