Kindle Voyage Review: 10 Reasons To Fall In Love With eReaders

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Kindle Voyage ebook reader Review: Reasons EReaders are better than paper books

I have read many amazon kindle voyage review in past and had always wondered why people rave about it until I bought one for myself. Reading books is my addiction and kindle voyage makes my life convenient.

Kindle Voyage

eReader by Amazon - Kindle Voyage(By: Amazon )
Before Amazon Kindle Voyage became an integral part of my life, I mostly read in the traditional way. Because who doesn’t loves to hold a good quality book in their hands, smell it and marvel at its beauty?

But with the hectic traveling in my life, it was becoming difficult to carry my favourite books with me. The result of which was that I often missed out on reading and my life started to feel incomplete. I also tried Amazon cloud reader however it did not feel like the best option for frequent readers.

I decided to take control of this situation. After browsing the internet for a week, I zeroed in on a gadget. Little I knew that it would have a tremendous impact in my life. Welcome Amazon Kindle Voyage in action!

Reading On The Go

Kindle enables reading online books anywhere

Amazon Kindle Voyage has a brilliant display to help you read easily while traveling. It has a high resolution display of 300 ppi and the text is extra dark and sharp so that you don’t pressurize your eyes. Doing that just ruins the fun of reading! Plus the screen is etched to reduce the glare.

With a look similar to that of a printed page, you would hardly get any distinguished feel you get from a real book. With a thinness of 7.6mm, it is the thinnest kindle ever. Having 180 grams weight, it is light-weight and comfortable to hold in hands.

Smart Buttons

Kindle is smartly designed  to support comfort reading of ebooks

With the introduction of Pagepress, you can flip pages without having to use your fingers. There are more buttons present on its left and right side and they are pressure sensitive. Each press comes with some haptic response for quick feedback. CashKaro has exclusive Amazon India Kindle coupons to help you have this beauty in your life with awesome discounts and a bonus of cash back as well.

Adjustable Lighting

Kindle Voyage is equipped with sensors to adjust the brightness as per the environment. You can read it in bright light or in darkness without having to take care of the brightness level. Kindle Voyage would do it for you. Since the change happens in a fading motion, it is not abrupt for your eyes.

Feel Of A Real Book

Kindle is light weight and easy to carry with you

Amazon Kindle Voyage doesn’t lets you feel that you are reading from an e-book. With features like good pixel levels, sharp text, pagepress, lightness; it makes itself ideal for long hours reading. You can add margins, edit them and export them to your computer.

Book lovers have a habit of highlighting their favourite paragraphs and quotes and sharing them. With Kindle, you can share them on Facebook and Twitter. With no e-mail alerts or push notifications, it makes itself ideal for a distraction free reading environment. With special Amazon offers, gift it to yourself today and also earn cash back from CashKaro.

Interaction With Other Nerds

Kindle allows you to interact with like minded book reading people worldwide

Since Kindle lovers can share their thoughts on Goodreads, you can connect with a large budding community of book lovers here itself. Stalk your favourite people (not like literally!), see what they are reading and get inspired by them.

You can rate the books here. There are times when your mind is blank and you cannot figure out which book to go for since you are spoiled with infinite choices. This is when you can get good recommendations here and resume your reading.

Another fantastic thing is that you can purchase books without having to leave Goodreads on Kindle. However, some features are only accessible with the presence of Wi-Fi.

Go Through Book Reviews Before Reading

You have come across a book that looks as a brilliant read for your senses but you are confused if you should really start reading it. An easy way to lower this confusion is by going through its reviews online, reading descriptions, seeing ratings and its author information.

Learn New Words

With a built in vocabulary, learn new words every day! The words you search for in the dictionary here automatically get added to the Vocabulary Builder so that you don’t forget them. Swipe through them and never miss a chance to use them in your everyday conversations. Learning has been made easier!

Change Your Style

Feel Of A Real Book on kindle voyage ereader from amazon

Have some book always been on your wish list without you getting to read them because of tough language issues? It shouldn’t be a problem anymore with Word wise! Word wise will help you understand those challenging books quickly by simplifying those words with crisp and easy definitions.

They will appear above the difficult words you select. You just need to tap on the word to read its definition or synonyms. With this brilliant feature, you can now change your reading style anytime!

Translation Made Easy

How many times have you left books which you liked instantly but couldn’t begin reading them due to language problem? With Bing translator, you can translate as much text you want in any language listed there. Select a single word or numerous paragraphs and get to read book in your preferred language.

Carry The World With You

For book lovers like us, we never like to leave a book in the middle of reading. We look for any opportunity where we can get to read it. With Amazon Kindle Voyage, it gets easier! Not only does it hold thousands of books but it also lets you shop from a vast collection on Amazon. You don’t have to wait anymore for books to reach you before you start on another series. Isn’t that wonderful?

Amazon Kindle Support

Support for kindle is absolutely top notch. I have used amazon for several years and had always appreciated the customer service provided by them for any product purchased from amazon.
However when it comes to support for kindle and any other product developed by amazon the support quality is even higher. This is one of the main reasons why millions of online shoppers prefer amazon over many other ecommerce portals.

Amazon Books For Kindle

Amazon is undoubtably the best book store worldwide. When it comes to digital books amazon is the biggest ebook publisher as well.
The kindle store has thousands of best selling ebooks that you can conveniently download on any kindle device or a computer with kindle apps.
You may also find many free kindle books on amazon.

Amazon Kindle Voyage has its own set of limitations too. Its base price is inclusive of advertisements. No case comes with it for its protection. And its price can make you think twice before buying it! But what makes it desirable in spite of these limitations is its top performance. Get it and you won’t be able to move your hands away from it!

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