16 Innovative eCommerce Mobile Apps You Never Knew in 2016

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As more people in the world embrace the mobile technology, innovations come up in the mobile sector with the latest being introduction of mobile apps. Recent statistics indicate that by 2017, the number of mobile app downloads worldwide will be 268,692 million. Mobile apps are essential for both retailers and customers. They enhance in-store experience, improve the purchasing process, and create different ways for customer-business relationship.

Here are best mobile apps that can improve your retail experience in 2016:

Mobile-to-Print (A reflection app of web-to-print)

This is an innovative app from DesignNBuy for the eCommerce store owner to increase sales by expanding audiences. By using mobile to print technology, any shop owner can allow end users to design any store products like t-shirts, caps, bags, mugs, flags, etc. as per their own thoughts & views. This encourages the audience to come back for more to their eCommerce store and give order from anywhere & anytime!

Apple Store

This app is available for customer service to enhance in-store experience. Once installed, the app ensures that you have a productive and enjoyable store visit from your customers. This in the end takes care of any disruptions or delays, which are often experienced in many retail outlets. The Apple Store app enables you to achieve the most out of your Apple Store visit. The app achieves this objective in different ways: first, you can make reservations for the popular Genius Bar and have a one-on-one assistance. Second, with this app you are able to register for workshops and events.

Once you are in Apple retail store, you have the freedom to ask for assistance and even check in for reservations. Other things you are able to achieve with this app include receiving alerts for meet-ups, getting a free engraving for your iPad or iPod. You can also do signature mapping that you can use to select various Apple products. With this app in place, you can research, configure, and buy the latest products that Apple offers.


This app was created to enhance your experience when dealing with the Redbox DVD kiosks. With it in place, you can reserve a movie from your mobile handset so the DVD just waits for you when you visit the store. That provides an additional feature to improve your Redbox shopping experience. Besides, you are able to search for movies from Redbox or other kiosks. The app is versatile and works for both android and iPhone.

Starbucks Card Mobile

This app enables you to have a clear view of your Starbucks card barcode so you can make purchases at Starbucks. With it, you are able to see your transaction history, locate a Starbucks outlet near you, and even fast track your reward points. A sister app from Starbucks is myStarbucks, which comes with a drink builder, and a menu for food and coffee. Users are also able to access the store’s digital network where they can listen to music and read news content from the store’s web page free. The app works well with blackberry, iPhone and android.


This app is available to help you find the right products using your phone, which in turn makes your shopping quite easy and fast. To get the most from it, it is advisable to have My Wish List feature. By making a list before you shop, you can be able to manage your lists and make alterations as required. Besides, users are able to search item availability and even the store location, in addition to getting daily or weekly deals from the coupons. The app works well for both android and iPhone.

Westfield Malls

This app offers a variety of features to enhance your shopping experience as long as you use a Westfield Mall shopping center. With it, you can have a map of the shopping center complete with retailers’ details including their phone numbers and locations. Use a voice or text note to secure a parking location. You are able to see available movies as well. The app works for iPhone.

Best Buy

With this app, you are able to scan QR codes that are in store so you can see and compare the reviews and product specifications. In addition, you are able to create a wish list and find items that are available in store.

Home Depot

The Home Depot app is able to scan products UPC or QR codes in order to access user reviews and product features. Users can also share the products on their social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook. It comes with a store locator, and a map of the preferred shopping center. The app works well for both android and iPhone.

Toy “R” Us Shopping

With this app, you can utilize the Barcode scanner to product reviews, features, prices, ratings, and more. Besides, you can sort your search based on the mentioned features as well. The app comes with a store locator in which you enter your phone number in order to receive alerts on your handset.

ATM Hunter

This app is from MasterCard Worldwide Foundation in collaboration with the Global Positioning System (GPS). It enables you to locate the nearest ATM near you at the tap of a button. Besides, the app comes with financial information that can be helpful in many ways.

Gap StyleMixer

You can use this app to build outfits in MyStyle store. With it, you can create shopping lists, and check new trending styles from the store. You are also able to receive information about exclusive offers from your phone.


If you are a fan of jeans, this app suits you best. With it, you are able to view images of stylish jeans in both back and front appearances. It works best for iPhone handsets.

Teavana Perfect Tea Touch

This app just makes you enjoy the product or help you perform a product related task. In this case, the app has a timer for various types of tea. While you wait for your order, you can listen to cool music as you view blending suggestions.

Beyond Gift

This app is for manufacturer, retailer, wholeseller, supplier, importer and premium agents about to get information about inquiry, order, stock, price, sales, delivery and many more.

Excuse Clock

This app is also from Best Buy and mainly for prank purposes. You are able to set a fake display clock that you can use to prank your peers. The app works well for iPhone.


Now, in the market there is trend about mobile technology and day by day it increases the popularity of the demand to use mobile gadgets. If you are proactive owner or entrepreneur about online store then you have to transform ecommerce store into mobile apps and publish on Android & iOS. So, it can directly effect to hike your online sales by increasing revenue.

Over here you can get free preview of your Ecommerce store into mobile app for Android Play Store and iTunes.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, founder, retailer in business or a customer looking for products or services, the apps mentioned here will boost your understanding of mobile digital experience. With the apps mentioned in this piece, you can be able to improve your shopping experience in 2016. More excitement coming next year, indeed!

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