How These Top 5 Apps Solve Real Life Problems

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In this era of advanced technology, one cannot live without apps. I mean if you love mobility, you are bound to be hooked on apps. Apps are now the vital part of your daily computing need. Whether you want to send a full reply to an important email or searching a restaurant in a city, apps help a lot. 

There are thousands of apps available for your convenience supporting both website and mobile platforms. With these numerous options, searching for the apps that are actually there to make your life a little bit easy is rather difficult. These tiny virtual tools in the form of apps can deliberately help you solve some real life problems and what else do you need more from an app.

Here’s the list of apps that can actually help you make your daily life a little bit easier without having to go through much trouble

UBER: iOS | PlayStore

This app does not need any major introduction. Most of you are aware of UBER and how it is responsible for making commuting to one place a whole lot easier. For those not knowing what UBER is, let me tell you. Uber is a mobile application of American Technological Company that provides transportation services. 

It is an app made specifically to hire a car for commuting from one place to another by linking the rider to the driver without having to phase the trouble of calling an auto rickshaw or a taxi. The Uber service has distinct advantages over traditional taxi service. 
Instead of trying to hail a cab from the side of a busy street or calling a taxi-company dispatcher and hoping your cab will appear, you watch the car approach on the map on your screen. You know when it is going to arrive and who the driver is.

TED: iOS | PlayStore

TED stands for- Technology, Entertainment, Design. It is a media organization which posts talks online for free distribution, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. 

Technology and design are the major topics of the discussions including some cultural, scientific and academic debates too. The event attracts most famous leaders, celebrities, entrepreneurs across the World who share their insights on the Real World, their struggle stories and their success and the most interesting thing is, all this knowledge is actually free. 
Bill Clinton, Billy Graham, Jane Goodall, Bill Gates, Bono, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and many Nobel Prize winners are the famous speakers that share their knowledge on TED. You don’t have to pay thousand for accessing the passes of the events. You can just watch the speeches online with just one click on your phone. There are over 2400 TED talks available online for all of you to see and gather insight on what’s cooking and where.


With such a hectic life and advanced technology, keeping check of all the things you need to do is not at all easy. An old school to do list can create wonders in such aspect and the app WUNDERLIST is no less than a life saver. 

It is a task management application that allows users to manage their tasks from their mobile phones, desktops or even tablets. You can create a list to manage your tasks and share those lists with Wunderlist’s other users. In the “Detail View” section, users are allowed to add due dates, reminders, assignments, uncompleted tasks, comments, file the notes onto the tasks etc. 
It is an easier way to get work done. #Hashtags can also be used to sub organize the tasks. Organizing the structure of the tasks by adding them to a folder and categorizing them is also one of the many useful options provided by Wunderlist. You can even add anything from the web straight to your Wunderlist and all of this is for free.

MEMRISE: : iOS | PlayStore

Learning a new language is no doubt a difficult task, but MEMRISE is an app created specifically to make language learning a fun task. Memrise allows you to combine memory techniques and suitable interesting content so as to make language learning entertaining and even relaxing. It is supported on both IOS and Android platform and the additional perk is that it is absolutely free. 

Memrise offers 150 language courses in 25 languages with over 20 million users. It even allows you to create your own courses rich with multimedia flashcards. It uses audio, images, and memory techniques to help you get acquainted with the words for easily recalling them, as well as allows you to take regular tests regularly so as to check whether you’re remembering the concepts. 
Memrise uses what’s called ” collaborate encoding” to help you remember different concepts. Instead of allowing you to go through words and only read them and their translations, memorizing them in their raw form, it helps you to create an association between the translation and words you are already familiar with thus making you a language pro in no time.


CreativeLive is an online education platform that telecasts classes to an International audience on their mobiles, desktops or tablets. The classes are broadcasted live. It is an amazing app to install if you want to learn something from the best and exceptionally known leaders, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs and much more and that too for free. 

The app has over 1500 curated classes from top class over 650 experts. A key aspect of Creative Live’s approach to online learning is interaction via an online classroom, which is facilitated by a studio audience that also appears on camera. 
The in-studio students, usually ranging from three to 15 people, ask questions of the instructor during the class and act as a proxy for the viewers at home. CreativeLive telecasts for 24 hours, 7 days a week and entertains five channels: Photo & Video, Art & Design, Music & Audio, Maker & Craft, and Business & Money. It is an ultimate tool of learning just at a click away and if you want to buy an advanced lecture, the one-time fee is not too much. 

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