20 Best Android Business App In 2015

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List of Best Android Business App In 2015 for small business owners and startups

Looking for best android business app? There are many good apps available now, we have short listed some of the best options for you.

With the advent of technology all businesses use mobile gadgets, tablets and smartphones to stay connected. As a enterprise always chasing buyers and searching out new clients, it’s miles vital to have a crew usually organized to cope with advertising and marketing even as on-the-pass. Furthermore, as the owner, keeping an eye on sales statistics, and making sure your website and social media platforms are updated daily is fundamental to the success of your company.

There are plenty business tools available for business owners, however when it comes to your Android phone we have limited options. That being said, here are some android apps for business owners that are essential for 2015

Facebook Pages Manager

Let’s face it. Nowadays, all businesses have to maintain a solid Facebook presence in order to thrive, drive traffic and boost sales. As the owner, you mobile must have the Facebook Pages Manager app installed. It will help you keep track of everything; you will be able to send messages, receive push notifications, and respond to people’s comments the moment they’ve been posted. It’s fundamental that you answer fast. This will show that you value the opinions of your customers.

Apps are essential for a company’s success in today’s advanced tech world. They help business people stay connected even when they’re not near a laptop, tablet or computer. These devices are often overlooked. A smartphone however, is the kind of device you can’t live without. This means apps are the ideal way of keeping your business updated and constantly linked to buyers, investors and consumers. This app is Free of cost.


Flipboard is a social app that permits users to follow web content that is absolutely vital for their businesses. Feel free to select from a wealth of categories the ones that you’re mostly interested in. Narrow your search and select what you want to see. Select among information with brilliant impact, ultra-modern activities or upcoming releases, and do anything you could to enhance the bottom line of your commercial enterprise by preserving a watch at the competition. This mobile app doesn’t just keep you updated with vital information. It is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, thus making sure you don’t miss anything. This app is Free of cost.


This 2015, all successful advertising and marketing plans are driven by content. Link-bait strategies, blog articles, social media promotions, and product landing pages will all require high-resolution images to accompany a given text. Not all companies can have enough money to pay for the offerings of a expert photographer. That is where Snapseed comes in. Use it on your mobile device and start providing your company the best photographs. Edit the pics if you don’t like them so much, and make them look flawless.


Believe it or not Twitter is not just used for chatting. Over the years, the app has gone through several fundamental changes.Proper now, quite a few enterprise owners have a Twitter account, and that’s because it’s top to reach capability clients and buyers by means of revealing your actual identification. Human beings relate better to a enterprise once they recognise the person who’s walking it.At the end of 2014,Twitter has added a few extra features meant particularly for start-ups, namely the Twitter Offers and the Buy Button. Soon enough these will leave the testing stage and will become available to advertisers.This app is Free of cost.


B2B marketing has been completely changed by LinkedIn, an apparently easy-to-use website with a lot of hidden surprises for its users. The LinkedIn app works clean on cell, and it may be downloaded without cost. Aside from commercial enterprise people in search of paintings, the platform is an extraordinary region for businesses to construct a robust recognition. The mobile version of LinkedIn helps with the strengthening of a start-up’s B2B brand. It helps you keep things updated, including personal profiles and client engagement. This app is Free of cost.


From a startup management perspective, the Pinterest app should be featured on the mobile of all business owners. Whether you have a shoe company, a bakery, a clothing store, or any other sort of business,It’s in reality vital to use your merchandise to usher in more clients with the help of “pins”. Pinterest can assist raise your popularity, and implicitly sales.The app has recently added a very interesting upgrading to the News notification. Your followers are now more exposed to the “pins” that you add to your Pinterest boards. The flexibility of posting more “pins” and increasing traffic can only be used on mobile. This app is Free of cost.


I may additionally have referred to as Tumblr a misfit of social media advertising almost months in the past however whilst many manufacturers haven’t begun to embrace it, recent reviews have shown that it’s miles the quickest developing social platform of 2014 (one hundred twenty% growth!). Tumblr is a unusual graphically-centered (photographs, photographs, memes, GIFs) powerhouse that your commercial enterprise wishes to add into its fold, beginning by downloading the easy to manage app and in the end following those Tumblr first-rate practices even as on the fly. This app is Free of cost.


Instagram is at the top of its game as it enters ’15, after the release of series of important updates Which include the capability to edit captions, news ways to find out potential followers, worldwide marketing opportunities for logo profiles, and the addition of video ads on its platform. Instagram will be one of the most important mobile apps for businesses next year. This app is Free of cost.


Ultimate but not least is the app that draws maximum of the primarily together. Streamline social media updates onto one mobile platform as much as possible (but never exclusively so) so that you’re not juggling too many apps all at once in one day. Download the most recently updated version of the HootSuite app and apply these seven best practices to scheduling your social network posts.This app is Free of cost.


The verdict is still out on Vine, for myself included. However it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, andI expect this Twitter included video-sharing platform to develop greater in 2015 than it ever has on the grounds that its inception. Instagram video is a chunk of an anxious disruption from photograph scrolling, so I don’t expect them to steal any of Vine’s slow rumbling thunder. While it’s not for every brand and business, it does indeed apply to most. Take stock of whether or not Vine is for you, and if you come up with an answer in the affirmative download the app and start filming those engaging six second product/service/company-persona snippets.This app is Free of cost.


One of the top productivity apps, Evernote is an extremely popular mobile app for Small commercial enterprise proprietors who have several tasks going without delay. Evernote also makes collaboration seamless and manageable for small business teams. Some features like take notes in a clean, distraction-free workspace. This app is Free of cost with premium option available.


Mailbox is now available for iPhone and iPad, Android, Gmail, and iCloud, with other email Platforms quickly to be blanketed. Small commercial enterprise owners and their personnel surprise how they ever lived without Mailbox, as soon as they begin using it. Stop losing precious hours wading through an unorganized inbox with Mailbox. Some features like Makes email light, fast, and friendly for mobile users. This app is Free of cost.


On occasion, one of the hardest parts of being a small business owner is all of the time spent on business and not on relationships. Couple is an app noticeably encouraged with the aid of busy proprietors who want to live related with their vast others. Winner of an Apple Editors Choice Award. Some features like Private timeline for a shared history. This app is Free of cost.

Square Register

Square Register, a free mobile point of sale app, is perfect for small businesses. Save time by tracking sales and inventory, managing teams, and viewing business analytics all from your point of sale. Square Some features like Swipe or key in all major credit card. This app is Free of cost.


Formerly FuzeBox, the new Fuze mobile app connects small business teams with its visual communications solution. Fuze’s flexible video conferencing and online meetings make it possible for small business owners to save time (and money) while still allowing them to communicate with the people who matter most to their success. Fuze Features like All new design and user experience with powerful vide, audio, and content sharing. This app is Free of cost.


This app is Free of cost.inDinero makes it far easier for small businesses to manage their finances. Get instant visibility into your business with inDinero’s real-time finance dashboard that connects to your bank and credit card accounts. inDinero Features like Track all business bank and credit accounts in a single place.

Dropbox For Business

Dropbox for Business is a solution for secure file sharing and storage that scales to your business, no matter the size. Small business owners and their employees can securely share, sync, and collaborate with Dropbox for Business. This app is Free of cost with purchase options available.


Small business proprietors constantly have something to do, and Wunderlist makes it easier to organize all of that stuff. Get organized, shard ideas, and collaborate with Wunderlist and then celebrate your newly-found productivity. Oh, and rest assured that you’ve chosen a great mobile app for your to-do list and tasks because Wunderlist was Mac App of the Year for 2013 and has been featured in The New York Times, The Verge, TechCrunch, and a host of other publications. This app is Free of cost. Wunderlist Features like Create lists and access them from your phone, tablet, and computer.


Inventory can be a true challenge for small business owners, but with the Boxmeup app, it is simple to track your containers and find items in them. Plus, Boxmeup turns your smartphone into a label scanner to check your inventory any time, anywhere. Boxmeup has Great Features like CPrint QR code labels to put onto your containers.

Base CRM

Small commercial enterprise proprietors don’t have time to waste with various programs and software whilst they’re going for walks their business. Base CRM is the mobile app that is a dream come true for small business owners who need a simple CRM solution that also can be used for sales, email support, hiring, product management, and more. This app is Free of cost.


This app is Free of cost.with pro options available. Small business owners don’t always have time to read and view everything they find online at the time that they find it. Pocket is the mobile app that allows users to find something online, put it in Pocket, and then view it later. Best Features of This app Save directly from your browser or from apps such as Twitter, Pulse, Zite, and more

Make that you have all the above apps established in your cellular gadgets for 2015 and stay tuned to this blog (add it to Flipboard!) as exciting new apps related to internet marketing are released, and reviewed, right here.

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