4 Awesome Themes For Your Shopify Store

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4 Awesome Themes For Your Shopify Store

E-commerce is becoming a popular way of selling goods without investing in a physical store. It is much cheaper to start and run, and promotion is easier since people are spending a lot of time on the internet. To make the navigation and overall shopping experience simpler for your customers, you need to find an attractive and functional theme. The actual theme you eventually select should match the goods you are selling in your store.

Choosing an appropriate theme will even help to promote your brand, and it also plays a great role in making buyers trust you. The internet is filled with scammers and bogus products, and people reduce their chances of getting substandard products by choosing a seller with a well-designed site. Such a theme will contribute to the professional appearance of your e-commerce site.

Here are some examples of great themes for your online store:

Supply Theme

This theme best suits stores with large inventory. It is fully responsive with built-in styles and palettes. Depending on your products and preference, you can set the color of this theme to either blue or light.

A great advantage of this theme is that it helps buyers sort through the many products in your inventory. It has a sidebar that can be used to filter products. The filters can be customized to suit your particular store and product variety. On the homepage, you can have a wide variety of products and brands. You can also choose to highlight products on the homepage using modules. Visitors to your store can view the products in a grid or as a list.

The design of Supply Theme can be supported perfectly on mobile phones. This theme is free. All updates are automatic and do not cost you extra funds. Supply theme was developed on the Timber framework, which means developers can always turn to it when they encounter challenges. Timber is an open source framework.

For sharing on social media, the theme has buttons linking to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Fancy. With this theme, it is also very easy to integrate your newsletter signup form.


Boundless gives you the option of using a black and white design or going with a vibrant color. As the trend, has dictated, internet users are gravitating towards minimalist websites. This is why the Boundless theme is designed with as little noise as possible. It has a slide out feature that makes your buyers move to the checkout page easily.

The theme uses large images to create a minimalist design. That way, large images on your site are optimized and can be viewed in high resolution. The galleries are meant to have single products to minimize the clutter in the pages, therefore, giving viewers less distraction as they shop around. The images of your products are shown in a wide layout, which is ideal for your visitors.

Multiple products can be viewed in a slideshow on your homepage. This function has a fading effect that makes it even more attractive to visitors. In addition, you can include a video on the homepage to tell your visitors about your products. This can be done using YouTube and Vimeo.

This theme is also designed to allow sharing on major social media platforms. All its updates are free.


This is another free theme that can be used with a classic or playful design. It is meant for apparel stores and is focused on bringing out the brand of your clothing store. The design is highly responsive on mobile phones and is built with great topography.

It best suits stores that have full-screen slide shows and more than five products on display. Also, it is good for companies with small menus. The design will not work well for stores with large images for their products, even sites carrying very few items. The Brooklyn theme has a dynamic product grid that is continuously adjusted as you add more items.

With this theme, you can also showcase your products via video on Vimeo or YouTube. The videos are positioned in the homepage and can help you direct your visitors through your inventory. With its slide, out cart feature, users can also load their shopping carts without having to leave the pages they are on. This makes shopping much more convenient on your store.


This free online store theme can be used in its default design or altered to the light version. It is minimalistic in design and features very little writing. Images are a lot larger and cover a great portion of the screen. The theme will suit all types of stores, regardless of product or inventory size. If it fits your preferences, you can use it to make your store look great. It can also improve the ease of use of your site greatly.

Because of its design, you will not need to customize it at all. If you intend to start selling as soon as possible, this is the theme you should go for. It has been designed to suit tablets and mobile devices perfectly. Many people now access the internet from their mobile phones and tablets, and using the Debut theme will allow you to access them as a market.

The layout of your store can also be rearranged continuously and the changes will be implemented as soon as you make them. If you have any offers or announcements, you can include them in the header of your store. This header can be a clickable link that takes the visitor to a different page of your site, or even to another store.


In this era of Digital Marketing, branding and selling online is the key to growth. When there are a lot of options available for selecting a particular theme for your Website, choosing the right one will make your stand different from the crowd and will definitely help to boost sales. For many such out of the box themes, you can count on Shopify.

The themes on Shopify will meet every requirement of yours when it comes to a website for any kind of business. The user-friendly interface is a key feature of all their Website Themes, and whatever the consumers find easy, is sure to turn out good.

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