350+ Best Educational Apps For Kids

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A huge list of Best Educational Apps For Kids to learn on devices like ipad, iphone, andoird phone and laptop

Looking for best educational apps for kids? We have compiled a huge list of useful educational software for kids and learning.

This list includes wide variety of topics including educational math games, educational apps for toddlers, preschool apps, fun educational games and many more apps.

Use of gadgets and software applications is very common in kids. Many kids spend long time on ipad and other tablet devices.

While its fun, most of this time is not resulting in any learning for kids. You can convert this fun time to a learning time with fun if you choose your apps wisely.

This is list includes apps for iPad, iphone, android and web browsers. Android users may like android educational apps for kids and Apple fans may want to check iPad educational apps for kids.

If you know of an app that is missing from this list please share with us in comments.

Math Games For Kids

Best fun Math Games For Kids to learn mathematics

Mathematics require practice and making kids work on a math practice exercise can be difficult. There are many math fun activities and games that can teach your kid about basic math at the same time she can have fun. Many of these games are designed such that the kid will not even realize that she is doing math. This is a win win situation for kids and parents.

Best Math Apps Middle-High

Best Art Apps For Kids

Best Art Apps For Kids to promote creativity and art encouragement

If you are looking for some fun educational apps. You can pick some of the art apps for art lover kids.
These apps will encourage creativity and art creation.

  • Adobe mobile and tablet apps | Adobe Creative Cloud

    Completely updated with a lot of new features, smooth transition, user friendly, and idea files can be easily transitioned to adobe illustrator. One of the top rated educational apps.

  • Color Uncovered on the App Store on iTunes

    Explore colors as you’ve never done before, understand color temperature, how to add colors, reflection characteristics and all about colors, completely interactive and super useful. It’s definitely one of the top rated educational apps.

  • The Life of Art App

    Explore a museum in the most educational way, use technology to understand the history, origin, and all about every object displayed in the Getty’s museum. One of the best apps for education, a revolutionary idea.

  • Kids Doodle – Color & Draw – Android Apps on Google Play

    Kids totally love drawing using this app, easy and simple, many kinds of brushes, colorful and amazing design and functionality. One of the top kids educational apps.

  • Bamboo Paper – Notebook on the App Store on iTunes

    Write and draw directly on the screen, store your drawings, notes and edit easily. Equally great for kids or adults. One of the top educational apps, although you will need a stylus for it.

  • Art Of Glow on the App Store on iTunes

    Animate, create glowing graphics, beautiful logos, inspire your creative passion. Great fun for children. One of the top educational apps.

  • My Coloring Book Free on the App Store on iTunes

    Way better than any set of crayons and paper, much more fun, keeps kids engaged and enhances their creativity. One of the top educational apps, great fun.

  • Colour Wheel – Android Apps on Google Play

    Find the harmony of colors, create color designs across the spectrum. Complementary, triad, analogic and others. Works well and has an awesome interface. One of the best education apps.

  • Art Authority for iPad on the App Store on iTunes

    Magnificent, brilliant, and fantastic. Access the top art works, over 1,000 of the best artists and their work all in one app. Great for art lovers. One of the best apps for education, and a favorite among art lovers

  • Timeline – Art Museum on the App Store on iTunes

    View art work, choose from different periods in history, know about every top artist, see their work, with brilliant images, high quality photography, great graphics. Intelligently designed, definitely one of the best educational apps.

  • Strip Designer on the App Store on iTunes

    Kids enjoy creating comic strips on the app, besides being great fun, it also increases their creativity. Very easy to use and user friendly. One of the best educational apps for kids.

Best Science Apps For Kids

Best Science Apps For Kids

Chemistry and Biology Apps

  • LabCal on the App Store on iTunes

    Chemistry calculations made super easy, SI unit conversion, and calculations of molarity, dilutions all in a really simple to use format. One of the top free educational apps.

  • Khan Academy: Chemistry 1 on the App Store on iTunes

    One of the top free educational apps to learn chemistry. Videos from Khan Academy clarify concepts explain and teach convincingly. These videos have helped thousands of students worldwide.

  • AnatomyLearning – 3D Atlas – Android Apps on Google Play

    Learn anatomy with three dimensional imagery, interactive illustrations and gain clarity and precision. Very useful for those studying biology or those who want to enter the vast medical field.One of the top education apps, very useful.

  • Visual Anatomy Free – Android Apps on Google Play

    A free app that will show all internal organs, teach about the body, suitable for professionals but can be used by anyone. Best for anatomy students. Interactive, and very nicely designed. One of the best free educational apps.

  • Mahjong Chem on the App Store on iTunes

    One of the fun educational games for kids that combines chemistry with mahjong, and helps kids learn.Great way to review, revise, and assess. You will love it.

  • Frog Dissection – Android Apps on Google Play

    An award winning educational app. Teaches frog dissection in a virtual environment with amazing detail. A great tool for studying biology, no frogs are sacrificed, yet even better than an actual dissection.

  • Chemical Reaction Lite on the App Store on iTunes

    One of the really fun educational games for kids, laboratory theme, mixing strange chemicals, builds coordination, and children love the game. Suitable for kids of all ages.

  • Atom-Builder on the App Store on iTunes

    One of the top free educational apps, a fun filled game that teaches atomic structure, a game based on counting neutrons, protons and electrons. Helps build a solid foundation in chemistry, awesome fun at the same time.

Best Apps for Music and Learning Musical Instruments

Best Apps for Music and Learning Musical Instruments

Some kids have interest in music and musical instruments. Though any app can not replace a real instrument, kids can still enjoy and be engaged in music and fun musical activities on gadgets.

  • Songify by Smule on the App Store on iTunes

    Convert any speech into a song and have fun. Innovative,musical,interesting, and once you understand the basic it really becomes loads of fun. Something that’s interesting to share with friends and family.

  • audioBoom on the App Store on iTunes

    Absolutely free, and really useful when driving, spoken word to audio commands, listen to your favorite music, record instantly, free downloads and much more.

  • MyRhythm: a new way to study and learn rhythm – MyRhythm App

    Helps you understand and feel the rhythm of musical beats, enhances co-ordination using different modes that improves appreciation of musical rhythms. It will change how you hear and perceive music.

  • Moosic Studio: Student & Music Studio Manager on the App Store on iTunes

    A complete solution for efficient running of your music studio. Manage bills, handle student communication, create lists, manage your studio, take care of billing and streamline all activities using a single platform.

  • NotateMe Now on the App Store on iTunes

    Compose music anytime and anywhere, understands musical notations, with both finger and stylus input. Great tool for musicians. Writing music becomes fun and ultra convenient. Beginners will particularly love it.

  • Notion on the App Store on iTunes

    A great app to create and compose, write notations, audio mixing, contains a keyboard and other instruments, loaded with features. Musicians and composers love it. Great reviews by all users.

  • Apple – GarageBand for iOS

    Simple to use, allows you to play your favorite music, perform audio mixing and then record and share your creation. Flawless functions, and incredibly useful for music lovers and composers.One of the best music apps.

  • Virtuoso FREE – Android Apps on Google Play

    Remain focussed as you practice on your musical instrument by using the app to organize, assess, remain oriented and aware and get the most out of your practice sessions. Phenomenally useful and helps you get results. One of the best apps for music class.

Best Study Apps

  • STUDYBLUE | Find and share online flashcards and notes from StudyBlue. Any
    subject, anywhere, anytime.

    A great resource for studying almost any subject with millions of digital notecards. Rapidly growing online library that will cater to all your educational needs.


    Join a fast growing teacher and student community to explore learning, discover new resources that will enable you to learn better, learn faster and share what you’ve learnt with others.


    Self-control needs some help, the internet can distract and direct you away from learning that can jeopardize your learning process. The app will block access to distractions and keep you focussed for a predetermined time period, using a timer. Very useful and addresses a key barrier to productive learning.

  • Maths Alarm Clock – Android Apps on Google Play

    An alarm clock that will first wake you up from your sleep and then wake up your mind with a maths question. A completely advertisement free application that you will appreciate everyday.

  • Anki – powerful, intelligent flashcards

    A great educational app that lets you effectively use, synchronize and store flash cards to help you study. Change the layout of your cards, embed other media like audio or video, and increase your productivity and save time.

  • The workspace for your life’s work | Evernote

    A great writing tool, organize, create and edit with a multitude of tools, easy uploading, storing and sharing. Sync everything across devices and computers. A great study app.

  • gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests on the App Store on iTunes

    Use flash cards, accelerate your learning. A study tool that will boost you productivity and help you learn more in a short period of time. Access online resources, and use a host of new features added to the updated version after reviewing and analyzing customer feedback. One of the best study apps.

  • Simple free learning tools for students and teachers | Quizlet

    Learning has to be made fun, and Quizlet is a great study tool that integrates tests, flash cards, fun games and much more. A great study app that deeply engages students.

Best Gradebook Apps for Teachers

  • Free Gradebook for Teachers | LearnBoost

    The best gradebook app for teachers. Use lesson planner to plan your lessons, inform parents about student progress in class, innovatively designed gradebook. Brilliantly designed interface.

  • GradeBook Pro on the App Store on iTunes

    Categorize and classify student grades, record attendance and grades, create reports and almost anything that is necessary for classroom management. A complete solution and a powerful tool for teachers. Definitely the top gradebook app in the market.

  • Teacher App & Grade Book – Android Apps on Google Play

    A free app that has been designed to meet all the requirements of teachers. Gradebook, inbuilt messenger, assignment management, interaction with parents all simplified in a user friendly and well designed interface. A great gradebook app.

  • Edusight – Simple, beautiful tools for K-12 teachers

    Assessment of students becomes super easy when you use Edusight. Teachers love its interface and functionality. More effective than just assigning grades, offers a more effective assessment tool that charts the progress of every student.

  • WeLearnedIt on the App Store on iTunes

    Design assessments, share feedback, create digital portfolios and enhance your effectiveness. A very useful tool for teachers that integrates multiple functions and features. Really well designed.

Best Apps for Groupwork

  • Trello

    Manage all info about your project and review it at a glance on a single Trello board. It can meet the needs of different projects, makes project management easy. Loaded with amazing features. One of the best apps for group work.

  • Inspiration Maps VPP on the App Store on iTunes

    Visual learning, creating graphics, drawing outlines and diagrams, all in an easy to use interface. Easy to personalize, add notes and make learning fun, stimulates greater retention. A good app for group work.

  • Dropbox

    Keep your documents safe for ever, edit shared documents online, share large files even with people who do not have an account , save all your pictures and images. Very convenient and you can sync across all your devices.

  • Flow · Task Management for your Team

    Team work becomes easy when everyone can add their inputs at the same time using the app. Share a project with team members and co-workers, or grant access to only those you need to. Share tasks with members working across the world.

  • Skitch | Evernote

    Annotations that help you use fewer words but convey more and more effectively. Arrows, sketches and shapes to quickly make your point. An innovative communication tool.

  • Google Sheets – create and edit spreadsheets online, for free.

    Google offers the best online resource for storing, retrieving and sharing documents. New features and upgrades make them the most convenient and prefered platform to store and access documents, share and edit easily.

  • Google Drive

    No need of additional software, process documents easily, no additional cost. Access documents easily from any location. Very popular, free of charge and improving continuously with addition of new features.

Anti-Bullying Apps for Kids

  • STOPit Cyberbullying mobile app and school program

    Single touch reporting of cyber bullying incidents, anonymous communications and reporting, Location aware feature for getting quick assistance, a complete solution for putting an end to cyber bullying in the workplace or in schools.

  • Bully Button on the App Store on iTunes

    Press the bully button in an emergency, automatic 30 sec recording, can be sent to your friends, parents or the school authorities. Can be extremely useful, has many other helpful features.

  • CyberBully Hotline – Android Apps on Google Play

    Anyone can call the hotline number and report incidents without the disclosing their identity. The call cannot be traced back to them. The schools get a unique number, and the guaranteed anonymity increases incident reporting.

  • – MostBeastlyStudios

    An app that facilitates anonymous reporting of any bullying incident at school. Most people do not want to get involved in incidents, but the app guarantees that their identity will be totally secret. This enhances reporting and eventually leads to better and safer environments at school.

Best Geography Apps for Kids

Best Geography Apps for Kids to learn about the world

Knowledge of geography is important for kids. Schools try to teach kids about geography in different ways. You can also support your kids learning by picking some geography apps for your kids.

  • The Traveler IQ Challenge®

    Learn all about the world, choose a destination and take the challenge. Test how much you know, refresh and improve your knowledge. Educational, informative and challenging.

  • US Geography With Flat Stanley HD on the App Store on iTunes

    The best way to learn geography for kids and the best educational app for kids. Children learn all about the fifty states, their location and spellings. Lots of fun, kids love this app.

  • United States of America – Montessori Approach To Geography on the App
    Store on iTunes

    Know the shape of every state, the location, name and how to identify it. Taught in a fun way using methods that makes things really easy to grasp for children. A great educational app.

  • Learn World Geography on the App Store on iTunes

    Taps into the brains learning potential by using a sequence of flash cards to teach world geography. Maximum productivity, optimum learning and the best way to teach geography to kids. One of the best educational apps for kids.

  • Google Earth on the App Store on iTunes

    Explore the entire planet, visit cities, villages, towns, mountains, or enter a street with street view . You can use the tour guide feature to take virtual tours or find suggestions. This and much much more. One of the best education apps for kids and definitely useful for people of any age.

  • TapQuiz Maps World Edition on the App Store on iTunes

    One of the best kids education apps, learn world geography by answering quiz questions. Keeps you engaged and makes learning enjoyable. An app you’ll enjoy.

  • Spotzi Maps the world – a living online World Atlas

    Amazingly beautiful graphics, beautiful visuals, maps of the entire world. Learn geography, and its suitable whether you’re at school or a researcher who would like to know about additional details like the weather, wind speed, etc. A great product and one of the best kids education apps.

  • Geography Learning Quiz Game – Android Apps on Google Play

    A series of quiz questions about capitals, countries, identifying flags, and locating places on maps. It engages and turns geography into an interesting subject. One of the best fun educational games for kids.

  • Where is that? – Android Apps on Google Play

    A great game to learn geography. Multiplayer, with millions of players enjoying it worldwide. Learn about countries, cities, mountains, capitals and all about global geography and have fun at the same time. One of the best educational games.

  • Stack the Countries™ on the App Store on iTunes

    Build stacks of countries, learn all about the world while you enjoy the game. Interactive and great fun, it will make you familiar with landmarks, countries, cities, capitals, country flags, and teach you geography in the best way possible by keeping you totally engaged.

Apps for Drama Class

  • Heads Up! on the App Store on iTunes

    A game that uses cards to learn about movies, celebrities, characters, animals, etc. Makes learning fun and has become a favorite among users. Truly educational, interactive and innovative. A really good educational game.

  • Sock Puppets on the App Store on iTunes

    You will love this app, insert voices, create conversations, and the puppets will lip sync your voice. You can choose the puppet by selecting it. Make hilarious animated converstaions and share with friends. Great fun, and very creative.

  • iBroadway on the App Store on iTunes

    Access all information about the best shows on Broadway from any location using the app. Watch exclusive videos, reviews, comments, ticketing information, and remain connected. Great app for all the fans.

  • Dramatic Music App on the App Store on iTunes

    Classify and categorize all your music on a single page and easily switch to the exact type of music you want. Useful, and thoughtful interface. Great for music lovers.

Best Apps for the Flipped Classroom

  • Educreations

    Teach from anywhere, create educational videos for students, store them in the cloud, and instantly share them online. Voice recording over screens, images, and easy editing and video creation. Very useful and simple interface. One of the best apps for the flipped classroom.

  • EDpuzzle

    Crop any video and use only what you need, add your own voice, embed a quiz or questions right after a video. Allows you to track the progress of your students and much more. It is a great tool to use videos for teaching, easy to use and the designers have added all features to address teaching needs. One of the best education apps.

  • Online Gamified Learning Platform – Demo

    Explains all about applying the concept of a flipped classroom and using technology to enable students to learn. Provides practical demonstrations using videos.

  • The easiest way to take notes synchronized with videos!

    Makes it real easy to study using educational videos. All notes taken while watching a video automatically synch to that part of the video. Later, you can click a note and it takes you to the relevant part of the video. Share easily and store on google drive.

  • Home – Alchemy SmartBinder

    A total solution for delivering education online, and providing material to students that they can access from any location. Helps you get started, gain recognition and generate revenue.

  • Home | Sparkol

    Captivate and engage your audience by using the software. Whiteboard videos will become easy to create even if it’s your first one. Makes it all simple. Deliver your message powerfully and effectively.

  • Flipped Classroom Certification for Teachers | Sophia Learning

    A flipped classroom can immensely benefit students, all teachers are not immediately effective in imparting instruction using technology. Register for a certification, take tutorials and get certified. Make yourself more effective.

  • TechSmith – Screen Capture and Recording Software

    Video recording of all your lectures, automatic, interruption free and great quality. Share the videos anytime, use them for students. Additional features and support.

Fun Educational Games & Learning Apps for Toddlers

  • Toddler Flashcards (Free) on the App Store on iTunes

    One of the best educational apps for toddlers, flash cards with spoken pronunciations, images, objects, things, etc. Makes learning easy, great fun and immensely effective for kids. Supports thirteen different languages. (One of the best educational apps for toddlers)

  • Busy Shapes on the App Store on iTunes

    One of the top educational app for toddlers to stimulate your kid’s reasoning, and intelligence. Uses puzzles to improve object handling skills, uses hundreds of different objects, adapts to a child’s needs and rated one of the best educational apps for toddlers.

  • Kidzongs – Preschool sing-along fun on the App Store on iTunes

    Acoustic instruments, animated lyrics, and songs your kid will love singing. Music is great for kids and it’s simple, but definitely one of the really fun kids apps.

  • Peekaboo Barn on the App Store on iTunes

    Features a barn and friendly animals pop out of doors. Builds animal recognition, keeps the child engaged and a fun way to teach children about animals. Kids totally love it.

  • Duckie Deck Collection on the App Store on iTunes

    A collection of games that will enhance imagination, enhance visual matching skills, help them get used to darkness and much more. Games teach a lot and keep kids engaged at the same time. One of the top educational apps for toddlers that teaches valuable skills.

  • Bubbles on the App Store on iTunes

    Great game for children, provides distraction and entertainment, the game has bubbles that you can tap and burst. Kids love the app and remain engaged. (Best free educational apps for toddlers)

  • Balloon Pops on the App Store on iTunes

    A never ending supply of balloons that you can keep popping. Kids develop motor skills, co-ordination and love the game. Great fun and simple to learn.

  • Slide & Spin on the App Store on iTunes

    Kids learn finger pointing skills, and develop basic motor coordination using the app. A fun game that is really enjoyable and one of the best educational apps for toddlers.

  • ABC Alphabet Phonics – Preschool Kids Game Free Lite on the App Store on

    Use touch, sounds and shapes to identify and learn the basic alphabet. Kids learn ABC quickly and enjoy at the same time. One of the top educational apps for toddlers. (Preschool apps free)

  • Talking to Toddlers on the App Store on iTunes

    Includes books, rhymes and songs and much more. It talks to your toddler, teaches them and kids enjoy the interactive app. Users have consistently loved the app and it is one of the top educational app for toddlers.

  • HD Puzzle dla dzieci Lite – Aplikacje Android w Google Play

    Puzzles from the beautiful world of marine animals, vivid, colorful and will instantly grab your child’s attention. It’s great fun to play and enhances problem solving skills. (Preschool apps free)

Best Apps For Preschoolers

Looking for Best Pre Kindergarten Apps? These are some of the best apps for kids in age group of preschool.

Reading Apps (Elementary)

Best apps for field trips

  • Field Trip

    Explore all about a place in a visually stimulating format that is really easy to use. Maps, locations, and almost everything about a location. Better than an actual field trip. One of the top educational apps for kids.

  • Sphere – 360º Photography on the App Store on iTunes

    A photography and video recording experience that is futuristic, innovative and will help you create memories for a lifetime. 360 degree photo and video recording, all in an easy to use application.

  • Google Goggles – Android Apps on Google Play

    Scan barcodes, take pictures of places, landmarks, paintings, and optical recognition technology will compare it with the available database to give all information available. Brilliant technology and one of the fun educational apps for kids.

  • Ustream.Tv

    Ever thought of broadcasting to a live audience and receive instant feedback and reviews. This technology makes it all possible. Simple, and user friendly.

  • Road Trip: Family Fun on the App Store on iTunes

    A bundle of fun that will make your road trip great fun. Scavenger hunt, road games, board games, facts, and riddles. One of the best educational fun games.

  • State Bingo and Road Trip US on the App Store on iTunes

    Discover new destinations, look for clues on the map, learn all about U.S. destinations, and learn practical geography having amazing fun at the same time. One of the top educational fun games.

  • Story of Where Free on the App Store on iTunes

    One of the best kids educational apps, discover cultural heritage, historic landmarks, heritage sites and much more. Linked to online resources for all the extra information you need. Amazing app and very educational.

Classroom Interaction Apps

  • Kahoot!

    Involves all students, engages in a fun filled environment, game based learning system that effectively uses technology to impart learning and instruction. Very interactive.

  • Google for Education: Save time and stay connected

    Organize documents, share a work flow with students, easily copy and share documents, give assignments easily, and much more to create a digital classroom.

  • Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files

    Google drive is free and the most commonly used online storage system that easily allows you to upload and share with no hidden charges. Convenient for students and teachers.

  • Teacher’s Assistant: Classroom Management Notes on the App Store on iTunes

    A great app for classroom management , saves your data and student information and makes it easy to communicate with parents. You can set a code or pin to open the application.

  • Socrative

    A very interactive assessment tool that allows easy assessment, instant reporting, and immediately makes the results available. Make all your assignments using the tools and watch how everything becomes simple.


    Increases student awareness about their own level of understanding of concepts, makes the teacher aware of each student’s level, and has a completely interactive design. Allows real time interaction and participation.

Best Foreign Language Apps

Best Cultural Apps for Kids

Best English Vocabulary Apps

Brain Training Apps for Kids

  • Elevate – Your personal brain trainer

    Train your mind everyday using scientifically designed exercises. Increase your focus, memory, brevity, or improve the skills you need by choosing and personalizing your training programme.

  • Peak – Enjoy becoming better every day.

    Enhance your cognitive ability, train your brain, check and monitor your , and know the rate of your progress. Multiple games to choose from.

  • Monument Valley on the App Store on iTunes

    Fantastic design, a game that will enthrall you and stimulate your minds. Impossible architecture, optical illusions and deeply engaging content. Hard to stop once you’re at it.

  • Happify on the App Store on iTunes

    Games and quizzes designed to take your stress away, help you explore positive aspects of life and something that “actually happify’s”. A fun game you will fall in love with.

  • Personal Zen on the App Store on iTunes

    It’s a free game that works on your mood instantly and reduces stress levels. Remain positive and feel better. Try the game and see how it works its magic.

  • Eidetic – Learn & remember anything on the App Store on iTunes

    Repetition is the key to storing information in your long-term memory. This technology helps you practically apply techniques to remember key facts and become more efficient. Powerful and effective.

Physical Education PE Apps

Robots and Hardware for Kids

  • Wonder Workshop | Home of Dash and Dot, robots that help kids learn to code

    Create robots, learn the basics of coding and understand robotic technology. Unleash the creative potential in your child and prepare him for the future. A great app that adapts to needs of different age groups.

  • Romo – The Programmable, Telepresence Robot Toy for Kids and Adults

    A robot that responds to you, palys chasewith you or can be used to connect with other members of the family, understand the basics of programming and have loads of fun at the same time.

  • littleBits: DIY Electronics For Prototyping and Learning

    Connect almost anything at home to the internet and apply technology to control it, all on your own. Whether it’s automated curtains or pet feeders all becomes possible with the kit.

Learn Programming For Kids

  • Is Learning to Code Hard? – YouTube

    Learning code is not as hard as it sounds, but id does need hard work. The mentorship programme at Startuplab makes it easier and teaches all you need.

  • Learn Which Programming Language to Choose With This Infographic

    Infographics that explain all you need to know about codes and coding languages to get a basic sense of coding and what it implies. Concise and beautifully designed.

  • Learn to code | Codecademy

    Codeacademy has taught code and perfected the art of imparting effective instruction that has changed lives. Some of the students have already designed some of the world’s top websites.

  • Skillcrush: Digital skills are job skills.

    Learn digital skills that are essential for almost any job now, and understand and develop them to ensure success in every sphere of life. Learn in a professionally designed environment.

  • Streaming Schedule – Google Sheets

    Access live streams to know all about coding, not only that if you have a request post it, and someone might stream that as well. Follow the schedule and learn all you need.

  • Microsoft WeSpeakCode

    A total solution for learning the basics of coding that takes care of different needs. Whether it’s learning from a school or you’re learning all by yourself, coding classes for anyone and access from anywhere.

  • Computer programming | Khan Academy

    Khan academy videos have helped several thousand students to learn different subjects. Java, CSS, HTML and all about computer programming. These tutorials are just fantastic.


    An open acdemy to learn computer science. Access for anywhere and anytime, check out the introductory videos and find the complete learning solution.

  • Dash | Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript with our free online tutorial | General

    Creating great websites needs an understanding of coding and programming languages like Javascript, CSS, HTML, etc. Learn with Dash and learn how to create your own fantastic website.

  • W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    Learn CSS, HTML, Server side coding, Java script and all you need to become a great coder. Check out the tutorials and start learning today.

  • [[Page.title()]]

    A great learning environment that makes learning effective, easier and much faster. Learn mathematics and computer programming. A complete solution for lifelong learning.

  • CodeNewbie

    A community of people learning coding and programming. Chat, join forum discussions, enhance awareness and streamline your learning using insights of all other members, share what you’ve learnt.

3D Printing Apps

Current Events Apps

Prototyping Apps for Kids

Best Math Apps Elementary

Best Middle School Apps

  • Kahoot!

    A digital response system for students, very interactive, accessible and enhances student involvement. A great innovation that improves communication and information exchange.

  • ClassDojo

    Absolutely free for teachers, allows you to manage your classroom, handle communication with parents and give feedback. An effective classroom management solution.

  • ClassFlow Student on the App Store on iTunes

    Use multi-media technology to deliver effective instruction using workflow technology. Connect with students and conduct assignments. An award winning free app.

  • ClassSend – Student Engagement Application | AVer USA

    Interactive teaching and student engagement solution that allows teachers to connect with their students and utilizes document camera control technology.

  • Wikispaces

    Organize classrooms, create projects and assignments that involve student collaboration. Use tools to effectively monitor progress and provide feedback.

  • MinecraftEdu

    Minecraft is great for students and this version has been modified for schools. Enhances collaboration ,increases interaction, educational and great fun.

  • Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files

    Google drive is one of the world’s most prefered online storage platforms, free for everyone, easy sharing and simple to use. Upload documents, share and collaborate on assignments.

  • BrainPOP – Animated Educational Site for Kids – Science, Social Studies,
    English, Math, Arts

    Curricular content for education in the form of animations that is great fun, educative and is great for individuals, groups, and for entire classrooms.

  • zondle (beta) – games to support learning – welcome! ::

    Hundreds of thousands of questions and their answers, a mine of knowledge and an online platform that is growing continuously. Play, share content and join the community to learn together.

  • TED on the App Store on iTunes

    Great videos from the world’s top leaders and most inspiring people. These videos will inspire, change perspective, motivate and teach.

  • EDpuzzle

    Crop any video and add your own voice and narration. Find the best educational videos, embed a quiz, provide feedback, and easily upload.

  • MagoGenie

    Great learning in a stepwise manner that gradually builds arithmetic skills. Allows for easy monitoring by parents and teachers, instant assessment and much more.

Best Classroom Management Apps

Readings Apps (Middle-High)

Best Writing Apps

  • Grammar Checker | Grammarly

    One of the best tools to check all your grammatical errors and improve your presentations, documents, and assignments. Make your document error free and allows you to learn from your mistakes.

  • Hemingway

    Makes suggestions to improve your writing, and everything is color coded to make it really simple to use. A great tool to improve writing skills.

  • Day One | A simple and elegant journal for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

    Rated best journal app, easy to synch with all devices, cloud storage, instant printing and sharing, keep it locked with a code, add reminders and much more. A great design.

  • Editorial on the App Store on iTunes

    Easy editing of your plain text documents, synch instantly, add snippets or frequently used sentences quickly, create workflows and much more.

Citation Apps & Websites

Best History Apps for Kids

Best SAT study apps

Best Mindmapping Apps

  • Flow Chart Maker & Online Diagram Software

    Collaborate and create, and join an online platform trusted by millions of users. Use diagrams to convey your ideas, a powerful tool to learn, teach and share.

  • Coggle

    Share a common space that this platform offers for free. Brainstorm together with your team members, create notes, develop ideas and share.

  • MindNode

    Explore the power of mind maps, integrate ideas, brainstorm, and develop beautiful thought sequences that are illustrated through maps. Share and access from anywhere at anytime.

  • MindMeister (mind mapping) on the App Store on iTunes

    Collaboration, sharing, creation and storage of mind maps all from a mobile app. Access from any location, play presentations, synch easily and all with a free app.

  • Mindjet Maps for iPad on the App Store on iTunes

    Instantly create mind maps, use cloud sharing and storage, edit easily, add additional note and much more. The complete solution for mind maps and learning.

  • Main Page – FreeMind

    Free software for mind mapping that uses Java. A great resource that has been recently updated to make it faster and much simpler. Very effective and simple to use.

  • Study smarter. Remember it all · eFaqt

    Make the most of your valuable time. Integrate the latest study techniques to use mind maps, flash cards and digital notes so that you learn faster and more effectively.

Coding Apps for Kids

Circuits Apps for Kids

  • EveryCircuit Free – Android Apps on Google Play

    Build electronic circuits and learn all about them. A great application that simplifies learning and builds strong fundamentals and core concepts. Very productive and useful.


    Design your own circuits, collaborate with friends, real time simulation and great fun at the same time. A phenomenal educational tool.

  • iCircuit on the App Store on iTunes

    Design and experiment with circuits, both digital and analog. Learn basic concepts, accelerate your learning. Simulate your circuits, analyze and enhance understanding.

  • Spicy Schematics on the App Store on iTunes

    Design circuits, simulate and test your designs, use powerful schematics and develop your skills. Helps build basic skills and gradually move to more advanced levels.

Student Organization

Puzzle Games

Best Video Editing Apps For Kids and Teachers

  • iMovie on the App Store on iTunes

    Create, share and edit your own movies, and learn to make trailers using customised templates. Making movies is really easy using the app and the interface has been developed in a way that even new users feel completely comfortable. The best video editing app.

  • Green Screen by Do Ink on the App Store on iTunes

    Tap into your creativity, and develop fantastic videos that you will love sharing with family and friends. Take pictures and create videos of your images. Easy editing, reusable templates and the best editing for short films.

  • Pinnacle Studio on the App Store on iTunes

    Making high quality videos becomes simple using this app. Create, edit, and add effects, use voiceover to add your own narration, insert soundtracks, and have great fun at the same time. It’s an app that makes video editing great fun and fantastic results you will be proud to share with everyone.

  • VidTrim – Video Editor – Android Apps on Google Play

    Trim your videos into short clips, add your own effects, merge clips into a single video, simple editing, extract audios, and much more. Very useful and gives you all the basic tools for video editing and creation.

  • Action Movie FX on the App Store on iTunes

    This app is great fun if you enjoy creating videos. It allows you to add visual and sound effects that you’ve seen only in Hollywood movies. Easily add fantastic effects into your own videos and share with friends. Totally amazing results.

  • FxGuru: Special Effects for Mobile Video

    Add great visual effects to your homemade video. High quality custom effects and technology that will appear too good to be true. All made really simple to use and you can create a great video even if it’s your first time. Truly innovative and enjoyable.

  • EDpuzzle

    Crop any video and use only what you need, add your own voice, embed a quiz or questions right after a video. Allows you to track the progress of your students and much more. It is a great tool to use videos for teaching, easy to use and the designers have added all features to address teaching needs.

Best DIY Tools Apps

  • DEWALT Mobile Pro on the App Store on iTunes

    Woodworkers, construction workers and others in similar fields will find this app extremely useful. A complete solution for calculations. Very useful and professionally designed.

  • 3D Model Tool

    Insert 3-D models of furniture into pictures of your house, choose items after having an absolutely clear idea about what looks best, then match it with drapes, lights and everything else. An interior designing tool, great fun to use. One of the best educational apps for designers and totally useful for anyone who wants to decorate their house.

  • Create floor plans, house plans and home plans online with

    Designing made super easy. Floor planning has never been so much fun and never as convenient. Great fun and flawlessly designed.

  • 3D Printing | Apps | MakerBot

    Awesome and unbelievably efficient, use the digitizer, create a perfect digital image of your object. Create great three dimensional prints using the printer.

  • MagicPlan – Android Apps on Google Play

    Take a picture of your house, or any room and this app will create a floor plan instantly, and it also automatically takes measurements. Very convenient and really easy to use.

  • RoomScan – The app that draws floor plans by itself on the App Store on

    An image of a wall is instantly measured and a few pictures will allow you to create a perfect floor plan. You can then edit and modify as you like. Simple and innovative design.

  • ColorSmart iOS & Android Mobile Color Apps | Behr Paint

    Color matching made absolutely simple, take images, add colours, photo-match, analyze previews and try any number of combinations before you make your final decision. It will also tell you the store nearest to you that has got your favorite colors in stock. Wonderful and pretty useful.

Best Presentation Apps For Kids

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