KeepVid Android: YouTube to Mp3 Video Downloader

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KeepVid Android is the free YouTube video downloader app available for your Android device. This multi-tasking Android app helps you download your favorite YouTube videos and MP3 music to your Android device in no time. There are eight key features that make this YouTube video downloader app an incredible choice of many. Let’s have a detailed look at these key features in this article.
Free Video Download

The app is a perfect choice for any YouTube video fan. It allows the users to search and download videos without opening any other app in your Android device. KeepVid app offers full support to YouTube, Facebook and other video sharing websites such as Dailymotion, Hotstar and Vimeo. 

Your video sharing becomes incredibly fast with this app, it also allows you to download HD videos from YouTube including HD and 4K videos. Moreover, the app allows multiple downloads without compromising on speed, thus saving you time.

Download YouTube to MP3

Youtube to mp3 is one of the most stunning and unique features of KeepVid Android app. The app allows you to download your favorite YouTube videos directly to high quality MP3 files. The app allows you to download your favorite music from websites without compromising the quality of the audio. 

As the app includes a built-in media player for playing songs and videos, you can enjoy your favorite music without opening any other media player app after downloading the same. Additionally, the Android app makes you store your favorite MP3 files to the cloud, hence doesn’t take unnecessary space on your Android device.

Batch Download

This is one of the key features of this Android app. Batch download enables the user to download multiple videos in one go. Primarily due to this feature, the KeepVid app stands out in the race with other YouTube video downloader apps that are available in the Google Play Store. Even though the app allows multi-tasking and multiple downloads in one go, it does not compromise on the speed of downloading. Hence, you can download multiple videos faster and it goes without saying that it saves your downloading time from multiple sites.

Fast Download

There are several video downloader apps available in Google Play Store that allows you to download multiple videos, but compromises on the speed of downloading. However, the KeepVid YouTube video downloader app makes it possible for you to download multiple videos without compromising on the speed of the download. If you have a 3G or 4G connection on your Android device or you are in a Wi-Fi zone, you can download multiple videos at a faster speed. It is better to have faster data connectivity in order to make the most out of this feature of the app.

Download HD Videos

There is nothing better than watching a movie trailer or music video in gorgeous HD on YouTube, particularly if you are a music aficionado or a movie buff. Even for techies or kids, downloading HD quality videos from YouTube is always great entertainment. 

However, some Android apps do not allow HD video download, if it does allow, it is not free. KeepVid allows users to download HD quality videos hassle free, without any price tags. The HD videos that the app supports include 1080p, 2K, 4K and also UHD.

Built-in Web Browser

The app houses a very nice and handy feature, that is its built-in web browser. The built-in web browser for the Android app enables the user to directly visit the website of the video and download the same in the app. The built-in web browser saves time for the user in terms of searching the URL of the video on the website first and then copy paste it in KeepVid app for download. 

This Android video downloader app does both the tasks in one app making it more user-friendly.

Search Videos Directly

Now you do not have to search for your videos on YouTube, save the URL and download the same through an app. KeepVid Android video downloader app does it all. This one app enables the user to search YouTube videos directly and download it to the app with its fast download feature. 

What’s more, you can search multiple videos while the app is downloading one video in the background. This multi-tasking feature does not hinder the overall performance of the app at all, in terms of its download speed or browsing speed.

User Interface

With all its innovative and useful features, the app did not compromise on its interface. The Android app is built with a beautiful and easy-to-navigate interface. The amazing design is integrated with an intuitive interface. You can see all the supported video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Dailymotion clubbed in one interface, making it easy for you to navigate various popular sites easily, facilitating fast search and download of your favorite videos from the websites. 

The more you’ll explore the app, the more you’ll fall in love with this Android YouTube video Downloader app.

New Features Added In Recent Version

These feature can allow you to share the content with your friends and family. With the help of these features you can

  • Share with your friends and family to download the video
  • Copy the link to download the video. This provides you a URL that can download the video.
  • Various social media share buttons can be used to share the videos you like to anywhere.

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