300+ Useful Business Tools

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Useful Tools for Business

Looking for entrepreneur resources for running a small business? We have shortlisted some pro-business tools that will enable small business owners running a business online.

Business is an act of engagement towards certain tasks or activities that earn value for the organization at the end of the day. While talking about business, there is no single definition of business as it can be of varied forms and types. Earning revenue and thereby keeping pace with growth is the ultimate goal for any organization entering into specific business.

With the advent of internet technology, people now have the chance to gain access to a plethora of business ideas to try out. The nature of business has gone online without remaining fixed merely to offline mode. Here is a comprehensive list of the most useful sites for business.

Productivity Tools and Resources


This is a popular multimedia application quite popular among web designers and used specifically for generating background noise as well as color as per requirement.


This is another multimedia tool that is often embedded in websites as an effective sound equalizer meant for delivering pleasant sound hearing.


This is a popular tool used by almost every music enthusiast as it is equipped with magical powers to combine different worldly sounds into the beautiful melody.

It presents an exhaustive list of soundtracks built specifically by different designers across the world for assisting web design applications.


This is another innovative tool that mixes together different sounds that emerge during busy working hours in a coffee outlet.


Lumen5 is an online video maker designed for brands and businesses to produce engaging video content for social posts, stories, and ads. It does this automatically by analyzing the text through AI and putting the best music, video, and images together accordingly

Resources for Templates, Icons, and Vectors


It is something that deals with responsive HTML5 and related CSS3 templates for business sites. It is built on a super customizable platform with free availability for creative commons.


It is a creative approach towards making the bootstrap program close to the user’s application module. It provides interactive and attractive themes that put a new definition to the primitive hardware concept.


This is a one-stop point for addressing the design needs for business sites. It provides a wide collection of 846 CSS and HTML5 templates to be applied for site designing and that is all for free.


Now get websites optimized to run on mobile phones without missing any single detail. It provides web design based on mobile platforms.


Logos stand for a mark of differentiation between the brand and more widely between organizations. It is important as it presents a non-verbal message for the products and services offered by an organization. It provides logos matching with the organizational definition quite instantly.

Hipster Logo Generator

This is considered as one of the fastest means for logo generation that provides instant logos being generated while keeping pace with the current trends as prevalent in the market.


It is a one-stop point for generating logos with low image resolution for free. It is quite beneficial as it favors site administrators to save on memory and time for getting logos uploaded on destination sites.


It is a great service for facilitating business management over online means. It is for the first time providing cloud-based services to web users for free.

Payment, Billing and Invoicing

Invoice To Me

Generating invoices for business transactions is a common requirement. Getting invoices online facilitate the business process to a great extent. It is popular among users as a free online invoice generator.

Free Invoice Generator

This is another alternative online invoice generator often used by business organizations while conducting transactions on a daily basis over e-commerce sites.

Slim Voice

This is popular among online business organizations as a simple way to generate invoices for merchant sites without adding to the complexity of customers and the organization itself.

Name Generation Idea Tools For Business, Products, and Projects

The Name App

Getting a proper name is often a requirement that takes years to arrive at suitability. It is known for providing available business or project names for free.


It is a popular and most visited place for people looking for a perfect name for their creativity. It provides suitable and available names for company or business ideas.

Short Domain Search

This is known for providing short and single word names for web domains and thereby facilitates the process of bringing more traffic to the site.


Finding a proper business name is always a concern for newly born businesses. It is now possible to get catchy names for business with wordoid.

Hipster Business Name

Hipster is a popular name in the domain of business naming. It is popular among business tycoons for providing convenient and available business names without arising any form of controversy at a later stage.


It is known among e-biz developers as the best for generating website domain names. It plays a crucial role in the success of a newly floated online business.

Lean Domain Search

It is known for providing domain names for websites quite instantly within few seconds. This is quite beneficial for organizations that are in the hurry for launching their ideas within a definite time frame.


It is a one-stop point for getting domain names for websites and that is for free and quite instantly. It is a place known for getting short URLs for websites.

More name generation idea tools are listed here – domain name generators

Tools For Writing and Online Journalism


This is considered to be the most commonly visited place for every web entrepreneur who wants to make a presence on the web through a successful and sustainable business environment. It provides website building for free.


This is one of the commonly used writing apps for obtaining clear and bold writing for contents posted on business websites


This is one of the popular tools used for web proofreading. It quickly finds out mistakes in writing and corrects them in no time while generating an error-free script.


It is a writing tool commonly used to develop content for websites. This is considered extremely important for deciding the success of a business idea or offering.


It is a common platform for people on the web for sharing ideas and stories related to life and work. This is quite inspiring and useful for people looking for tips and strategies for business improvement.


This is a great tool for creating ebooks quite simply and thereby publishing that right from Google drive. It provides the benefit for storing lots of ebooks on google drive that provides extensive mass storage.

Editorial Calendar

This is a great tool for managing blogs effectively. It serves as a one-point notification tool to manage all posts with drag and associated drop options for easy movement within the blog.

Story Wars

It is a tool for writing stories related to two persons while communicating at the same time throughout the storyline. It is a concept related to writing stories together.

Headline Analyzer

This is something greatly demanded by marketing people while striking at the emotional junction of buyers and visitors. It is aimed at creating emotional headlines that actually draws public attention.

WP Hide Post

A blog must contain items or content in a most meaningful way and thus it must be well managed to stand in a meaningful way before the audience. WP hide post provides options for hiding unnecessary information.

Social Locker

It makes use of social media while getting touch with the clients asking for payments of the content being delivered as per writing contact.

Egg Timer

This is great application for setting an online timer option for designated activities on one’s website. This is a move towards making a site appearance more appealing and technology sound for users.

Content Research and Related Ideas


This is popular among web users as the ultimate destination for generating content for websites that make sense to the viewers in terms of bringing in business revenues for an organization.

Google Trends

It presents a unique way of displaying searches that follow a particular trend. The benefit lies in the fact that it is backed by the world’s major search engine.


This is an out of the box creation that better understands and judges the suitability of content as per business and customers that it addresses.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

This is considered as a one-stop point for generating block ideas in one’s own way. The benefit of customization provides means for generating content more specific to one’s business.


It deals with providing the most appropriate and engaging content for business. It is available for free to single dashboard users.


It includes everything necessary for developing an effective strategy for content management and thereby undergoing better content marketing. It includes different platforms like Google+, Twitter, Quora, etc.

Tools For Search Engine Optimizations

Open Site Explorer

This is a great tool for analyzing links before it gets placed on business websites. It is considered extremely important viewing the convenience of visitors.


It is known as one of the popular business site explorers and used for checking the validity of backlinks. It is done to ensure that the links are working in their desired manner.

Quick Sprout

It is a great analyzing tool for one’s business website. It helps in finding out shortfalls and suggests means for improvement.

WordPress SEO By Yoast

This is considered as a commonplace for building SEO friendly business website powered by Word-press. The website is optimized as per the business needs of an individual organization.

SEO Site Checkup

This is a great fixing spot on the web for addressing the SEO problems for one’s site that too without incurring any cost.

Hubspot Marketing Grader

It is a great measuring tool for judging the effectiveness of one’s marketing approach as utilized for making one’s presence on the web with the utmost prominence.


It provides useful statistics for website domain names. It is quite beneficial for tracking the present stand and thereby suggesting means for improvement.

Alexa Ranking

It provides analytical insights to web administrators for judging one’s website rank in the World Wide Web. This is necessary to understand business stand effectively.

SERPs Rank Checker

It is popular as the most commonly used SERP & keyword rank checker for websites. It is quite essential in order to improve the rank of a business website.

Open Link Profiler

It is a one-stop point for generating the freshest backlinks ever for creating an efficient business website that can bring in revenues in the long term.


This is an alternative tool for use in place of Keyword planner by Google. It is quite effective in making a proper selection of keywords and thereby making necessary updates so as to retain the traffic hit ratio of search engines.


These are some of the associated services as provided by Google and include analytics tool, keyword planner, and trend tools.


It is a great place to test a website based on certain key areas like accessibility, social media, SEO, and technology. It is fast and completely free.


It provides a live demo stating the procedure followed whenever search engines search for websites based on the query entered by users looking for particular information.

Broken Links

This is a great tool to detect broken links and other instances of redirecting on a website. It is used by web administrators for maintaining sites for optimum user experience.


It is quite an essential tool for curbing the extent of duplication of web pages. It effectively tracks down similar copies of the web page on the internet.


This is popular among users as a great tool for conducting website reviews for an easy understanding of users. It is also known as an effective SEO tool for one’s business website.

Google Pagespeed Insights

This is a place to check the performance of one’s business site on a periodic basis. This is quite an essential activity to track down shortfalls for attaining better responses from users.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

It is quite a popularly visited place for every site administrators for checking the load time for websites so as to avoid possible chances of user inconvenience.


It is a great tool to analyze the performance of a business site in terms of speed and navigation. It gives a fair and detailed report on speed at every instant.

Moz Local

This is an essential tool to check for one’s local site listing on popular search engines as used by people including Google, Bing, and several others.

XML Sitemaps

The XML sitemap is popular among site administrators as the sole generator for sitemaps in HTML as well as XML variants as per business requirement.

W3C Validator

It is quite popular as one of the easiest validation services for site markups in terms of user convenience and simplicity in operation.

Shopify E-commerce Report

E-commerce websites are considered the future of every business in the present century. It is a place to get one’s e-commerce report for free at specific time intervals as demanded by business organizations.

Picture Editing and Image Optimization Tools


It is popular on the web as a one-stop point for compressing images before using them on websites for better resource optimization.


It is a place to optimize images for usage on business sites and thereby compressing them online to obtain the desired size as necessary for uploading on the website successfully.


This is a frequently visited place on the web for image optimization and thereby using them in a way that bests suits business needs.

Image Optimizer

It is considered to be the image optimization point for web entrepreneurs as it provides options for attaining resize and related compression of images as per requirement.

Image Optim

This is a place to better optimize images so as to make the most suitable for use on websites. It changes images in a way that consumes less space on disk and thereby making them load faster.

Smush It

This provides the essential plug-in for image optimization and comes for free with every word press website maker. It is quite an aid for every web entrepreneur looking forward to floating a business website.


This is a great place for building blog sites with innovative design-build on an amazingly simple platform. It makes it easy to avail the benefit of properly designed site for business.


It is an inbuilt photo editor available with any browser. It is quite robust in terms of features and thereby provide editing options for pictures so that those better match the requirements.


This is a place to better state one’s idea in a concise manner without stammering on unnecessary word usage and bulky contents.

It is known as the sole place on the web for creating powerful visuals and thereby sharing them on business websites so as to attract customers for drawing revenue.

Social Image Resizer Tool

This is a great tool built specifically for creating optimized images to be used in one’s social media profile. It allows options like compress; resize etc so as to match the requirements.

Place It

This is quite popular among business organizations to create mockups and related templates for products and services so that that better mark places on a customer’s minds.


It is quite popular among the business entities as a suitable tool to place a quote in a more visually appealing way before the target customers.

Meme Generator

It is known among the online business entities as the sole meme generator. It is the first of its kind in the market.

Mass Email and Newsletter Tools

Contact Form 7

It is one of the innovative creations from Word press and available as a plug-in to collect visitors’ email addresses.

Mail Chimp

This is a great email application that provides means for sending around 12000 emails to 2000 different subscribers and that is all for free.

Many Contacts Bar

This is a great tool and quite necessary to track visitors on a web application platform. It is available for free at the top of one’s business site.

Hello Bar

It is a popular tool for bringing in more visitors and thereby transforming them into possible subscribers through email tapping.

Sumome List Builder

This is a marketing application tool that works by collecting email addresses of people along with lightbox popup that makes it stand differently.

Scroll Triggered Box

This is a web domain tool often used by administrators to boost the conversion rates of marketing firms thereby generating huge revenues. This is based on Word Press.

Sumome Scroll Box

It is popular among online business organizations as an effective tool to track visitor email addresses and thereby collecting them politely for possible conversion in the near future.

Social Media and Collaboration Tools

Write Rack

This is writeracka great tool for marking a presence on social media. Now it is possible to blog on Twitter or any other social media quite easily.


It is a great tool for preparing images for uploading on social media like Twitter. It is known to be one of the fastest ways to edit images in the fraction of a second.

Click To Tweet

The success of a content lies on the extent of exposure to readers located across the world. Click to tweet is a great application for sharing content quite easily.


It is a great tool for increasing traffic on one’s profile on Twitter. This is quite beneficial for popularizing content and posts made on Twitter.


This is known as a popular tool for planning and thereafter scheduling the launch of one’s Instagram posts for getting maximum responses.

WordPress Pin It Button For Images

Editing images in WordPress has always been fun. Now users can get to pin images at the desired place on one’s site quite easily.


This is a great URL management tool that provides means for keeping better track on shares, tweets, likes and much more for one’s site URL.


It is another important and popular tool among web users to better customize one’s site by means of following and un-following posts from people on Twitter and Instagram.


It is a management tool for social media and provides options for identifying, organizing and thereby managing people following one’s profile on twitter.


It is quite a popular tool that makes use of one’s social media presence and related influence on-site marketing and thereby bringing in more traffic for the organization.


It is a great tool often used by site administrators for analyzing the impact of proper usage of hashtags on business sites quite instantly.

Social Analytics

It is a great analytics tool to mark the response as obtained by the presence of business websites on different social platforms.


It is quite a popular tool for getting every detail on a particular twitter user starting from profile until the latest activities as undertaken by the user on a daily basis.

Buffer Free Plan

It is quite a popular tool among the web administrators for tracking the suitable time for posting on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. so that those get the desired response from viewers.


It is a great link editing tool for managing links on business sites. It provides the option for creating, sharing and thereby tracking shortened links.


It is a popular GUI interface that is quite beautiful in appearance. It provides easy means to share and customize content to be posted on business sites.


It is considered as one of the vital tools by the marketing team of every business organization online. It provides easy means to increase follows, shares and conversions.

Sumome Share

It is an automatic tool that better customize one’s content and related shares on the web. It provides an easy way to optimize share buttons for obtaining maximum traffic on business sites.

Digg Digg

It is known among the web users as a vital plug-in for sharing any post starting from content till images through a single share button meant for everything.


This is quite an innovative approach towards building an interactive community comprising of active commentators and readers who actually prefer and follow one’s post on the web.


This is meant for arranging a site survey for every visitor in a beautiful and natural manner so that it never attempts to cause inconvenience to the visitor.


It is a tool for getting polls on a specified topic or issue from a wide and diverse group of an audience without any bias and that too quite instantly.


SurveyAnyPlace provides a way to create fun, mobile and interactive quizzes and surveys. Users can sign up for free for an unlimited amount of time and really get a good feel of what the tool can do before they decide to subscribe.

Growth Hacking Tools

Petit Hacks

The motto of this company is small hacks and fast growth. The function of this website includes the acquisition and retention of hacks used by the companies.


This is one of the best web optimization platforms, where businesses can conceive and run various experiments that can enable them to make the best decisions.

Hello Bar

Hello, the bar can be broadly defined as an unobtrusive, fun web toolbar that offers free tools for various functions such as A/B testing, different CTAs, and power words.

Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers is a community dedicated to teaching, learning and sharing various online ethical marketing techniques that offer sustainable, scalable and effective growth.

Best Website Design Tools and Resources


Freebbble is a website that offers high-quality design freebies from the Dribbble user community for website designers and other users.


Dribbble can be broadly defined as the community of various designers who interact with their projects with each other on a daily basis. It is also a place to showcase, promote, explore and discover designs.

Graphic Burger

This website offers a buffet of premium quality design resources free for individual, and business users to anyone and the community.

Pixel Buddha

This website offers graphic designs and other free and useful products for commercial and personal use, including themes’ templates, apps, web, and software.

Premium Pixels

Premium Pixels offers a collection of free design resources that have been created and curated by Orman Clark, a UK based Web designer.


Fribbbles website offers free PSd resources designed by the Dribbbler community and curated by Gilbert Pellegrom.


The main idea behind the Freebiesbug website is to offer latest frees PSDs and other resources for designers around the world.

365 Psd

This website offers free PSD for designers on a daily basis. They can download a new free PSD every day all through the year.


DBF website offers the best designs free from Behance and Dribbble for the designer all over the world.


Marvel offers the best and free design resources from the best designers the users know and love.

UI Space

UI Space offers high-quality hand-crafted graphics freebies for any user, including designers all over the world.

Free Section Of Pixeden

Pixeden offers premium and free resources such as graphics, designs for the benefit of web designers.

Free Section Of Creative Market

This section on the website offers free resources such as themes, photos, graphics, and others on every Monday.


Freepik can be broadly defined as the website where the user can find unlimited varieties of high quality, original and free graphic resources.

Tech & All

This site offers free PSD for designers and other users. The users can also keep up with the latest news and get many other resources for free.


Tethr can be defined as one of the most versatile and visually appealing IOS design kits that have been offered to the users.

Color Picking Tools

Material Palette

With this website, you can generate and export the material design and color palette as per user’s requirement

New Flat UI Color Picker

This website offers you the best flat colors as per the user’s choice for UL design.

Flat UI Colors

This website is the best choice for beautiful flat colors as per user’s requirements.


This website offers fantastic colors scheme generator software for the best designers.

Skala Color

This site offers awesome color picker software for the developers as well as designers.


This website offers a sample app for tweaking and grabbing any color you watch on display.

Material UI Colors

This website offers material ul colors for iOs, websites, and Android.

Colorful Gradients

This app is available for any computer that is automatically created on a requirement.

Adaptive Backgrounds

Here, the user can upload any image, and this website enables the user to extract the dominant color from that image.

Brand Colors

This website enables the user to identify the colors of famous brands.


This website offers a simple tool so that the user can become color scheme designers.

0 To 255

This website offers a simple tool to enable web designers to find darker and lighter hues of any color.

Colour Lovers

Colour lovers are an online creative community where people all over the world create as well as share patterns, palettes, and colors with other members.

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC offers inspired color themes and color combinations for iPad as well as the iPhone. Sync with Adobe color service and save it in Adobe Creative Cloud service.


Bootflat offers perfect colors for flat designs on a free basis for the users.

Hex Colors

Hex Colorrrs offers free simple tools for conversion of RGB to HEX converter and HEX values to RGB.

Get UI Colors

Get the best awesome colors within a very simple and quick way for any project or website with Ul Colors.


With Coleure, the user can enjoy absolute color management such as mixing, comparing, testing and editing the colors as per requirements.


Collor is one of the best websites online, where the user can generate a consistent web color just with a few clicks of the mouse. This is important when designing any website it is necessary to have a common feel and look all through the website.

Palette For Chrome

If the user would like to create any color palette to match the image on the website, you just need to get some color on the palette from Chrome.

Constant Inspiration Available on the web for free


If you want inspiration for your designs, you can visit MaterialUp, as it offers the best and daily material design inspiration in form of freebies and tools.


This website offers the daily showcase of the best UL flat apps and design websites for the users and designers.

Site Inspire

This is one of the best websites that offer inspiration for web designs for any web designer as well as web developers in the form of a search engine.

UI Cloud

UIL Cloud can be broadly defined as one of the largest user interface design databases anywhere in the world.


A moodboard can be broadly defined as a type of collage, which consists of text, images, and samples of the objects in any composition and can be shared with other designers.


The Crayon can be broadly defined as one of the most comprehensive collections of the marketing designs that can be created and shared for inspiration.


This website is one of the best product’s landing pages gallery that can be created and shared with the community.


The ocean is a website community of the designers, web, and graphic that shares designs and feedback regarding the shared designs.


Dribbble is a fantastic website that offers the designers a chance to showcase their designers to their own community.


Behance offers a chance to the member designers to showcase their creative work and discovers new artists in the field.


Pttrns offers fantastic and free mobile user interface patterns to the designers.

Flat UI Design

This site offers the information about the latest and new websites with fantastic flat UL Designs for the users.


These are well-known website awards that are bestowed for recognition and promotion of efforts and talents of the best web designers, developers, and web agencies anywhere in the world.

The Starter Kit

The website offers curated resources for web designers and developers at one place.

One Page Love

This website is a design gallery that offers inspiration and designs for a one-page website.

UI Parade

This website offers inspiration for designs as well as user interface design tools free for website designers and developers.

The Best Designs

This website is the finest search engine for best web designs, web design awards, and others for designers and developers.

Agile Designers

This website offers the best and infinite free resources for web developers and the web or graphic designers.


Niice is one of the finest search engines on the web that pulls up the optimum resources on the web for the best inspiration.

Stock Up

The website offers the list of free stock photo websites at one place for the benefits for the users.


This website offers high-quality free photos, which can be used anywhere including commercial use and can be used without attribution.

All The Free Stock

This website offers free stock of videos, icons, and images that can be used anywhere.


This website offers high-resolution stock photos free for the user. The user can download 10 stock photos free after 10 days.


With Splashbase, the user can search for hi-resolution videos as well as photos for free.

Startup Stock Photos

The user can download free high-resolution photos and create their own project as per the requirement.

Jay Mantri

This website offers free high-quality photos every Thursday for the benefit of the users who can download and use them to develop fantastic websites.


This website offers information in the form of photos about journey and experiences of a Portuguese guy who is moving east.

Travel Coffee Book

This website shares the best and beautiful moments in the travel and offers 10 new photos for free download after each 10 days.

Designers Pics

This website offers free photos for personal and commercial use without any restrictions.

Death To The Stock Photo

This website offers high-quality free photo packs to their subscribers on a monthly basis.

Foodie’s Feed

This website offers free high-resolution photos of various types of food from all over the world.


This website offers free and creative common video footage and clips to the members and other users.


This website offers free modern and new photos that can be used anywhere by the users.

Super Famous

This website offers free photos that have been taken by Folkert Gorter, the Dutch Interaction designer.


This website is a storehouse of hi-resolution-free photos, which can be used by the designers anytime.


This website offers high-quality, free images that can be downloaded by users anywhere in the world.


The users can download one high-resolution free photo every day and use it in their projects without any restriction.


This website offers free stock images for commercial as well as personal use to designers.

Little Visuals

The website sends seven high-resolution images to the subscriber’s inbox after every seven days.


This website offers free stock photos for any user who is engaged in web site development and design.

New Old Stock

This website stores vintage images from the public archives that can be downloaded free.


The website offers completely free photos to the users without any reservations.

Life Of Pix

This website offers high-resolution free and high-quality images for the benefit of the users.


The website offers high quality, high-resolution free images in various categories.


Like the name, the website offers free images for the benefits for the users.

IM Free

The website is a curated collection of various types of free resources such as free templates, icons, and images.


This website offers one of the best treats in images as the collection of Jonas Nilsson Lee.

The Pattern Library

You can get free patterns on this website for using it in your projects.

Public Domain Archive

This website offers vintage and new free stock photos and can be used by designers without attribution.

ISO Republic

This website offers free and high-quality images for creative purposes.


You can get completely free photos, which can be used for any purpose.


This website offers the best method to get free images as per your requirements


This website offers free photo packs at regular intervals to their members.


This website offers free stock images shot by Jeffrey Betts.

Paul Jarvis

This website offers high quality, high-resolution images shot by professional photographer, Paul Jarvis.

Lock & Stock Photos

This website offers free stock images for the benefit of users.


This website offers high-resolution images for free and used by designers in their projects.


This is a creative and free common collection that offers travel images for the benefit of users all over the world.

Deal Jumbo

Deal Jumbo offers various mega bundles for the benefit of the designers such as fonts, template, and other resources as per requirements. They also offer some of the best illustrations, free fonts, icons, fresh vector patterns, design badges, mock-ups and PSD stock for designers as per their requirements.


This designer community shares various types of free resources such as fonts, graphic designs, web designs, and others as the creative source and inspiration.

Graphic Burger

The website offers top designing resources, including mockups for the designers.

Typography Tools


This website offers the perfect and best free font combo for any project in development.


Created by Creaktif, the Paris based creative studio. FontFaceNinja can be defined as the web browser extension for identification of the font on any website and download the same.

Font Squirrel

Get the best high-quality, commercial use and designer-friendly fonts and download them for using it in your project.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts can be broadly described as open-source, free fonts that have been optimized for the Internet.

Beautiful Web Type

This website is a showcase of best typefaces that have been chosen from the Google web font’s directory.


This website is an archive of free fonts that can be downloaded for free from any project as per the requirements.

1001 Free Fonts

This website offers one of the largest selections of fonts, which can be downloaded free anywhere in the world.


This website is one of the largest archives of the free and attractive fonts and can be easily downloaded when required.


This is a script offered by Chris Lewis and Nick Sherman that enables the fit of the pieces of text within the containers due to large type families.

Icons and Related Tools


This is a great tool often used by web users to customize the size and font of icons. It is available for free to use as an ideal font generator for website icons.

Flat Icon

It is known as an extensive search engine that is built specifically for dealing with 16000+ vector icons used in different websites meant for business.

Material Design Icons

It is considered as a one stop point for around 750 glyphs from Google that is available open-source and completely free to use.

Font Awesome

It is popular among web users as a great maintenance tool for customizing iconic fonts and also makes usage as a useful CSS toolkit.


It is a resource pool for icons that makes available icons from other available databases on the web. Thus it provides an extensive list of the variety of icons to use in websites as per choice.


It is a great tool that is known as a sole generator of App icons with different specifications quite easily in just a click away.

Endless Icons

It is a popular one-stop point for flat icons and other creative stuff as often used by business organizations for websites and that is all for free.

Ico Moon

It is quite a remarkable tool as it acts as a generator for around 4000+ vector icons to be used in websites and that is all for free.

The Noun Project

It is known as a showcasing point for a wide range of glyph icons as prepared by different artists as marks of outstanding creativity.

Perfect Icons

The name itself signifies something special. It is a great tool for creating icons that present a strong message to society.

Material Design Icons

It is a storehouse of around 750 glyphs that are available open source as well as for free from the house of Google.

Icon Finder

This is often present on different websites as a zone for sharing content. It is known as the free icon zone of a website to try for different tasks.

Free Round Icons

This is a resource pool for different round icons all available for free and meant for doodle set, vector line as well as includes the flat set.

Icon Sweets

This is known as a popular free zone for around 60 vector icons to be used in different Photoshop applications for conducting site designing and related decoration.

Unlimited Free Stuff

UI Names

This is known as a sole generator for random names that finds application in different mockups and designs are done on the web.

UI Faces

It is a great tool for finding and thereby generating sample avatars that find extensive usage in building the user interface on websites.

UI Blurbs

This is known among the web users as a sole tool for building user bios for mockups and that too quite rapidly as a means to address the requirements.

Copy Paste Character

This is known as a tool for making a copy of contents on websites quite simply and in just a click away.

Window Resizer

It is quite popularly used application for checking the appearance of one’s site on different screen resolutions as may appear when a user takes a look at it.

Tools To Avoid Distractions

Self Control

This is an application designed specifically for Mac and plays a great role in blocking distracting sites to gain access to the system.

Cold Turkey

This is an application designed specifically for Windows users and is quite useful towards blocking distracting websites from interrupting normal workflow.

Tools to Organize and Collaborate


This is a great web based application that is meant for keeping track of everything starting from organizing till collaboration of tasks.


It is quite popular among web users as it presents a non-exhaustive space for storing one’s life work safe and secure without chances of loss and pilferage.


It is a popular web application that is often preferred by web users as it presents with a free workspace of 2GB.


This is an innovative application tool that facilitates task management quite properly and comfortably inside one’s Gmail account.

We Transfer

It is a tool greatly used and preferred for usage by web users and provides an extensive data transfer up to 2GB and that is all for free.

This is quite famous for web users as it provides fast and easy to use file and image hosting while keeping every piece of information private. It is available all for free.


This is some form of storage bag that provides certain facilities like storing files and related information for viewing at a later point in time.


This is a popular IOS application that provides the facility to send notes via mail to oneself from every app.

This is an application platform that not only assists in discovering lists but also helps in creating some of the great lists.

Mark Ticle

This is a great marking tool that is used by readers to mark and thereby keeping the note on the progress for referring at a later point in time.

Remote Working

Nomad List

It presents an extensive list of the best cities in the world where one can live as well as conducting work on a remote basis.

Where Nomads At

It is considered as the one stop point for getting details of digital travelers and nomads situated across the world.

Nomad Jobs

The site is known to be the sole destination for people looking for remote jobs at the best industry offerings while working with some of the best startups in the world.

What’s It Like

This is a travel assistance place built specifically to help people enthusiastic about traveling by figuring out a suitable time span to plan for a trip outside.

Startup and Small Business Related Tools

Product Hunt

This is considered as the one stop destination to explore new products from different organizations or startups and that on a daily basis.


This is a popular place to come across vital information about new startup organizations across the world and thereby to know more about them.

Beta List

It is a popular resource hub for exploring vital information about fresh organizations as well as organizations that are likely to emerge in the future.

It is an application that allows visitors to get necessary guidance about startups and that includes finding them as well as recommending them to others in course of a business objective.

Startups List

This site presents a non-exhaustive list of different startup organizations across the world and thereby provides the collection of some of the best startups as rated in the industry.

Erli Bird

This is considered as the online hub for research and development news and delivers updates about great products that are produced on a daily basis.


BetaPage is a directory for startups. You can find like-minded entrepreneurs on this site. Their startups are rated based on their idea and products.


This is considered as a one stop point to unfold new ideas without considering any form of constraint on its way.


This is a place closely referred by organizations to get across information about co-founders located across the world and meant for any industry.


It is a popular place for the management of a new startup organization as a means for finding the suitable co-founder for addressing the same.

Tools To Learn Online


This is quite a great place where one can reveal one’s true potential in terms of creativity while attending classes and working on projects online and that is for free.

Khan Academy

This is a popular name across the world in the field of providing world class quality education to people without any spatial or time constraint.


This is a place that is greatly known for providing online classes on a free subscription from 80 top renowned organizations and universities.


It is a popular destination for code enthusiasts as it is known to impart an interactive environment to learn to code for free.

How To Start A Startup

This is quite a popular place on the web greatly preferred by every entrepreneur across the world who wishes to float a startup.

Startup Notes

It is like an online school that is greatly known for inviting founders of startup organizations to share their success stories with the aspirants.

The How

This presents an easy way to learn tips from successful entrepreneurs itself while making it easy to face challenges on the way and thereby reaching the ultimate destination.

Launch This Year

This is like a guidebook that discusses specifically different ways and steps to follow while considered necessary for launching the business online.

Closed Club

It is a great place that discusses the significant issues that can be held responsible for possible shut-down of different startup organizations.

Startup Talks

This is known to be the storehouse of an exclusive collection of videos of startup organizations that play the great role in motivating new thinking and innovation.

It is a place greatly referred by aspirants and new industry entrants as a means to get access to vital information as shared by successful entrepreneurs on a weekly basis.

This is quite popular among programming enthusiasts as a resource pool for learning programming skills without incurring any cost.

Useful Newsletters


This is known for presenting with a course of duration 30 days that works specifically towards building the expertise to double the number of email listing.

Design For Hackers

It is a popular arrangement for learning web design that provides every detailed resource right into the reader’s inbox for ease of learning.

Startup Digest

This is a famous place commonly referred for presenting with a personalized newsletter stating proposals for starting a fresh new startup in one’s area.

Mattermark Daily

It is a common destination for obtaining curated newsletter from different founders and investors related to different industry verticals.


This is a popular course on learning the pricing strategy for products and services as related to one’s business. It enables people with the knowledge of charging what they are really worth

Product Psychology

This is a common resource destination that imparts knowledge on basic human psychology and thereby understanding human behavior to better address customers and ultimately business activities.

UX Newsletter

It is a popular material available on the web that presents interesting tales on researching and thereby designing and giving a final form to a pre-conceived idea.

UX Design Weekly

It is a frequently visited place that presents users with the best design links as prevalent on web across while on a weekly basis.

Idea To A Startup Evaluation


This is a place greatly known for finding suitable people for framing ideas of a fresh new startup organization pertaining to a particular industry.

Ad Spend Calculator

This is a great place to judge the suitability of taking on expenses as prescribed under different heads as necessary for popularizing the startup among people.


It is a great place often visited by the mobile application developers as a means to get an idea about cost of an application built specifically for mobile.

App Vs. Website

This is a place that clearly differentiates the concept of an app with that of a website and thereby decides on the feasibility to develop the same.


This is a place greatly referred by the entrepreneurs of fresh new startups as a means to create and improving upon the business pitch.

Useful CRM Tools


Small commercial enterprise proprietors don’t have time to waste with various programs and software whilst they’re going for walks their business. Streak is the mobile app that is a dream come true for small business owners who need a simple CRM solution that also can be used for sales, email support, hiring, product management, and more. This app is free of cost.

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